Friday, March 29th, 2024

The Researcher Who Explores Computation by Conjuring New Worlds

Thales Media Day: Thales speeds up its development of AI for defence

Nomagic Secures 8 Million Euro R&D Loan from European Investment Bank

Chameleon Bursts Into Pulsating Color Just Before Dying

Scientists Spotted ‘Massless’ Electrons Moving in 4 Dimensions

Mesh2NeRF: Direct Mesh Supervision for Neural Radiance Field Representation and Generation

Time travel is close to becoming a reality, astrophysicist claims

“Der König ist tot”: Diese KI schlägt GPT-4 in großem Vergleich

Light-powered computer chip can train AI much faster than components powered by electricity

What If Gravity is NOT A Fundamental Force? | Entropic Gravity

Neurobiologists Uncover how Stress turns into Fear in the Brain in Conditions such as PTSD

How We’ll Reach a 1 Trillion Transistor GPU

Artificial Superintelligence Could Arrive by 2027, Scientist Predicts

Thursday, March 28th, 2024

Neural-network density functional theory

DNA Damage and Inflammation Key to Memory Formation

Future quantum computers will be no match for 'space encryption' that uses light to beam data around — with the 1st satellite launching in 2025

Musk’s Neuralink says the first human to have a chip implanted in his brain can now play video games using his mind

Forscher erzeugen programmierbare Cyborg-Zellen

The virus that infects almost everyone, and its link to cancer and MS — podcast

Research uncovers the neural pathways for primate reciprocity, social support, and empathy

Company develops revolutionary technology that allows wind turbines to practically build themselves: ‘It will be a gamechanger’

Making long-term memories requires DNA damage, researchers discover

Depleting myeloid-biased haematopoietic stem cells rejuvenates aged immunity

Histone butyrylation in the mouse intestine is mediated by the microbiota and associated with regulation of gene expression

Structural basis for the modulation of MRP2 activity by phosphorylation and drugs

Researcher Startled When AI Seemingly Realizes It's Being Tested

Evolution by natural selection is a scientific law and not just a theory

A 2D ‘antenna’ boosts light emission from carbon nanotubes

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

The Singularity Is Nearer featuring Ray Kurzweil | SXSW 2024

Scientists can’t decide if consciousness is real or fake

First Human Patient to Receive a Neuralink Brain Implant Used it to Stay Up All Night Playing Civilization 6

A bioelectronic mesh capable of growing with cardiac tissues for comprehensive heart monitoring

Why is life left-handed? We might finally know

Patient Walking Around Hospital After Transplant of Gene-Hacked Pig Kidney

Peer-replication model aims to address science’s ‘reproducibility crisis’

Microsoft launches AI PCs

Phil Newman to speak at Rejuvenation Startup Summit 2024

Eine neue Art der Kühlung für Quantensimulatoren

MIT scientists have just figured out how to make the most popular AI image generators 30 times faster

Mechanistic insights into sodium ion-mediated ligand binding affinity and modulation of 5-HT2B GPCR activity: implications for drug discovery and development

Risk factors for faster aging in the brain revealed in new study

Modern Transformers are AGI, and Human-Level

Alzheimer’s: Cause may be linked to build-up of fat in brain cells

AI chatbots are improving at an even faster rate than computer chips

Messungen am Südpol schränken Theorien der Quantengravitation ein

Tuesday, March 26th, 2024

Jews have always been prolific writers. Has AI wound up with too much of their work?

Will AI Save Physicians and Clinicians Time and from Burnout

Tiny magnetic implants enable wireless health monitoring when paired with wearable device

'We don't yet have the know-how to properly maintain a corpse brain': Why cryonics is a non-starter in our quest for immortality

Researchers discover tightest arrangement of bilayer alkali metals between graphene layers

Wednesday, March 20th, 2024

CRISPR could disable and cure HIV, suggests promising lab experiment

The Abel Prize 2024: Michel Talagrand

Microsoft holt sich einen der bekanntesten KI-Experten

Tuesday, March 19th, 2024

An AI-Designed Drug Is Moving Toward Approval at an Impressive Clip

Figure and OpenAI crossed a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence in a prototype

How Fear Unfolds inside Our Brains

Linden Lab Partners With AI Company to Create NPCs to Help New Second Life Users

The Keys to a Long Life Are Sleep and a Better Diet — and Money

Which Physicist Had The Highest IQ?

Researchers find branched chain amino acid supplementation may aid in concussion recovery

Giant leap towards neuromorphic devices: High-performance spin-wave

YouTube tells creators to start labeling ‘realistic’ AI content

Hackerangriff auf E-Sport-Liga: Turnier musste abgebrochen werden

Bricht das KI-Zeitalter für MSPs an?

GhostRace CPU vulnerability threatens all major architectures — IBM and VU Amsterdam researchers detail new cross-platform speculative execution attack

Two artificial intelligences talk to each other

Vom Big Bang zum Big Rip? Rätsel des Universums

Ein Eigenbrötler besiegt die Unendlichkeit

Nvidia's CEO unveils the next AI chip that tech companies will be scrambling for — meet 'Blackwell'

First Metamaterial developed to Enable Real-time Shape and Property Control

Blackwell: Das kann Nvidias neue KI-Plattform

OpenAI Says Sora Will Launch in 2024 and Nude Videos Aren’t Off the Table

Schmelzender Diamant erzeugt Superdiamanten

GTC March 2024 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

Decoding the Language of Our Microbiome

Nvidia unveils higher performing 'superchips'

This Could Be How the Earth’s First Cells Formed

Denmark teams up with Novo Nordisk Foundation, NVIDIA to launch visionary AI research center

Princeton scientists discover exotic quantum interference effect in a topological insulator device

‘Lab-leak’ proponents at Rutgers accused of defaming and intimidating COVID-19 origin researchers

All models are wrong and yours are useless: making clinical prediction models impactful for patients

Evidence of a predictive coding hierarchy in the human brain listening to speech

Pushing the ball uphill: energetically unfavourable Diels-Alder reaction driven by chemical fuel

Mathematicians plan computer proof of Fermat's last theorem

Monday, March 18th, 2024

Unveiling AI Breakthrough: Humanoid Robot’s Conversational Mastery

Delphai-Exit: Deshalb hat sich das KI-Startup für einen Verkauf in die USA entschieden

Strontium Unlocks the Quantum Secrets of Superconductivity

The surprising organic chemistry in interstellar space

AI: Five things you need to know | BBC News

Sunday, March 17th, 2024

Microsoft AI discovers 18 new battery materials in two weeks

Sind KI-Agenten die besseren Chatbots? Das müsst ihr über die smarten Helfer wissen

Saturday, March 16th, 2024

Two Winners of the 2024 Rolf Schock Prize in Logic and Philosophy

Quantum dance to the beat of a drum: Researchers observe how energy of single electron is tuned by surrounding atoms

Artificial intelligence brings a virtual fly to life

Friday, March 15th, 2024

Organoids grown from amniotic fluid could shed light on rare diseases

AI companies like OpenAI are basically performing gain-of-function research on humanity

Google’s AI prophet fast tracks singularity prediction

Photon-like electrons in a four-dimensional world discovered in a real material

Thursday, March 14th, 2024

Scientists are one step closer to creating artificial life

Harvard longevity scientist sparks furor with claim about reversing aging in dogs

SaulLM-7B: A pioneering Large Language Model for Law

Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

Harvard longevity scientist sparks furor with claim about reversing aging in dogs

Novel molecules from generative AI to phase II

No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning

Can Large Language Models Reason and Plan?

Is Cosine-Similarity of Embeddings Really About Similarity?

This AI Can Design the Machinery of Life With Atomic Precision

Evaluating outcomes of extended thrombolytic therapy for ischemic stroke

New DNA-infused computer chip can perform calculations and make future AI models far more efficient

Brain’s Unified Blueprint: Shaping Early Neurodevelopment

Zika virus vaccine emerges as an unlikely hero in battling brain cancer

New NIH-funded center could soon reduce the need for pharmaceutical trials on animals

How your diet drives epigenetic changes in your genome that alter gene expression

We should tame superintelligent AI before it’s too late, expert says

Warum KI-Forscher künftig Roboter mithilfe von Skizzen steuern wollen

Physicists Reveal a Strange Form of Crystal Where Electrons Can’t Move

Lipid Nanoparticles Engineered to Target Lung Cells Reduce Tumor Size in Mice

From AI assistants to Big Tech breakup: World Wide Web inventor’s top predictions as it turns 35

MEGA CRISPR rejuvenates exhausted CAR T cells

Monday, March 11th, 2024

A small-molecule TNIK inhibitor targets fibrosis in preclinical and clinical models

Silicon Valley is pricing academics out of AI research

Does quantum mechanics beckon the end of naturalism?

Human-like Real-Time Sketching by a Humanoid Robot

Rekonfigurierbare Elektronik: Mehr Funktionalität auf weniger Chipfläche

Spatial Protein and RNA Profiling: Seeing the Unseen in the Tumor Microenvironment

AIs ranked by IQ; AI passes 100 IQ for first time, with release of Claude-3

Scientists Have a Dirty Secret: Nobody Knows How AI Actually Works

An OpenAI spinoff has built an AI model that helps robots learn tasks like humans

Sunday, March 10th, 2024

3D reconstruction of the fruit fly brain connectome

Friday, March 8th, 2024

AI Expert Says AGI Will Arrive December 2024

Sergey Brin says Google 'definitely messed up' after its Gemini chatbot caused a firestorm

This granular life

The Universe Can Bend Physics Laws on Its Own, According to Researchers

Forschern gelingt wichtiger Meilenstein für Kernfusion

UChicago physicists develop a modular robot with liquid and solid properties

Cognition is All You Need -- The Next Layer of AI Above Large Language Models

Why educators should embrace artificial intelligence

Machine Learning Revolutionizes Quantum Physics, Enhances Accuracy and Efficiency of Many-Body Systems

Millions of research papers at risk of disappearing from the Internet

Thursday, March 7th, 2024

Alzheimer's may be caused by immune cells thinking brain cells are bacteria, expert says

1-Bit-LLMs: Neuer Ansatz will Rechenaufwand für Sprachmodelle reduzieren

AI singularity may come in 2027 with artificial 'super intelligence' sooner than we think, says top scientist

Molecularly defined electrodes host a concert of protons and electrons

»KI wird ein großartiger Co-Pilot für Mathematiker sein«

Prof. Geoffrey Hinton - "Will digital intelligence replace biological intelligence?" Romanes Lecture

Limitations of Linear Cross-Entropy as a Measure for Quantum Advantage

Enhancing Vision-Language Pre-training with Rich Supervisions

Astronomers Have Found Alien Structures Near The Milky Way

Scientists Create Elephant Stem Cells in the Lab

Filament formation enables cancer cells’ glutamine addiction

BiomX Announces Entry into Merger Agreement with Adaptive Phage Therapeutics and Concurrent $50M Financing

Can AI Solve Science?

Visualizing the world's largest turbulence simulation

Microplastics linked to a greater risk of heart attack and stroke

Exclusive: Public trust in AI is sinking across the board

Where do electrons get energy to rotate around the nucleus of an atom?

Was Glühwürmchen leuchten lässt

Wednesday, March 6th, 2024

Human AI clones will be ‘pivotal moment of evolution’, Living Nostradamus warns

Radio waves can tune up bacteria to become life-saving medicines

'A very important study': UK Twins cohort shows prebiotics may boost cognitive function

Cardiac cell senescence: molecular mechanisms, key proteins and therapeutic targets

Tuesday, March 5th, 2024

AI revolutionizes fusion energy, bringing us closer to a more sustainable future

Surprise: The Big Bang isn’t the beginning of the universe anymore

Chemical developed by Youzhong Guo launches as tool for cholesterol research and future drug discovery

Bayer pays $310M to buy into BridgeBio heart drug

AI has a long way to go before doctors can trust it with your life

The potential of mRNA vaccines in cancer nanomedicine and immunotherapy

Researchers create AI "worms" able to spread between systems — stealing private data as they go

Neue KI-Software von OpenAI-Konkurrent erkannte, wenn sie getestet wird

Enter the gridworld: Using geometry to detect danger in AI environments

Rückholaktion für Marsgestein droht zu scheitern

Solar maximum may already be upon us, expert warns — but we won't know for sure until the sun's explosive peak is over

Adaptive immune responses are larger and functionally preserved in a hypervaccinated individual

Chemically Modified Platforms for Better RNA Therapeutics

Culture of Hoffa fat pad mesenchymal stem/stromal cells on microcarrier suspension in vertical wheel bioreactor for extracellular vesicle production

Understanding how personality traits, experiences, and attitudes shape negative bias toward AI-generated artworks

Monday, March 4th, 2024

Neue Form von Magnetismus nachgewiesen

Why Do Universities Ignore Good Ideas?

Cancer vaccines: from an immunology perspective

Google launches $5m prize to find actual uses for quantum computers

Scientists develop real-time human emotion recognition technology

Die Auswirkungen moderner, generativer KI (z.B. ChatGPT) auf Allgemeinbildung, Hochschullehre und Forschung

Seltsame Ringe stellen zentrales Konzept der Chemie in Frage

Sunday, March 3rd, 2024

Systematic optimization of siRNA productive uptake into resting and activated T cells ex vivo

Towards personalized nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) supplementation: Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) concentration

New software rapidly simulates glycoprotein structures to speed up drug development

How early-stage cancer cells hide from the immune system

Friday, March 1st, 2024

Interleukin-10: From Immunosuppressant to a Game-Changer in Cancer Immunotherapy

Computational drug development for membrane protein targets

Virta Health Announces First-of-its-Kind Peer-Reviewed Study Proving Its Approach Is an Effective Off-Ramp From GLP-1s for Sustained Weight Loss

Neobe Therapeutics Raises Over $2m For Synthetic Biology Enabled Tumour Microenvironment Remodelling

Life-changing cancer treatment obliterates 99% of cancer cells, study shows

Senolytics: from pharmacological inhibitors to immunotherapies, a promising future for patients’ treatment

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