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Prudentia High IQ Society was founded on July 12th, 2018. It is a high IQ society for people with an IQ of 140 or higher on a scale with standard deviation 15 (99.6th percentile). Basically that means that there is a website on which people who have an IQ of 140 SD 15 or higher are listed. In addition there is a journal which issues from time to time.

If you want to join Prudentia and be listed on this website, please provide your name, country of residence, hobbies/interests, a scan of your identity (e.g. passport) and a proof that you have a qualifying IQ (e.g. scan of IQ certificate). You can also include a link to your personal website if you have one. Membership is free of charge.


1. Claus Volko (Vienna, Austria) - Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic, Computer Science, Game Development, Biochemistry
2. Anthony Brown (Washington State, USA) - Psychology, Art
3. Thomas Hally (Jalisco, Mexico) - Languages, History, Writing Poetry and Short Stories
4. Timothy Mahony (Queensland, Australia)
5. Victor Hingsberg (Canada)
6. Domagoj Kutle (Zagreb, Croatia) - Sports (powerlifting, skydiving, table tennis), Psychology, Parapsychology, Religion, History
7. James Chan (Singapore) - World Music, Philosophy
8. Richard Friedl (Austria) - Behavioral Economics, Philosophy, Indie Rock, Motorcycling
9. (Anonymous member, Germany)
10. Denis Walch (Tyrol, Austria) - Psychology, Music, Politics, Quantum Mechanics, Epigenetics, General Linguistics
11. Joshua Sparks (Lithuania) - Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of time, Metaphysics, Evolutionary Psychology, Cognitive biases
12. Sudarshan Murthy (India)
13. Garrett Arpin (Canada) - Writing lyrics, Programming, Learning
14. Sriram Balasubramanian (India) - Philosophy, Physics, Literature (English, Sanskrit)
15. Jakub Oblizajek (Poland) - Philosophy, Logic, Programming (Python, JavaScript, Ruby), Trains
16. Iris Studeny (Austria) - Reading, Travelling, Fishing with bare hands
17. Anja Jaenicke (Germany)
18. Morteza Bahrami (Iran)
19. (Anonymous member, USA)
20. (Anonymous member, USA)
21. Veronica Palladino (Italy) - Medicine, Astronomy
22. Jewoong Moon (South Korea)
23. Matisse Alexander (USA) - Computer Programming, Philosophy, Mathematics
24. Watcharaphol Chitvattanawong (Thailand)
25. Christian Sorensen (Belgium) - Metaphysics, Noethics
26. Konstantinos Ntalachanis (Greece)
27. (Anonymous member, United Kingdom)
28. Abdul Rehman (Pakistan) - Writing Fiction
29. Nitish Joshi (India) - Playing Tennis, Solving Logical and Spatial Puzzles, Solving Mathematical Problems, Researching in the field of Science and Technology
30. Goh Zhi Hwee (Singapore) - Recreational Mathematics
31. Thomas Ossel (Netherlands) - Psychology, Mathematics, Philosophy, Martial Arts (aikijujutsu, neijia and qi/nei-gong)
32. Kenneth Myers (USA) - Doing nothing, Talking incessantly, Arguing with others on and offline, Time travel, Sleeping, Logology, Space-Time diagrams, and occasionally, Chess
33. Michael (United Kingdom) - Physics
34. Jiancong Yin (China)
35. Piper Wallis (New Zealand) - Judo, Music (6 instruments as well as singing/songwriting), Mathmetics, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Water Sports (such as scuba diving), Animals
36. Srinwan Roy (India)
37. Nareerat Soogsan (Thailand) - Reading, Cooking, Stargazing, Learning New Skills, Painting, Astronomy, Science, Art & Technology
38. Jo Christopher M. Resquites (Cebu, Philippines) - License Agricultural and Biosystems Engineer, Poet, Theorist
39. Merlin Thieme (Germany) - Track, Chemistry, Stock Trading
40. Aníbal Sánchez Numa (Cuba) - Programming, Mathematics, Machine Learning, Languages, Psychology, Music
41. Marios Prodromou (Cyprus) - Philosophy, Spirituality, Sports, generally anything that involves having a good time
42. Tim Gatty (United Kingdom) - Genealogy, Politics, Mental Health
43. Ritoprovo Roy (India) - Puzzling and you can say a consulting detective or criminologist
44. Kishan Amit Harrysingh (Trinidad and Tobago) - Powerlifting, Boxing, Travelling, Investing, Learning about Business and Technology
45. Wei Lai (China) - Football, Sudoku
46. Vadim Borislav
47. Tofe Douglas (England) - Puzzles, Maths, Philosophy, Science
48. Liu Yangyi (China) - Mathematics
49. Carlo Maina (Italy)
50. Huanyun Chen (China)
51. Yukun Wang (China)
52. Harrison Schroder (USA) - Reading, Swimming, Chess, Checkers, Programming, Anime, Politics
53. Lorenzo Amadori (Italy)
54. Joey Burggraf (Germany) - Plants, Music Production, PC, Creating Logos or Wallpapers with Gimp2, Programming
55. Jan Hart (Czech Republic) - Sports, Research, Science and Technology
56. Edwin P. Christmann (USA) - Theology, Philosophy, Physics, Statistics, Quantitative Research, and ExercisIng
57. Joscha Härtel (Germany) - Mathematics, Programming, Philosophy
58. Sajan Bhaskaran Nair (Kerala, India)
59. Jonathan Angel (USA) - Mathematics, Gaming, Technology, Anime, Twitch/YouTube, Computer Science, Psychology, Philosophy
60. Kantarakorn Snidvongs Na Ayuttaya(Puma) (Thailand) - Brazilian Jiujitsu, mixed martial arts, submission grappling, bicycle touring, Theology
61. Fengzhi Wu (China) - Swimming, cycling, climbing, playing the saxophone, playing chess, writing poetry, painting, music, studying unsolved mysteries
62. Pedro Andreu (Spain) - Complex problem solving, philosophy, technology
63. Jim Lorrimore (United Kingdom) - IQ tests, theatre, chess, music
64. Tim Roberts (Australia)
65. Daniel Hilton (United Kingdom) - Mathematics, Logic, Cosmology, IQ Testing, Puzzles and Thinking
66. Carlos Rodriguez (Spain) - chess (I am a Grand Master of the ICCF), reading, running, calisthenics, oriental philosophy, mental games
67. Nima Karimi-Busheri (Canada) - Sports, music, games, movies, philosophy, metaphysics, science, art, adventuring, puzzles, reading, going out
68. Ayhan Ünlü (Turkey) - politics, philosophy, evolutionary psychology, psychoanalysis
69. Martin Engstler (Austria) - Art, Architecture, Building Technology, Structural Design, Lightweight Structures, Bionics, Paleoanthropology, History, Geopolitics, Cosmology, Infinity, Cycling, IQ-Tests
70. (Anonymous member, South Korea)
71. James McBeath (United Kingdom) - Business, Philosophy, Poetry, IQ/intelligence
72. Brett Curtis (United Kingdom) - Maths, Computer Science


1. Prudentia Newsletter #1 (August 8th, 2018)
2. Prudentia Newsletter #2 (September 4th, 2018)

3. Prudentia Journal #1 (September 27th, 2018)
About Karl Popper; Why the Gifted Need Support

4. Prudentia Newsletter #3 (November 21st, 2018)

5. Prudentia Journal #2 (December 22nd, 2018)
Hormones, Stress and Immunity; Paradigm Shift Cancer Therapy (Uwe Rohr)
6. Prudentia Journal #3 (January 22nd, 2019)
Symbiont Conversion Theory; Metaphysics and Jungian Personality Theory
7. Prudentia Journal #4 (February 15th, 2019)
Demobit 2019; Fairy Tale "The Developer"
8. Prudentia Journal #5 (March 8th, 2019)
Test Original Thinking; About the Universe
9. Prudentia Journal #6 (March 22nd, 2019)
Political Situation in Europe; Future of the Internet
10. Prudentia Journal #7 (April 18th, 2019)
Development of Europe since French Revolution
11. Prudentia Journal #8 (May 12th, 2019)
Direction the World is Developing Into
12. Prudentia Journal #9 (January 15th, 2020)
Metaphysics for Monkeys

13. Prudentia Newsletter #4 (May 8th, 2020)

14. Prudentia Journal #10 (February 1st, 2021)
A Note on Opinion; The Ape of God
15. Prudentia Journal #11 (March 4th, 2021)
A Note on IQ; On High IQ Societies
16. Prudentia Journal #12 (April 5th, 2021)
Optimal IQ: A Speculative Model
17. Prudentia Journal #13 (June 2nd, 2021)
Variations; Intelligence and Academic Discourse
18. Prudentia Journal #14 (July 9th, 2021)
Unsolved Problems
19. Prudentia Journal #15 (August 2nd, 2021)
Should all IQ societies merge?


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