Monday, April 29th, 2024

Human muscle map reveals how we try to fight effects of aging at cellular and molecular levels

Membrane Heteroreceptor Complexes as Second-Order Protein Modulators: A Novel Integrative Mechanism through Allosteric Receptor–Receptor Interactions

Artificial Cells Built with Programmable Peptide-DNA Cytoskeletons

Friday, April 26th, 2024

"Irgendwas mit KI": Das neue Paradies für Wichtigtuer

The key problem with the “brain in a vat” thought experiment

Cannabis Use Linked to Epigenetic Changes, Study Reveals

Thursday, April 25th, 2024

AI Can Tell Your Political Affiliation Just by Looking at Your Face, Researchers Find

MIT study reveals an AI model that can predict future actions of human

Optimizing embedded edge AI with neuromorphic computing

Monday, April 22nd, 2024

AI pinpoints where psychosis originates in the brain

Scientists are one step closer to knowing the mass of ghostly neutrinos — possibly paving the way to new physics

Largest 3D map of our universe could ‘turn cosmology upside down’

Neue Hinweise auf unentdeckten Planeten im Sonnensystem gefunden

Quantum Leap: Rice Physicists Unlock Flash-Like Memory for Future Qubits

Predictive Power Unleashed by MIT’s Advanced Bayesian Optimization

'There's a great hidden museum in the Mediterranean': Underwater archaeologist David Gibbins takes us on a journey to 12 shipwrecks around the world

AutoCrawler: A Progressive Understanding Web Agent for Web Crawler Generation

Magnetism boosts hydrogen production in model catalysts

“Neutronic Molecules” — Neutrons Meet Quantum Dots in Groundbreaking MIT Discovery

Friday, April 19th, 2024

Intel unveils largest-ever AI 'neuromorphic computer' that mimics the human brain

Wie Forscher ein großes Problem beim Aluminium-Recycling lösen wollen

Tiny, entangled universes that form or fizzle out – a theory of the quantum multiverse

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024

AI now beats humans at basic tasks — new benchmarks are needed, says major report

Foundational Challenges in Assuring Alignment and Safety of Large Language Models

The multiverse could be much, much bigger than we ever imagined

Crucial connection for 'quantum internet' made for the first time

Reka Core ist das nächste multimodale KI-Modell, das GPT-4 weniger speziell erscheinen lässt

AI CEO says people's obsession with reaching artificial general intelligence is 'about creating God'

Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

Arkansas man receives world’s first eye transplant

Zeitlupenvideo: Wenn die Starship-Triebwerke abgeschaltet werden

Microplastic levels in Antarctica ‘even worse than previously thought’

Astronomers Furious at Plan to Shut Down NASA Space Telescope

Gene Therapy Well Tolerated in Wet AMD, Shows Promise in Visual Acuity

Elf Max-Planck-Projekte erhalten europäische Förderung

3D-printed “metamaterial” is stronger than anything in nature

Why did Europe's hunter-gatherers disappear?

New treatment approach shows promise in hard-to-treat pediatric cancers

Longevity investment hits $3.01bn in full-year 2023

Von KI-Lebensmittelwaage bis Kältekammer: Diese Startups wollen die Fitness-Tools von morgen liefern

AI Tool Helps Doctors Pick Optimum Cancer Treatment For Patients

Testing drugs on mini-cancers in the lab may reveal best treatment

Gravitational waves reveal 1st-of-its-kind merger between neutron star and mystery object

Could JWST solve cosmology’s big mystery? Physicists debate Universe-expansion data

Exercise may reverse sign of aging by 'flushing' fat from muscle

Discovery of Long COVID Brain Fog Cause Hints at Future Treatments

First-of-Its-Kind 'Quantum Tornado' Achieves Record-Breaking Black Hole Mimicry

China’s 130-ton reusable rocket engine breaks records during tests

Monday, April 15th, 2024

Chinas bester Quantencomputer hat jetzt ein "Schutzschild"

On World Parkinson’s Day, a New Theory Emerges on the Disease’s Origins and Spread

Mechanism found to Determine Which Memories Last

Probing the 3D Awareness of Visual Foundation Models

The experimental demonstration of a verifiable blind quantum computing protocol

Largest 3D map of our universe could hint that dark energy evolves with time

Quantum Control Unlocked: Creating Resistance-Free Electron Channels

Deutsches Startup liefert Laser für US-Militärsatelliten

Sleeping more flushes junk out of the brain

A Wearable Tech Gives Pharmas & Therapists Better Feel for Changes in Mental Health

Friday, April 12th, 2024

Complex activity and short-term plasticity of human cerebral organoids reciprocally connected with axons

A new diagnostic model offers hope for Alzheimer's

Nobel laureate economist savages his own profession as clueless and unethical

Wenn Frank Thelen auf sein KI-Double hereinfällt: Wie Investoren Künstliche Intelligenz nutzen

Rho-1: Not All Tokens Are What You Need

Quantum Tunneling: From Theory to Error-Mitigated Quantum Simulation

The Demon Core: A Tale of Atomic Ambition and Tragic Fate

Emergence of fractal geometries in the evolution of a metabolic enzyme

Researchers publish first-of-its-kind database for uranium minerals

Thursday, April 11th, 2024

Avi Wigderson, Complexity Theory Pioneer, Wins Turing Award

Peer inside remnants of an 800-year-old supernova and see a ‘zombie’ star

Advanced imaging techniques on a semiconductor material reveal ‘surprising’ hidden activity

Avi Wigderson: Humans and Machines (HLF2022)

Google nutzt öffentliche Docs für das KI-Training: Gehören deine auch dazu?

The Immune Mind review: How mental and physical health combine

The Big Bang’s mysteries and unsolvable “first cause” problem

Last spotted in 1954, the spectacular 'Mother Of Dragons' comet returns after almost 71 years

Team is first ever to measure qubits with ultrasensitive thermal detectors, evading Heisenberg uncertainty principle

An OpenAI investor says TikTok is China's 'programmable fentanyl,' a CCP-controlled tool used to manipulate US citizens

Immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease shows promise in mouse study

This fMRI technique promised to transform brain research — why can no one replicate it?

Revolutionary molecular device unleashes potential for targeted drug delivery and self-healing materials

Generative models improve fairness of medical classifiers under distribution shifts

Leave No Context Behind: Efficient Infinite Context Transformers with Infini-attention

Überraschende Methode könnte Akkulaufzeit vom Handy um 50 Prozent erhöhen

Physicists discover a novel quantum state in an elemental solid

Avi Wigderson wins $1 million Turing Award for using randomness to change computer science

Wednesday, April 10th, 2024

Rigor with machine learning from field theory to the Poincaré conjecture

Peter Higgs, physicist who theorised the Higgs boson, has died aged 94

Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

Reconstructing the evolution history of networked complex systems

MA-LMM: Memory-Augmented Large Multimodal Model for Long-Term Video Understanding

Ready or not, AI is coming to science education — and students have opinions

KI-Apokalypse: Silicon Valley zittert vor der eigenen Schöpfung

Deciphering genomic language: New AI system unlocks biology’s source code

A systematic review and multivariate meta-analysis of the physical and mental health benefits of touch interventions

‘Neutronic molecules’: Study shows neutrons can bind to quantum dots

As ‘The Matrix’ turns 25, the chilling artificial intelligence (AI) projection at its core isn’t as outlandish as it once seemed

Quantencomputer und Supercomputer in einem

A new camera can undress people almost in real time—to send a message about AI

Monday, April 8th, 2024

Prime Numbers Could Be Predictable, Says Huge Potential Mathematical Breakthrough

Identifying inflammation is at the heart of the matter

NASA hat Ursache für Fehler in der Sonde Voyager 1 gefunden

Hacking Healthspan: Gene Therapy and Your Telomeres

Scientists Inject Patient With Slurry to Make Them Grow a New Liver

TSMC makes the world’s graphics chips and predicts ‘within a decade a multichiplet GPU will have more than 1 trillion transistors’

Scientists make ‘major finding’ with nanodevices that can seemingly produce energy out of thin air: ‘Contradicting prior understanding’

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