Thursday, February 29th, 2024

Aorta gilt nun als Organ

Exceptional Nuclease Resistance of DNA and RNA with the Addition of Small-Molecule Nucleobase Mimics

Towards the selective and energy-efficient synthesis of ethylene via carbon dioxide reduction

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

Small molecules that switch up cell development could transform medicine

Googles neue KI macht aus einem Foto ein Computerspiel

Light stimulates a new twist for synthetic chemistry

Predictive Quality

Users Say Microsoft's AI Has Alternate Personality as Godlike AGI That Demands to Be Worshipped

How to make mRNA therapeutics safe from the start

Researchers model blood-brain barrier using 'Tissue-in-a-CUBE' system

Photon upconversion: Steering light with supercritical coupling

Monday, February 26th, 2024

Researchers from Meta AI and UCSD Present TOOLVERIFIER: A Generation and Self-Verification Method for Enhancing the Performance of Tool Calls for LLMs

Judith Campisi (1948–2024), cell biologist who explored how cells age

Scientists Believe Light Speed Travel Is Possible. Here’s How.

Wer Dark Data erkennt, kann die Effizienz steigern

Science fiction meets reality as researchers develop techniques to overcome obstructed views

Your next job interview could be with a bot

First-in-humans discovery reveals brain chemicals at work influencing social behavior

Humanoid Robots are Here: Soon Millions, Then Billions of Them

„Aus Egoismus, aber das ist egal“: Frank Thelen glaubt an Longevity

Don’t learn to code: Nvidia’s founder Jensen Huang advises a different career path

Teens use HIV prevention meds way more if they get these simple interventions

API-BLEND: A Comprehensive Corpora for Training and Benchmarking API LLMs

A study comparing the effects of vegan and omnivorous diets fails Science 101

Bacteroides is increased in an autism cohort and induces autism-relevant behavioral changes in mice in a sex-dependent manner

SLIDE: Significant Latent Factor Interaction Discovery and Exploration across biological domains

Marvellous mixtures of metals

AI Just Cleared A Big Hurdle On The Road To Nuclear Fusion Energy

NASA's James Webb telescope spotted a strange 13 billion-year-old galaxy that shouldn't exist

Antibiotika bei akuter Otitis media

Mind-reading devices are revealing the brain’s secrets

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Machine learning enhanced evaluation of semiconductor quantum dots

People with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Have an “Exhausted” Immune System

40,000-year old tools reveals Neanderthals' secret weapon, finds study

Christopher Fuchs is revolutionizing how we understand our quantum reality

Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Record-Breaking Experiment Quantum Entangles Two Atoms 20 Miles Apart

Sun to flip its magnetic poles this year. What does it mean and how will it affect you

Altermagnetism: A new type of magnetism, with broad implications for technology and research

Cosmology from quantum potential

A ‘quantum leap’ at room temperature: Ultra-low noise system achieves optical squeezing

Scientists develop a novel radiotracer for earlier detection of disease

AI-generated disproportioned rat genitalia makes its way into peer-reviewed journal

AI comes up with battery design that uses 70 per cent less lithium

Measuring magnetic field coil constants based on atomic magnetometry and fluxgate magnetometry

'We are approaching the tipping point': Marker for the collapse of key Atlantic current discovered

For the First Time, Quantum-Enhanced Generative AI Generates Viable Cancer Drug Candidates

AstraZeneca gets new Tagrisso OK as drug succeeds in another trial

Dark Matter May Be a Deformed Mirror Universe, Scientists Say

AI-Enhanced Blood Cell Recognition and Analysis: Advancing Traditional Microscopy with the Web-Based Platform IKOSA

Oppenheimer's Grandson Signs Letter Saying AI Threatens “Life on Earth”

Scientists Discover Creature That Never Has Sex

The future is here whether you want it or not as AI briefly makes Nvidia the 4th most valuable corporation on Earth with a $1.83 trillion market cap

Scientists finally find why spinning magnet causes 2nd magnet to levitate

James Webb telescope finds ancient galaxy larger than our Milky Way, and it's threatening to upend cosmology

Scientists finally find why spinning magnet causes 2nd magnet to levitate

Your fingerprints can be recreated from the sounds made when you swipe on a touchscreen

Europäischer Satellit stürzt auf die Erde

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024

Why the brain's microbiome could hold the key to curing Alzheimer's

Antibody discovery is becoming more data driven

Nuclear export of circular RNA

Ambitious survey of human diversity yields millions of undiscovered genetic variants

In Search of Needles in a 10M Haystack: Recurrent Memory Finds What LLMs Miss

Can Technological Civilizations Move Stars?

Google’s AI Boss Says Scale Only Gets You So Far

Groq AI model goes viral and rivals ChatGPT, challenges Elon Musk’s Grok

Breakthrough medical glue magically binds tissues stronger than ever

We’re entering a golden age of engineering biology

Droughts Seen to Spark More HIV Infection in Rural African Woman

Gene therapy could prolong survival in some people with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy

Sintilimab with two cycles of chemotherapy for the treatment of advanced squamous non-small cell lung cancer: a phase 2 clinical trial

Identification of a leucine-mediated threshold effect governing macrophage mTOR signalling and cardiovascular risk

Chinese chipmaker tapes out 16-core DragonChain-powered CPU, 64-core coming — Loongson LS3C6000 server processor will rival Zen 3 CPUs

Engineer designs molecules for our quantum future

Scientists can tell how fast you're aging. Now, the trick is to slow it down

Vendor offering citations for purchase is latest bad actor in scholarly publishing

World's first desktop computers unearthed in London house clearance

Pre-organising antibiotic structure could aid fight against resistance

Mind-reading devices are revealing the brain’s secrets

The Future of Virtual Keynotes - The Medical Futurist

Forschende erkennen Sprachlaute im Gehirn, noch bevor sie gesprochen werden

Monday, February 19th, 2024

Geoffrey Hinton and Ilya Sutskever, Teacher and Student, named Joint 2023 Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Award Winners

Tumour-resident bacteria fuel cancer’s growth

Martians Wanted: NASA Opens Call for Simulated Yearlong Mars Mission

A Study Suggests Black Holes Can Create Space Lasers — Just Like Einstein Thought

Researchers demonstrate multi-photon state transfer between remote superconducting nodes

Dieser Detektor entlarvt deutsche KI-Texte erstaunlich gut – und stammt von einem Studenten

Stem cells grown in labs for experimental therapies pose a cancer risk

Fünf Dinge, die du diese Woche wissen musst: OpenAI lässt die Konkurrenz erneut hinter sich

Sound-Powered Sensors stand to Save Millions of Batteries

Die Vision Pro ist kein Must-have – und trotzdem die Zukunft. Warum fast alle Apples Brille falsch verstehen

Path to Sperm Success Illuminated by Discovery of Male Fertility Gene

Quantenverschränkung trotzt der Schwerelosigkeit

Cosmology from quantum potential

AI May Destroy Humankind in Just Two Years, Expert Says

Is Generative AI Overshadowing The Proven Workhorses Of Modern Tech?

The Proteome of Extracellular Vesicles Released from Pulmonary Microvascular Endothelium Reveals Impact of Oxygen Conditions on Biotrauma

Quantum computers move closer to the assembly line

Insights into the heterogeneity of iNKT cells: tissue-resident and circulating subsets shaped by local microenvironmental cues

MoDAFold: a strategy for predicting the structure of missense mutant protein based on AlphaFold2 and molecular dynamics

AI Leadership Country Rankings

The loss of antioxidant activities impairs intestinal epithelium homeostasis by altering lipid metabolism

Benzo-fused Nitrogen Heterocycles by Asymmetric Ring Expansion and Stereochemically Retentive Re-contraction of Cyclic Ureas

A pilot study of chlormequat in food and urine from adults in the United States from 2017 to 2023

Mitophagy in neurodegenerative disease pathogenesis

Scientists discover a new type of magnetism never noticed before: Altermagnetism

Friday, February 16th, 2024

OpenAI Reveals Impressive AI That Generates Photorealistic Video

Non-Abelian topological order and anyons on a trapped-ion processor

Meta's CTO drags the Apple Vision Pro for being 'very uncomfortable'

Human Gene Therapy Products Incorporating Human Genome Editing

A retroviral link to vertebrate myelination through retrotransposon-RNA-mediated control of myelin gene expression

TFvelo: gene regulation inspired RNA velocity estimation

[OpenAI Sora] mind blowing AI generated video [DEMO 1080p] new generative AI model explained HD

NTU develops thinner-than-hair stretchable tech to mind-control robots

KI gefährdet Jobs – aber nur die Jobs der anderen

You Can't Trust Any Video Anymore... (OpenAI Sora)

Video generation models as world simulators

Sora: OpenAI stellt Text-zu-Video-KI vor

You’ve tried plant-based meat, but here come meat-based plants

AI Generated Videos Just Changed Forever

‘Geometry can be very simple, but totally deep’: meet top maths prizewinner Claire Voisin

GhostWriter: Augmenting Collaborative Human-AI Writing Experiences Through Personalization and Agency

Physicists Unlock Quantum Immortality With Revolutionary Time Crystal

Space surgery: Doctors on ground operate robot on ISS for first time

Non-Abelian topological order and anyons on a trapped-ion processor

Premise Order Matters in Reasoning with Large Language Models

Arbeitsgericht: Betriebsrat darf nicht mitbestimmen über Einsatz von ChatGPT

Tesla and Elon Musk to appeal $56B pay package decision

Berühmtes Alpenfossil ist teilweise gefälscht

Researchers demonstrate multi-photon state transfer between remote superconducting nodes

OpenAI Sora kann Videos generieren: So realistisch sehen sie aus

Scientists Slowed Down Light by 10,000 Times in an Experiment

AI-power: NVIDIA value surpasses Google-parent Alphabet, Amazon in days

Apple Vision Pro review: The spatial computing revolution is here, and I love it

Can Mamba Learn How to Learn? A Comparative Study on In-Context Learning Tasks

Thursday, February 15th, 2024

Cellular Time Travel Uncovers Pre-Existing Resistant Cancer States

Using AI to Identify the Best Targets for Drug Discovery Programs: A Step-by-Step Guide to PandaOmics 4.0

Engineered tRNA shows potential as an alternative treatment platform for genetic disorders

Hunting a non-opioid painkiller, a biotech reveals plans to chase Vertex

Cellular Time Travel Uncovers Pre-Existing Resistant Cancer States

Position Paper: Challenges and Opportunities in Topological Deep Learning

The molecular interaction pattern of lenvatinib enables inhibition of wild-type or kinase-mutated FGFR2-driven cholangiocarcinoma

Inertial-Confinement Fusion without Lasers

Warum KI-Pionier Sam Altman jetzt sieben Billionen Dollar haben will

Reductionism and Holism in the History of Aging and Longevity Research: Does the Whole Have Parts? Part 2. The Upwelling of Holism

Forscher entdecken erstmals Wasser auf einem Asteroiden: Was das bedeutet

MPIrigen: MPI Code Generation through Domain-Specific Language Models

Wednesday, February 14th, 2024

Spatiotemporal optical vortices with controllable radial and azimuthal quantum numbers

The rise and rise of AI

How Taking Revenge Actually Makes You Feel, According to a Social Psychologist and Neuroscientist

Mixtures of Experts Unlock Parameter Scaling for Deep RL

Discovery of a structural class of antibiotics with explainable deep learning

Multilingual E5 Text Embeddings: A Technical Report

Tag-LLM: Repurposing General-Purpose LLMs for Specialized Domains

Does Every Human Have a Detectable Gravity Field?

Andrej Karpathy is leaving OpenAI again — but he says there was no drama

The Race to Make This Dying U.S. Lake the ‘Saudi Arabia of Lithium’

How do I know if egg freezing is for me?

Protecting crops through nanotechnology in Southeast Asia

"Impossible" Puzzle Solved After 243 Years Using Quantum Entanglement

The Art of AI in Drug Discovery

Signaling via a CD27-TRAF2-SHP-1 axis during naive T cell activation promotes memory-associated gene regulatory networks

Artificial intelligence image-based prediction models in IBD exhibit high risk of bias: A systematic review

Jim Collins: Discovery of the First New Structural Class of Antibiotics in Decades, Using A.I.

LAG-3, TIM-3, and TIGIT: Distinct functions in immune regulation

Advances in reprogramming of energy metabolism in tumor T cells

Why physicists are rethinking the route to a theory of everything

TSMC is now the world’s largest semiconductor maker by revenue, beating Intel and Samsung: Analyst

Nuclear fusion reaction releases almost twice the energy put in

Love Hormone Oxytocin Plays Key Role in Memory and Learning

CERN: ‘Atom-smasher’ master plan to uncover 95% of missing universe

Erste CRISPR/Cas9-Gentherapie in der EU zugelassen

The metabolic overdrive hypothesis: hyperglycolysis and glutaminolysis in bipolar mania

Discovery of lipid binding sites in a ligand-gated ion channel by integrating simulations and cryo-EM

Protein Structure-Based Organic Chemistry-Driven Ligand Design from Ultralarge Chemical Spaces

Lung dendritic-cell metabolism underlies susceptibility to viral infection in diabetes

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

Sam Altman aims to raise a staggering $7 trillion to challenge Nvidia's monopoly

ChatGPT-Entwickler: OpenAI soll bereits mehr als 2 Mrd. USD Jahresumsatz erzielen

Quantum Physics Suggests That Death Doesn’t Exist And It Is Probably Just An Illusion

Artificial Intelligence as a Tool in Science

Forscher finden neue Mehode, um geheime Atomwaffentests aufzuspüren

Automaker-backed Ionna charging network to challenge Supercharger dominance

Reversing Senescence in Cells Using Ultrasound

T cell senescence: a new perspective on immunotherapy in lung cancer

‘Isochoric freezing’: Ambitions and reality

Quantum Leap in Graphite: Attoscience Lights the Way to Superconductivity

What Is ChatGPT Vision? 7 Ways People Are Using This Wild New Feature

Quantum Randomness

Monday, February 12th, 2024

How Our Reality May Be a Sum of All Possible Realities

Cosmological Horizons, Uncertainty Principle and Maximum Length Quantum Mechanics

Cross-contamination of CRISPR guides and other unrelated nucleotide sequences among commercial oligonucleotides

Everyone Wants to Live Longer. Figuring Out How Will Take Years - and Billions of Dollars

The Mystery at the Heart of Physics That Only Math Can Solve

'Existential Catastrophe' May Loom as No Proof AI Is Controllable—Expert

Correlation between skeletal muscle acetylcarnitine and phosphocreatine metabolism during submaximal exercise and recovery: interleaved 1H/31P MRS 7 T study

Mit Hilfe von 3D-Druck zu künstlichem Knorpel

Mutter werden: Reiner Instinkt oder Lernprozess?

Friday, February 9th, 2024

Running ‘Doom’ on E. coli cells... very, very slowly

Discovery of Novel and Potent Prolyl Hydroxylase Domain-Containing Protein (PHD) Inhibitors for The Treatment of Anemia

Integrated multi-omics profiling to dissect the spatiotemporal evolution of metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma

RNA-Binding Peptides Inspired by the RNA Recognition Motif

The mechanisms of nanoparticle delivery to solid tumours

Pfizer's Problems Go Far Beyond Just Declining COVID Revenue

Your Healthspan Is as Important as Your Lifespan - and It’s Declining

Kyverna surges after IPO, and CEO lays out plans for cell therapy in immune diseases

China’s first natively built supercomputer goes online — the Central Intelligent Computing Center is liquid-cooled and built for AI

Google Prepares for a Future Where Search Isn’t King

Recovering lossless propagation: HKU physicists overcoming optical loss in polariton system with synthetic complex frequency waves

The quality of USB drives is getting worse thanks to re-used and often defective NAND chips including some from known brands

Scientists Find First Observed Evidence That Our Universe May Be a Hologram

Why physicists are rethinking the route to a theory of everything

Genomes of 51 animal species mapped in record time, creating ‘evolutionary time machine’

New “Brainoware” hybrid computing system signals advancement of AI computing

Roche gets first world okay for PNH drug crovalimab

Kristalle wachsen anders als gedacht

Thea Energy raises $20M Series A for pixel-inspired fusion power plants

Thursday, February 8th, 2024

Why open-source generative AI models are still a step behind GPT-4

Breaking through the limits of a single fiber laser amplifier: Coherent beam combination

Our universe is merging with 'baby universes', causing it to expand, new theoretical study suggests

Die größten Bedrohungen, kurz- und langfristig (2024)

Enabling distributed quantum sensors for simultaneous measurements in distant places

Was sind Halluzinationen in der KI?

Team develops a new Deepfake Detector designed to be Less Biased

Researchers develop algorithm that crunches eye-movement data of screen users

Neue Chemikalie ermöglicht günstige, CO₂-neutrale Biokraftstoffe

The Fruit Cure review: A chilling tale of dubious diets and 'wellness'

Scientists Succeed in Producing A Durable “Time Crystal”

Grandmaster-Level Chess Without Search

Ancient philosophers understood a key truth of modern cosmology

Langlebigkeitsforscher: "Wie alt wir werden, haben wir großteils selbst in der Hand"

A CRISPR base editing approach for the functional assessment of telomere biology disorder-related genes in human health and aging

Google rebrands Bard AI to Gemini and launches a new app and subscription

Warum Menschen den Mars besser erforschen können als Maschinen

Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

Generation Lab emerges from stealth with new biological age test

Linda B. Buck - Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2004

BYU study shows visual images of how women see threats when walking after dark

Solving olympiad geometry without human demonstrations

Viroid-like colonists of human microbiomes

Synthesis of Indazoles via N–N Bond-Forming Oxidative Cyclization from 2-Aminomethyl-phenylamines

How lab-grown brain cells can now help us understand brain disorders

You can order a test to find out your biological age. Is it worth it?

An atlas of protein homo-oligomerization across domains of life

Discovery and Development of Quinazolinones and Quinazolinediones for Ameliorating Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) by Modulating COP1-ATGL Axis

The DDHD2-STXBP1 interaction mediates long-term memory via generation of saturated free fatty acids

Preventing severe allergic reactions with nanoparticles

Discovery of novel benzimidazole derivatives as potent p300 bromodomain inhibitors with anti-proliferative activity in multiple cancer cells

Discovery of Novel PROTAC Degraders of p300/CBP as Potential Therapeutics for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

An Interactive Visualisation for Your Graph Neural Network Explanations

RNA Origami Functions as a Self-Adjuvanted Nanovaccine Platform for Cancer Immunotherapy

Three million malware-infected smart toothbrushes used in Swiss DDoS attacks — botnet causes millions of euros in damages

From Ice Contamination to Carbon Artifacts: A Guide to Understanding & Overcoming TEM Imaging Challenges

Special Edition - GenAI Keynotes Recap: Trends, Dilemmas, and Business Applications

Data Center 2024: KI, Energieeffizienz und Kühltechnologien

Large Language Models for Mathematical Reasoning: Progresses and Challenges

The host RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain is the anchor for replication of the influenza virus genome

Musk v Zuckerberg: who’s winning?

Boehringer Ingelheim offers tailored funding packages via its open innovation portal,

Solving Differential Equations With Neural Networks

Automatic Labeling With GroundingDino

Hopes and Hazards of Artificial Intelligence

Oops! Replacing Workers With AI Is Actually More Expensive, MIT Finds

Genetics and epigenetics of the glycan clock for biological age

Graph neural networks in TensorFlow

The Lure & Lies of Processed Food, Nutrition, & Modern Medicine: Author Talk with Dr. Robert Lustig

Martin Hoffmann über die Grenzen des Wachstums

CERN announces Small Hadron Collider for home use

K-Level Reasoning with Large Language Models

DeepSeekMath: Pushing the Limits of Mathematical Reasoning in Open Language Models

IBM and IonQ Researchers Design Classical Algorithm to Tackle Recent Harvard-Led Study’s Computational Task

Systems Pharmacology: Enabling Multidimensional Therapeutics

Buck Scientists Discover a Potential Way to Repair Synapses Damaged in Alzheimer’s Disease

Ray Kurzweil Q&A - The Singularity, Human-Machine Integration & AI | EP #83

SymbolicAI: A framework for logic-based approaches combining generative models and solvers

NXAI: AI-Forscher Hochreiter launcht AI-Startup mit Pierer und Netural

Amazon debuts ‘Rufus,’ an AI shopping assistant in its mobile app

Google Bard gets image generation and a more capable Gemini Pro to take on ChatGPT

Trolls have flooded X with graphic Taylor Swift AI fakes

New research supports therapeutic potential of senolytics in DME

Novel drug delivery system developed for Gouteng compound for Alzheimer's disease treatment

Membrane-Cloaked Nanoparticles for RNA Interference of β-Catenin in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

UAMS Research Team Discovers Potential Alzheimer’s Drug

AstraZeneca, Daiichi aim for first pan-tumor ADC approval

T-FINDER: A highly sensitive, pan-HLA platform for functional T cell receptor and ligand discovery

Smith-specific regulatory T cells halt the progression of lupus nephritis

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

Quantum testbeds provide gateway to large-scale quantum computing

Advanced materials provide solutions towards a sustainable world

Homotrimer barcodes enable accurate counting of RNA molecules during high-throughput RNA sequencing

Zuckerberg’s Secret Weapon for AI Is Your Facebook Data

The longevity puzzle – time to put the pieces together

Organic semiconductors with proton-hopping promise

Revolutionary 3D-Printed Brain Tissue Mimics Human Function

Developing OMICmAge, a multi-omics informed biological age clock

A Proof-of-Concept Study Towards Novel ALS Therapy

AI, quantum technologies, and drug discovery: 7 key guardrails

Creating an accessible future for AI

From Hit to Lead: Structure-Based Optimization of Novel Selective Inhibitors of Receptor-Interacting Protein Kinase 1 (RIPK1) for the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases

Direct reprogramming of non-limb fibroblasts to cells with properties of limb progenitors

Mechanisms underlying immunosuppression by regulatory cells

Bystander activated CD8+ T cells mediate neuropathology during viral infection via antigen-independent cytotoxicity

Protein structure generation via folding diffusion

It’s time to admit that genes are not the blueprint for life

Sprinklerproblem: Jahrzehnte altes Physik-Rätsel ist gelöst

Nuclear fusion reaction releases almost twice the energy put in

A collection of principles for guiding and evaluating large language models

‘Nowhere to hide’: Chinese scientists develop game-changing military surveillance device for electronic warfare

Nuclear fusion reaction releases almost twice the energy put in

Größer, stärker, teurer: Was der neue Teilchenbeschleuniger am Cern alles können soll

This Superconducting Experiment Just Broke Physics

NASA announces 'super-Earth' discovered in potential 'habitable zone'

Discovery of IRAK4 Inhibitors BAY1834845 (Zabedosertib) and BAY1830839

Clint L. Miller, PhD, and UVA Researchers Create New ‘Atherosclerosis Atlas’ That Sheds Light on Causes of Heart Attacks, Strokes

Combinatorial treatment options for highly resistant compound mutations in the kinase domain of the BCR::ABL1 fusion gene in Ph-positive leukemias

Five Insights Of The Medical Futurist’s 100 Digital Health And AI Companies Of 2024

Monday, February 5th, 2024

Pharmacological interventions in human aging

Your flaws matter less than you think

Sam Altman says ChatGPT should be 'much less lazy now'

Friday, February 2nd, 2024

Why evolution needs the old: a theory of ageing as adaptive force

Thursday, February 1st, 2024

Tencent explores a future where HPC, quantum, cloud and edge have converged

Researchers pioneer electronics-free circuit to propel soft robot evolution

Rethinking AI’s impact: Study reveals economic limits to job automation

Fasting May Reduce Inflammation

Rare medical transmission of Alzheimer’s disease from donor to patient discovered

Oxford claims the world record for solar panel efficiency

New facility set to ‘revolutionise UK research’ into tiny particles

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