Welcome to
Genycs Magazine!

Welcome to the fourth issue of Genycs Magazine, the official magazine of the "Generation Y Computer Scientists" group at Facebook. As the name of the group says, "Generation Y Computer Scientists" is supposed to connect people into computer science (programmers, managers, designers, researchers, etc.) who were born between the years 1980 and 2000. Genycs Magazine is released as a diskmag edition and as an online edition, and it is available from the official website: http://www.genycsclub.net/

Again it is me who has written most of the articles in this issue, except for the interview which Scott Douglas Jacobsen has conducted with Rick Rosner and me. I would encourage you to sit down and write articles yourself, as this magazine is not supposed to be a one-man show, but a platform for all people involved in the community. From the raw kilobyte count of text material, this one is the largest issue so far.

Well, I definitely have enough material that could be published to fill a fifth issue, but it is a bit disappointing that this magazine has been a one-man show so far. I understand that disk magazines are not as important as platforms to express one's ideas as they were in the days when Internet access was not so widespread yet. Still I think disk magazines are a great thing (if done in a proper way).

Hopefully things will change and the readers will get more active. Don't worry about spelling and grammar, I will proofread the articles anyway.

Claus Volko