Demoscene News

This is an overview of some of the recent activities in the demoscene, an international computer arts community. A list of recently held demoparties and such ones that will be held in the near future can be found at

Written by Claus Volko
Vienna, Austria, Europe

Contact: cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com

Mystery Demoscene Theater 9000
On 11 July 2018, ps of enough records hosted an episode of the "Mystery Demoscene Theater 9000", a livestream involving himself and a few invited guests (TomCat of Abaddon, sensenstahl and HellMood), this time talking about 256 byte intros.
The recording of the episode can be watched at YouTube. Recordings of Season Two and Season Three are also to be found there.
For more information on the topic, check out the seminar by Rrrola - part one and part two - and the seminar by TomCat.

Amiga Diskmag "Versus #8"
The Amiga group Nukleus released the eighth issue of their chartsmag/diskmag Versus in July 2018. The mag can be downloaded from the group website.

Claus Volko