Demoscene News

This is an overview of some of the recent activities in the demoscene, an international computer arts community. A list of recently held demoparties and such ones that will be held in the near future can be found at the end of the article.

Written by Claus Volko
Vienna, Austria, Europe

Contact: cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com

New Diskmags for C64
There are two new C64 diskmags: Attitude #18 (April 2018) and Scene World #28 (June 2018). About the latter, its main editor Joerg Droege (aka Nafcom) writes: "[T]his time with interviews with Dennis Pauler, John Chowning, David John Pleasance, Christian Spanik, great articles by former Hugi staffer Lars Sobiraj, and also reports by Andrew Burch, Boris Kretzinger, Martin Ahman, Andrew Fisher and of course as always part 4 of Richard Bayliss' game coding tutorial with a bonus game fitting on disk side B and many many more stuff! And also the NTSC news that were missing last time by Kevin Casteels, also again with graphics from our good old Martin Wisniowski and many stuff I probably forgot to mention here!"
- Link to Attitude #18 (CSDB)
- Link to Scene World Magazine

Mystery Demoscene Theater 9000
ps of enough records is still regularly hosting the "Mystery Demoscene Theater 9000", a livestream involving himself and a couple of other sceners showing and discussing demos, in English. Right now season three is going on. Six shows have aired this year so far. The videos recorded so far can be found at YouTube.
- Season Two
- Season Three

Claus Volko

Demoparty Calendar

June 2018
VIP (France)
Wapniak (Poland)
Graffathon (Finland)
Switchon (Australia)
Silesia (Poland)
Nova (United Kingdom)
ReSeT (France)
Gubbdata (Sweden)
Decrunch (Poland)

July 2018
My Summer Party (Finland)
Sommarhack (Sweden)
DiHalt (Russia)
High Coast Hack (Sweden)
Solskogen (Sweden)
Nordlicht (Germany)
Edison (Sweden)
Crazy Siberian Party (Russia)

August 2018
Assembly Summer (Finland)
Datastorm (Sweden)
Ironia (Poland)
Arok (Hungary)
Evoke (Germany)
Jumalauta 18 Years (Finland)
FieldFX (United Kingdom)
Riverwash (Poland)

September 2018
Function (Hungary)
Flashparty (Argentina)

October 2018
Deadline (Germany)
Pre-X (Netherlands)

November 2018
X (Netherlands)