Claus D. Volko

Metaphysician & Programmer

There are two distinct worlds: the physical world, also known as reality, and the world of ideas, imagination, thoughts and dreams, also known as fantasy. Both worlds are governed by two gods, namely the God of Life and the God of Death. The fact that creatures are born and die is due to the undecided struggle between these two godly forces in which neither side has yet prevailed. If the God of Life wins the battle, all creatures will live for ever. In fantasy, I am the Demigod of Invincibility and support the God of Life in his aims.

Born in 1983, I am a self-taught software engineer and game developer, the former main editor of the Hugi Magazine and the maintainer of the website 21st Century Headlines. According to the Equally Normed Numerical Derivation Test, an experimental numerical intelligence test, I have an IQ of 172.

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For any questions feel free to contact me at cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com. I also have a GitHub account, and my scientific publications can be found at ResearchGate. Moreover, I have a YouTube channel.

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