Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

The brain may learn about the world the same way some computational models do

What the evolution of our own brains can tell us about the future of AI

New Advances in De Novo Protein Design Open the Door to the Engineering of Knotted Proteins with Unique Properties

New Proof Finds the ‘Ultimate Instability’ in a Solar System Model

Zoom Conversations vs In-Person: Brain Activity Tells a Different Tale

The smallest particle accelerator just fired up, and it opens up a world of possibilities

Ist die Wahrheit irgendwo da draußen?

Google AI Chief Says There’s a 50% Chance We’ll Hit AGI in Just 5 Years

Testing A Time-Jumping, Multiverse-Killing, Consciousness-Spawning Theory Of Reality

Is superintelligent AI inevitable?

How to think computationally about AI, the universe and everything

In a 1st, AI neural network captures 'critical aspect of human intelligence'

How a single synapse transmits both visual and subconscious information to the brain of fruit flies

Certain online games use dark designs to collect player data

World's smallest particle accelerator is 54 million times smaller than the Large Hadron Collider — and it works

Research claims novel algorithm can exactly compute information rate for any system

Godfather of AI Admits He Fears His Creation Could "Take Over From Humanity"

Exclusive: Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s chief scientist, on his hopes and fears for the future of AI

1,000+ qubit quantum computer announced

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Is One Prompt Away

What Came First, Math or Computing?

Goodbye programmers: Team of AI bots develops software in 7 minutes instead of 4 weeks

Human arm dynamics can help robots assemble satellites

IBM Research Shows Off New NorthPole Neural Accelerator

Fastest ever semiconductor could massively speed up computer chips

Membrane Mimetic-Dependence of GPCR Energy Landscapes

Monday, October 30th, 2023

Some deaf children in China can hear after gene treatment

Physicists Say Time Travel Can Be Simulated Using Quantum Entanglement

Researchers solve longstanding mystery about what protects proteins from degradation

Fastest ever semiconductor could massively speed up computer chips

KI erkennt gefährliche Schlafstörung

Consciousness: what it is, where it comes from — and whether machines can have it

Fastest ever semiconductor could massively speed up computer chips

Once a Crystal Collector, Now a Crystal Scientist

Boston Dynamics' talking robot dogs have different personalities now, from '1920's Archaeologist' to 'Shakespearean Time Traveler'

Sci-Hub presents a paradox for open access publishing

Wednesday, October 25th, 2023

Giant sloths and woolly mammoths: Mining past creatures’ DNA for future antibiotics

'World-class aquifer' enabled ancient African kingdom to thrive in the Sahara for hundreds of years

Only 1% of chemicals in the universe have been discovered. Here's how scientists are hunting for the rest.

Scientists finally solve mystery of why Europeans have less Neanderthal DNA than East Asians

Distorted crystals use 'pseudogravity' to bend light like black holes do

Tuesday, October 24th, 2023

Molecular engineers successfully create a working DNA 'nanomachine'

Why Silicon Valley’s biggest AI developers are hiring poets

Scientists propose 'missing' law for the evolution of everything in the universe

Auto-Instruct: Automatic Instruction Generation and Ranking for Black-Box Language Models

The Trouble With Quantum Mechanics is the Quantum: Absorption is Thresholded, Not Quantized

Bill Gates does not expect GPT-5 to be much better than GPT-4

How computers solve Sudokus

A Revolutionary Peek at the Noradrenaline System

Living guidelines for generative AI — why scientists must oversee its use

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

Microchip Breakthrough Could Reshape Future of AI

Der Great Reset und das Fiatgeld-System

How dragons and insects are inspiring drones of the future

From a five-layer graphene sandwich, a rare electronic state emerges

Ein Lesebuch zur Genetik

My Favourite Qubit: the atomic ion

Friday, October 20th, 2023

Gibt es einen sechsten Grundgeschmack?

"Grünes Licht": Zulassung für den Verkauf von leuchtenden Petunien

An Image is Worth Multiple Words: Learning Object Level Concepts using Multi-Concept Prompt Learning

From a five-layer graphene sandwich, a rare electronic state emerges

In-Context Few-Shot Relation Extraction via Pre-Trained Language Models

This mathematician is making sense of nature’s complexity

Wednesday, October 18th, 2023

Mechanism decoded: How synapses are formed

New research offers a theory on how gold, platinum, and other precious metals found their way into Earth's mantle

World First: New AI System Discovers Supernova Without Human Help

Tuesday, October 17th, 2023

Scientists and philosophers identify nature's missing evolutionary law

Hackers could use your stolen 23andMe DNA data as a weapon

Printing a new approach to fusion power plant materials

Study reveals how classical music concerts synchronises audiences' hearts

UQ student Loren Bouyer lives with aphantasia, which means she can't visualise objects

The Neuroscience of Communication

Biomedical generative pre-trained based transformer language model for age-related disease target discovery

Divergent DNA: The Accidental Discovery That’s Shaking Genetics

Why Africa is Not Compatible with Advanced Technologies Like AI

Big Data in der Krebsevolution

New DNA-Cutting Enzymes are Widespread in Nature & Work on Human Cells

New Study Investigates the Menstrual Cycle's Effect on the Brain

Low Birth Weight Babies 4 Times More At Risk Of Developing Fatty Liver: Study

The Techno-Optimist Manifesto

Joscha Bach Λ Ben Goertzel: Conscious Ai, LLMs, AGI

Monday, October 16th, 2023

Mechanism decoded: How synapses are formed

Groundbreaking new 'Theory of Everything' unites physics and evolution

A strategy to enhance the light-driven superconductivity of K₃C₆₀

Scientists discover possible connection between human brain and cosmos on a quantum scale

Seltene Art von Gold in Allerweltsmaterial entdeckt

Mensch hat mehr als 3000 verschiedene Hirnzelltypen

Mimicking 'plant power' through artificial photosynthesis

Team develops technique for building DNA-based programmable gate arrays

How did gold get into the Earth's mantle? A new theory debuts

High-precision measurement of the strong force is made at CERN

Warum ist die Coloradokröte so extrem halluzinogen?

Gauss’s Awesome Theorem

There might be just one multiverse

In major test for eGenesis, gene-edited pig kidneys kept monkeys alive for more than two years

This mathematician is making sense of nature’s complexity

Sunday, October 15th, 2023

Why Einstein must be wrong: In search of the theory of gravity

Individual neurons mix multiple RNA edits of key synapse protein, study finds

Scientists use quantum entanglement to travel in time

Saturday, October 14th, 2023

KI macht das Unlesbare lesbar

Mensch hat mehr als 3000 verschiedene Hirnzelltypen

Actually, neuroscience suggests “the self” is real

Scientists begin building AI for scientific discovery using tech behind ChatGPT

Nanotechnology’s Impact on the Future of Space Travel

Solving the 106 years old Nine Dot Puzzle in 4 Dimensions and above - 4D Animation

Uh-oh! Fine-tuning LLMs compromises their safety, study finds

A decentralized web 3.0 could lead to more innovation and privacy controls

Gesammelter Asteroidenstaub übertrifft Erwartungen

Mutation studies reveal how Antarctic octopus arms itself with cool enzyme

Thousands of programmable DNA-cutters found in algae, snails, and other organisms

Lecture series: Machines that understand? Large Language Models and Artificial Intelligence

Nanoelectronic device performs real-time AI classification without relying on the cloud

Friday, October 13th, 2023

Astronomers Discover The Largest Natural Diamond In The Universe And Weighs 10 Billion Trillion Trillion Carats

Anzeichen von Bewusstsein bei ChatGPT und Co.?

Engineers develop prototype two-armed, joystick-controlled neurosurgical robot

Asteroid 33 Polyhymnia May Contain Elements Outside The Periodic Table

What cosmic object 'Arrokoth' can tell us about our solar system's formation

A revised central dogma for the 21st century: All biology is cognitive information processing

SpaceX Starlink lands Maersk in new deal for Ocean fleet

AI Designs Unique Walking Robot in Seconds

High-fidelity gates and mid-circuit erasure conversion in an atomic qubit

You can now generate AI images directly in the Google Search bar

Cellular Map of Entire Brain Reveals What Makes Us Human

New electronic "stickers" measure force between objects

Wednesday, October 11th, 2023

Speeding up creation of quantum entanglement

Could a new law of physics support the idea we're living in a computer simulation?

Earth is a virtual world and humans play the roles of its characters: new study

Rogue AI will learn to ‘manipulate people’ to stop it from being switched off, predicts British ‘Godfather of AI’

Scientists illuminate the mechanics of solid-state batteries

Why free will is required for true artificial intelligence

From Atoms to Organisms: “Assembly Theory” Unifies Physics and Biology To Explain Evolution and Complexity

Probe Blazes New Record For The Fastest Thing Ever Made by Humans

World Mental Health Day: Look Out For These Signs To Detect Depression Early

35 Alien Civilizations Hiding in Our Galaxy? Could Our Galaxy Be Their Collective Playground?

Artificial General Intelligence Is Already Here

Unravelling complex biology through big data and AI

With first-in-human trial results, Intellia shows the world that gene editing has arrived

Tuesday, October 10th, 2023

Researchers catch protons in the act of dissociation with ultrafast 'electron camera'

Fungi creepily infiltrates space stations — but scientists aren't scared. They're excited

Chasing interactions between bacteria provide insights into collective behavior

SpaceX's Starship has 'decent chance' of success on upcoming flight, Elon Musk says

Unifying matter, energy and consciousness: Applying physics to a thorny topic

Adding spider DNA to silkworms creates silk stronger than Kevlar

Scientists find the sounds beneath our feet are fingerprints of rock stability

Invisible ‘Demon’ Discovered in Odd Superconductor

Moonshot effort aims to bioprint a human heart and implant it in a pig

Monday, October 9th, 2023

New technique based on 18th-century mathematics shows simpler AI models don't need deep learning

A special molecule that violates the laws of physics could lead to limitless energy

With Glass Substrates, Intel Plans to Reinvent the Data Center

CAR-T in the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Barriers and How to Overcome Them

Regulator-Gen für Darmstammzellen entdeckt

How AI and ML Will Affect Physics

Arrays of quantum rods could enhance TVs or virtual reality devices

Your brain finds it easy to size up four objects but not five — here’s why

Chiral detection of molecules gets a laser-driven boost

What’s next for the world’s fastest supercomputers

This AI company wants to help you control your dreams

Rapid “Collective Motion” of Iron Atoms Discovered in Earth’s Solid Inner Core

ChatGPT Rivals Doctors at Suggesting Diagnosis in ER

Sunday, October 8th, 2023

Quantum Computing with Light: The Breakthrough?

Künstliche Intelligenz: Wo man das eigene generative Sprachmodell betreiben kann

Quantum Computers Could Crack Encryption Sooner Than Expected With New Algorithm

«Von unserem neuen Reaktor müssten AKW-Gegner begeistert sein»

Saturday, October 7th, 2023

Challenges in developing personalized neoantigen cancer vaccines

A 17-year-old’s new synchronous reluctance motor outperforms traditional designs

Researchers create a neural network for genomics that explains how it achieves accurate predictions

Decoding speech perception from non-invasive brain recordings

New model describes synchronized cilia movement driven by border regions

Friday, October 6th, 2023

The end of genes: Routine test reveals unique divergence in genetic code

This is the most accurate image of an atom

No-heat quantum engine makes its debut

Sam Altman Says He Intends to Replace Normal People With AI

For the first time scientists observe the creation of matter from light

Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg And Sam Altman Among The Billionaires Investing In Anti-Aging Technology. Who Else Wants To Live Forever?

Can generative AI solve computer science’s greatest unsolved problem?

Pangenome analysis provides insight into the evolution of the orange subfamily and a key gene for citric acid accumulation in citrus fruits

DNA and glass combined to make ultra-light strong material

Cryo-EM scaffold supports imaging of small proteins previously tricky to study

Quantum Dots Explained (2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry)

Haben wir am falschen Ort gesucht?

Why TOFU is good for worms

Thursday, October 5th, 2023

AI-based algorithm uses "compressed evolution" to create functional robots

Antimatter embraces Earth, falling downward like normal matter

Review: Owning the Unknown, by Robert Charles Wilson

A new kind of 3D-printed carrot, in the words of its Qatar-based inventors

Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Doubly oxidised carbene tests the limits of the octet rule

IonQ Announces 2 New Quantum Systems; Suggests Quantum Advantage is Nearing

Photophysics of Solvated Molecules: Computational Protocol Combining Nuclear Ensemble and Nonequilibrium State-Specific Solvation Methods

The strongest evidence for a Universe before the Big Bang

Quantum Computers Could Crack Encryption Sooner Than Expected With New Algorithm

Does Studying Philosophy Develop Special Skills That Improve One’s Intuitions?

Chemienobelpreis für drei Quantenforscher

Vom FWF-Wittgenstein-Preis zum Physiknobelpreis

Höchste Ehrung für die Entdeckung von Quantenpunkten

Alzheimer’s research breakthrough

Microsoft’s Nadella: Google could lock up AI-enabled search

Brain signals for good memory performance revealed

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

In search of dispersed memories: Generative diffusion models are associative memory networks

Tom Hanks warns of AI-generated ad using his likeness

Instant evolution: AI designs new robot from scratch in seconds

Wrinkles on Mercury's Surface Suggest The Planet Is Still Shrinking

Gen Z and beyond: A 4-part framework for cultivating future leaders in data

A New Attack Impacts Major AI Chatbots—and No One Knows How to Stop It

Univ. of Washington researchers roll out tiny, battery-free, autonomous robot called ‘MilliMobile’

Founded in 2021, Virginia-based Procyon Photonics is a startup aiming to change the future of computing hardware with its focus on optical computing

Astrobiologists Say Planet Earth Itself Might Actually Be An Intelligent Being

Why is there no Nobel physics prize for nuclear fission?

ATLAS and CMS unite to weigh in on the top quark

Sam Altman Is the Oppenheimer of Our Age

Researchers advance effort to turn diamonds into a quantum simulator

The Dawn of LMMs: Preliminary Explorations with GPT-4V(ision)

How parental affection shapes a child’s lifelong happiness

AI sensors and WiFi networks that provide workplace insights are antidotes for some companies combating ‘zombie offices’

Even Microsoft Paint is getting an AI art generator

Generative AI will far surpass what ChatGPT can do. Here's everything on how the tech advances

Deep learning enabled fast 3D brain MRI at 0.055 tesla

Protein p53’s Role in Autism-like Behavior and Memory

Researchers advance effort to turn diamonds into a quantum simulator

C&EN talks with Peter J. T. Morris, science historian

Meta’s metaverse is getting an AI makeover

Are We Really All Made Of Stardust?

Middle-class Americans are being decimated: Carol Roth

Black holes keep 'burping up' stars they destroyed years earlier, and astronomers don't know why

Mirny: A Giant Diamond Mine that Sucks Helicopters In

Earth has just started emitting Giant Magnetic Waves from its Core

New nitrogen isotope stretches our understanding of nuclear physics

Physiknobelpreis an Österreicher Ferenc Krausz

She was demoted, doubted and rejected. Now, her work is the basis of the Covid-19 vaccine

Warum es weltweite Regulierungen für Künstliche Intelligenz braucht

Jurassic Park (12A) + Presentation by Sandra Wachter

Call for tech ‘smoke alarm’ to prevent AI going rogue

Exzellenzcluster startet: Forschen für die Energiespeicher von morgen

Physik-Nobelpreis für drei Teilchenforscher

ATLAS achieves highest-energy detection of quantum entanglement

Physik-Nobelpreis für österreichisch-ungarischen Forscher Ferenc Krausz

Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz and Anne L’Huillier win 2023 Nobel Prize for Physics

Forschungsteam warnt vor Vermenschlichung

Single-cell lineage capture across genomic modalities with CellTag-multi reveals fate-specific gene regulatory changes

Japan deploys scary robot wolves to ward off wild bears

Space photo of the week: Hubble spies a spectacular galaxy crash

Nominate a leader for CNBC’s debut Changemakers list: Women transforming business

Free will: Can neuroscience reveal if your choices are yours to make?

"Bio und Gentechnik sind kein Widerspruch"

Monday, October 2nd, 2023

Nanoscience Gives New Meaning to “Flash Tattoo”

James Webb telescope finds potential signature of life on Jupiter's icy moon Europa

To Teach Computers Math, Researchers Merge AI Approaches

Computational Study of the Solid-State Incorporation of Sn(II) Acetate into Zeolite β

Physicists engineer an atom laser that can stay on forever

A Lightsail Powered By Millions of Lasers Could Reach Alpha Centauri in 20 Years

Six Months Ago Elon Musk Called for a Pause on AI. Instead Development Sped Up

Astronomers discover thousands of active red galaxy hearts with powerful radio signals

Ultrafast Hole Migration at the p–n Heterojunction of One-Dimensional SnS Nanorods and Zero-Dimensional CdS Quantum Dots

Phase Behavior and Electrochemical Properties of Highly Asymmetric Redox Coacervates

Dark matter: time for axion

Delivering a quantum future

The 10 Most Important AI Trends For 2024 Everyone Must Be Ready For Now

OpenAI warns folks over GPT-4 Vision's limits and flaws

The two roads to quantum gravity

Ultrafast quantum simulation of large-scale quantum entanglement

Google Launches Free & Paid Generative AI Training Courses

Striking rare gold: Researchers unveil new material infused with gold in an exotic chemical state

Inspiring Women in Science

Medizinnobelpreis für mRNA-Forscher

Scientists reveal half-billion-year-old ‘last supper’

Discovery of ‘Jumbos’ may herald new astronomical category

Jellyfish Have No Brain But Are Able To Learn From Experience

Bird flock inspired CubeSats look to observe water bodies

Generative AI Is Making Companies Even More Thirsty for Your Data

Der größte Chip-Auftragsfertiger baut ein Werk in Dresden für 10 Milliarden Euro

Dieser Kardinalfehler hat den Durchbruch des E-Autos um Jahre verzögert

Solve real-world problems with the industrial metaverse

An Owner's Guide to the Human Genome

Spinning M87 Black Hole Proves Einstein Was Right Again

New Study Captures The Very Moment a Heart Starts Beating in an Animal Embryo

Sunday, October 1st, 2023

In defense of Integrated Information Theory (IIT)

Two Black Holes Masquerading as One

Deutscher KI-Innovationspreis für JKU Forscher Sepp Hochreiter

Examining the Effects of Homochirality for Electron Transfer in Protein Assemblies

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