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At the website "21st Century Headlines", I am collecting links to news items about science and technology, especially biomedical sciences, computers and physics. Here I present to you a summary of the most interesting items from June 2018.

Written by Claus Volko
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June 2018: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
How Unsupervised Meta Learning Acquires Information About New Environments
Machine learning predicts World Cup winner
Insilico Medicine Earns Accolades from Frost & Sullivan
Algorithmen übertrumpfen menschliche Dota-2-Spieler
Stanford AI recreates chemistry’s periodic table of elements
A team of AI algorithms just crushed humans in a complex computer game
Google staff reportedly refused to work on government security tool
How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Us Live Longer
Is Machine Learning key to Psychometrics?
Making a case for artificial intelligence in the legal profession
Finally, a Problem That Only Quantum Computers Will Ever Be Able to Solve
Future of AI & Longevity
Algorithm speeds medical image analysis
How the Big Data Revolution in Healthcare Is Putting Patients in Charge
Aristo - An intelligent system that reads, learns, and reasons about science
Free E-Book: A Developer’s Guide to Building AI Applications
Google can use AI to predict when you'll DIE - with 95% accuracy
The new era for AI-powered drug discovery and longevity biotechnology begins
The emergence of AI-powered longevity biotechnology industry
How to control robots with brainwaves and hand gestures
AI Awakening
IBM Watson Layoffs: Is Healthcare AI Ready for Prime Time?
AI could predict your next move from watching your eye gaze
AI could get 100 times more energy-efficient with IBM's new artificial synapses
Fighting Aging with Artificial Intelligence
AI senses people's pose through walls
Microsoft is hiring engineers to work on A.I. chip design for its cloud
QuaterNet: A Quaternion-based Recurrent Model for Human Motion
Tesla's AI director gives insights into Autopilot's computer vision
Machine learning predicts World Cup winner
Killer robots will only exist if we are stupid enough to let them
Machine learning reveals quantum phases of matter
Big data little help in megafauna mysteries
Apple’s Core ML 2 vs. Google’s ML Kit: What’s the difference?
Top 22 Deep Learning Papers
Self-Healing, Sensitive Robots: The Future of Robotics
NITI Aayog Releases Paper For India’s Strategy On AI, Identifies Five Core Areas
ML basics: Feature Selection
Pill Combines Biology, Electronics to Recognize Diseases
Overview of the Deep Learning Summit, Singapore 2017
How Machine Intelligence Can Improve Health Care - Prof. Suchi Saria
AI researchers design 'privacy filter' for your photos
Google: Keine künstliche Intelligenz für Waffen
On Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications
The Physics of AI (Sponsored by IBM Watson) - Dario Gil (IBM)
AI researchers should help with some military work
DARPA and Microsoft Brain Implants aim to fix Disabilities, PTSD
Computer erkennt Hautkrebs besser als Ärzte
Human society isn't ready for artificial intelligence
How this new AI-based tech can be a boon for privacy
Do Better ImageNet Models Transfer Better?
Recycling using deep learning object detection for Autonomous Vehicles
Google’s AutoML will change how businesses use Machine Learning
AllenNLP: A Deep Semantic Natural Language Processing Platform
Berkeley Open Sources Largest Self-Driving Dataset
Towards Reinforcement Learning Inspired By Humans
Virtual robots that teach themselves kung fu could revolutionize video games
Machine Learning Illuminates the Body’s Dark Matter
Resources to understand Nuts and Bolts of Deep learning
Sean Moncrieff: The dark side of artificial intelligence is doomsday scary
Fundamentals of robotics
Fifth World Machine Learning and Deep Learning Congress
One big thing: How the robot revolution is changing our lives
An IoT Solution To Assist Blind People With Sighted Support
Simple RNN vs GRU vs LSTM: Difference lies in More Flexible control
Self-Driving Cars Can Now Pick Up Passengers in California - But Only for Free Rides
Telexistence Robot Is The Future Of Shopping You've Seen In Movies
Attacks against machine learning — an overview
Google won’t renew its military AI contract
China turns to robotic policing
How Robots Will Break Politics
Researchers develop electronic skins that wirelessly activate fully soft robots
China’s schools are quietly using AI to mark students’ essays
Artificial intelligence... or advanced imitation?
Philosopher Peter Singer on AI, Transhumanism and Ethics
How researchers are teaching AI to learn like a child
Does Theranos Mark the Peak of the Silicon Valley Bubble?
Deep learning extends imaging depth and speeds up hologram reconstruction

June 2018: Quantum Computing
The Argument Against Quantum Computers
The Race for the Quantum Computer
The Era of Quantum Computing Is Here. Outlook: Cloudy

June 2018: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency In India Stimulating Security Theft & Crime In Virtual World
Blockchain Usecases
Dynamic pricing
There’s Now A Religion Based On the Blockchain
How to get blockchains to talk to each other

June 2018: Miscellaneous News
Computability and Physical Theories
The Supercomputer That Could Map the Human Brain
Microsoft's purchase of GitHub leaves some scientists uneasy
Microsoft to acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion
Physicists Confirm That We’re Not Living In a Computer Simulation
Non-Computability of Consciousness
Microsoft Just Put a Data Center on the Bottom of the Ocean
Move Over, China: U.S. Is Again Home to World’s Speediest Supercomputer
Supercomputers Provide New Window Into the Life and Death of a Neutron
Supercomputers provide new window into the life and death of a neutron

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