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At the website "21st Century Headlines", I am collecting links to news items about science and technology, especially biomedical sciences, computers and physics. Here I present to you a summary of the most interesting items from April and May 2018.

Written by Claus Volko
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April 2018: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Is it just me that current approach to AI will soon hit another wall?
Intelligent AI: why London is the global capital of machine learning
AI may be used to sift through Trump attorney Michael Cohen's documents
DeepCode cleans your code with the power of AI
Rice University AI Bayou Uses Deep Learning to Write Code
BMW's self-driving cars get their lasers
Robots could outnumber HUMANS in just 15 years and will feel 'genuine emotions'
New A.I. application can write its own code
I rode in a self-driving car on the streets of one of China's most congested cities
YouTube Basically Admits Algorithms Aren't Such Good Babysitters After All
Chinese AI is half as good as U.S. capability, report says
This startup hopes to keep barf bags out of self-driving cars
China Fund Raises $500 Million to Snap Up Cheaper AI Startups
Facebook Is Preparing To Build Its Own AI Chips
This Startup Is Training AI to Gobble Up the News and Rewrite It Free of Bias
Scientists plan huge European AI hub to compete with US
How technology and artificial intelligence can improve regulation
CIA plans to replace spies with AI
The CIA Will use AI Spies in Future Espionage Missions
Google bestätigt Update am Such- und Ranking-Algorithmus
Paired with a Good Algorithm, a Smartphone Camera Might Detect Heart Disease
AI is discovering new alloys faster than humans ever could
Five questions about the "Westworld" robots from an AI writer
Grasshopper: Neue Google-App lehrt Programmieren
How Fast Is AI Progressing? Stanford's New Report Card for Artificial Intelligence
Alibaba is developing its own AI chips, too
China's largest smartphone maker is working on an A.I. that reads emotions
Beware! Medical AI systems are easy targets for fraud and error
McKinsey's latest AI research predicts it could create trillions worth of value
A.I. Researchers Are Making More Than $1 Million, Even at a Nonprofit
Palantir Knows Everything About You
Machine-learning system processes sounds like humans do
China's children are its secret weapon in the global AI arms race
Robots Continue Attempting to Master Ikea Furniture Assembly
Processing sequences using convolutional neural networks
Artificial intelligence can scour code to find accidentally public passwords
Artificial Intelligence?-?The Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet
Alphabet's Eric Schmidt says Silicon Valley will need 'AI principles'
With this tool, AI could identify new malware as readily as it recognizes cats
Google's new tool answers your questions by reading thousands of books
Machine Learning's 'Amazing' Ability to Predict Chaos
A 'Master Algorithm' may emerge sooner than you think
Google's New AI Head is so smart he doesn't need AI
A new way to automatically build road maps from aerial images
Meet the electric/autonomous vehicle ETF
AI engine can finger fakes on social networks
You Can Learn About AI and Deep Learning with This Extensive eBook Bundle
Facebook seeks facial recognition consent in EU and Canada
What's the Value of AI Events and Consulting?
Will Doctors Fear Being Replaced by AI in the Hospital Settling?
US army boffins use AI to spot faces in the dark
Microsoft has given up 'significant sales' over concerns
Alibaba is developing its own driverless cars
U.K. Facial Recognition Startup May Help Brexit's Irish Border Problem
The Lebowski Theorem of machine superintelligence
Alice In Putin's Wonderland: How Russia's AI Assistant Compares To Siri And Alexa
Alexa Is a Revelation for the Blind
UK lawmakers want to bring good old British decorum to the AI industry
Google's latest AI experiments let you talk to books and test word association skills
Aether is developing a from-CT scan organ 3D printing AI system
Regulate artificial intelligence to avert cyber arms race
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Innovation
Facebook facial recognition faces class-action suit
Elon Musk admits humans are sometimes superior to robots
Facebook is using AI to predict users' future behavior
Robots have been taking our jobs for 50 years, so why are we worried?
Facial recognition tech catches fugitive in huge crowd at concert in China
China's new autonomous-vehicle rules let any of its cities test robo-cars
Watch artificial intelligence create a 3D model of a person
Scientists teach computers how to analyze brain cells
Deep Learning: A Superhuman Way to Look at Cells
FDA approves AI-powered diagnostic that doesn't need a doctor's help
Three problems with Facebook's plan to kill hate speech using AI
This AI thinks like a dog
China's Built a Road So Smart It Will Be Able to Charge Your Car
Shhh ... Alexa might be listening
New Target for China's Censors: Content Driven by Artificial Intelligence
AI companies spot a business opportunity in space
Mark Zuckerberg just gave a timeline for detecting internet hate speech
Sony's new robot dog Aibo barks, does tricks and charms animal lovers
The US military desperately wants to weaponize AI
The First 'Killer Robot' Was Around Back in 1979
Children shouldn't learn to code. Ultimately, machines will be better
TAL Education uses artificial intelligence to improve online tutoring
California may soon allow passengers in driverless cars
Could artificial intelligence get depressed and have hallucinations?
The world's most valuable AI startup is ... yep, Chinese
'Do You Trust This Computer' Is a Documentary That Taught Me Nothing About AI
Machine learning could help search for gravitational waves
Elon Musk says humans could end up ruled by an immortal AI dictator
Tutorial - foundations of machine learning and data science for developers
A New AI That Detects "Deception" May Bring an End to Lying as We Know It
Mitsubishi Tests AI Engineer for Thermal Power Plants
People must retain control of autonomous vehicles
Studie: Roboter bedrohen Jobs in Deutschland stärker
Graph2Seq: Graph to Sequence Learning with Attention-based Neural Networks
Soccer and Machine Learning: Two hot topics for 2018
Elon Musk Just Issued a Nightmarish Warning
Why AI isn't going to solve Facebook's fake news problem
A Startup Media Site Says AI Can Take Bias Out of News
OpenAI challenges you to beat 1990s classic Sonic the Hedgehog wants to do for machine learning what GitHub did for code
When Will Alexa Know Everything?
Google turns to users to improve its AI chops outside the US
Aiming to fill skill gaps in AI, Microsoft makes training courses available to the public
Roboter schaffen mehr Jobs, als sie vernichten
Why we have the ethics of self-driving cars all wrong
We can train AI to identify good and evil, and then use it to teach us morality
Machine Learning Yearning
Can Macron relaunch Artificial Intelligence in France?
In AI, Russia Is Hustling to Catch Up
How artificial intelligence and data add value to businesses
China has a new plan to create an army of AI researchers
Changes in housekeeping functions drive stem cell differentiation
Flexible Brain-Machine Interface
A neural network that keeps seeing art where we see mundane objects
Samantha's suffering: why sex machines should have rights too
Artificial Intelligence Could Soon Enhance Real-Time Police Surveillance
AI Experts Are Boycotting a Top University Over Research on Killer Robots
The High-Definition, Artificially Intelligent, All-Seeing Future of Big Data Policing
Chinese self-driving truck start-up to roll out unmanned port logistics services
A Chinese hospital is betting big on artificial intelligence to treat patients
'Cow Fitbits' and artificial intelligence are coming to the dairy farm
Microsoft touts breakthrough in making chatbots more conversational
The Future is Now for Self-Driving Car Subscriptions
AI Engineers must open their designs to Democratic Control
Artificial Intelligence Could Soon Enhance Real-Time Police Surveillance
'Do You Trust This Computer?' Trailer
Big organizations may like killer robots, but workers and researchers sure don't
Goldman Sachs made a big hire from Amazon to lead its artificial-intelligence efforts
Emmanuel Macron talks to Wired about France's AI Strategy
Recommendations on Machine-Learned Automated Decision Making
Fundamentals of Robotics
Trusting Artificial Intelligence
Sam Harris & Steve Jurvetson - The Future of Artificial Intelligence
You can now donate to charity by asking Amazon's Alexa to send money
Rise of the smartish machines
Lawyers Flip Out That Photos Taken By AI May Be Public Domain
Dungeons and Dragons, not chess and Go: why AI needs roleplay
Aiming to fill skill gaps in AI, Microsoft makes training courses available to the public
Military documents reveal how the US Army plans to deploy AI in future wars
Noodle on this: Machine learning that can identify ramen by shop
This Is What Robots Think Nudes Are
How Not to Order Water from a Robot Waiter
Only 14 percent of the world has to worry about robots taking their jobs (... yay?)
How Applied Artificial Intelligence is Changing Society, Enterprise, and People
What Industries Will Adopt Voice-Related AI Applications First?
Is Artificial Intelligence for Small Business?
California Welcomes Zero Unmanned Self-Driving Cars
Machine Behavior Needs to Be an Academic Discipline
Tesla Says Autopilot Was On Before Fatal Model X Crash
For a meaningful Artificial Intelligence
France, Germany under fire for failing to back 'killer robots' ban
How a Machine That Can Make Anything Would Change Everything
New HP Z8 is "World's Most Powerful Workstation"
An algorithm wrote a new Harry Potter chapter
China wants to make the chips that will add AI to any gadget
Unpacking the AI-Productivity Paradox
Algorithms are making American inequality worse
NLP - Building a Question Answering model
Inside the Chinese lab that plans to rewire the world with AI
President of France Emmanuel Macron Talks About Nation's New AI Strategy
Non-Tech Businesses Are Beginning To Use AI at Scale
Uber settled with the family of its autonomous-car crash victim
Seven steps to master Machine Learning with python
Google's AI Has Learned to Become "Highly Aggressive" in Stressful Situations
Denosing Lung CT Scans using Neural Networks with Interactive Code
The malicious uses of AI: Why it's urgent to prepare now
Two Ways to Implement LSTM Network using Python - with TensorFlow and Keras
Topic Modeling with Gensim (Python)
Emmanuel Macron talks to Wired about France's AI Strategy
AI can invent new ways to create complex molecules
Why self-driving cars must become the ultimate defensive drivers
China hopes to build the chips that will control millions of driverless cars
AI-driven unemployment in Hong Kong can be offset by a tax
Microsoft is launching a huge reorganization to focus on AI and the cloud
The Wired Brain: How not to talk about an AI-powered future
Deep Learning Book Notes: Numerical Computation Part 1
Structured Deep Learning
Why robots could replace teachers as soon as 2027
Blockchain will make AI smarter by feeding it better data
Matthew Botvinick, DeepMind: Meta-learning in brains and machines
Google's TensorFlow AI framework adds Swift and JavaScript support
Is It Illegal to Trick a Robot?
A peek into Genetic Algorithms
What will our society look like when Artificial Intelligence is everywhere?

April 2018: Quantum Computing
Quantum Recap for April 2018
Serious quantum computers are finally here. What are we going to do with them?
New Quantum Physics Level Unlocked: Controllable Qubits
Quantum Infrastructure: How Close are we to Quantum Devices?
The quantum internet is already being built
Quantum mechanics could solve cryptography's random number problem
Observation of Entangled States of a Fully Controlled 20-Qubit System
How Close are we to Quantum Infrastructure? An Introduction
Microsoft inches closer to commercially-viable quantum computing

April 2018: Other Non-Standard Approaches to Computing
IBM's New Computer Is the Size of a Grain of Salt and Costs Less Than 10 Cents
Entire music album to be stored on DNA
Using open source designs to create more specialized chips
Photonic communication comes to computer chips
Scientists brings photonic communication to computer chips
Apple Plans to Use Its Own Chips in Macs From 2020, Replacing Intel
Apple schmeißt Intel raus: Macs sollen ab 2020 eigene Chips bekommen
Some of tech's biggest firms hope to save money with open-source chip designs
Open Source RISC V Processor Gets Support

May 2018: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
How artificial intelligence is transforming the world
Time To Put More Thought Into Artificial Intelligence
China turns to Robotic Policing
Convolutional neural networks for seizure prediction
How to install Tensorflow GPU with CUDA 9.2 for python on Ubuntu
Nvidia debuts cloud server platform to unify AI and high-performance computing
The Information Theory of Deep Neural Networks: The statistical physics aspects
A modified Artificial Bee Colony algorithm to solve Clustering problems
Deep Learning: Advanced Computer Vision
General AI should have universal human rights
A 21-year-old Swedish AI prodigy wants to revolutionize the education industry
New algorithm predicts life expectancy after heart failure
A neural network for intermale aggression to establish social hierarchy
Driverless Technology, Not Just Automobiles
AI footstep recognition system could be used for airport security
Ten Real-World Examples of Machine Learning and AI
The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity
Hello World Canada: The Rise of AI
Pioneers'18 Closes With First Official Tech Conference Theme Tune Composed by AI
Markov Chains in Python: Beginner Tutorial
The head of the National Cancer Institute on hopes for AI
Can you handle the tooth? AI helps dentists design fake gnashers
MIT's Super-Efficient Dispatching Algorithm Minimizes a City's Taxi Fleet
Few rules govern police use of facial-recognition technology
Will AI Ever Become Conscious?
Google and Coursera launch a new machine learning specialization
How a Pioneer of Machine Learning Became One of Its Sharpest Critics
Inside the training camp where Google shares its A.I. secrets
Roundup Of Machine Learning Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2018
This DeepMind AI Spontaneously Developed Digital Navigation ‘Neurons' Like Ours
Artificial intelligence is learning to see in the dark
The UK wants to build a cancer-diagnosing AI to save lives
Why we must learn to trust AI
Drollige Roboter werden uns eines Tages versklaven
Self-driving cars are useless without specialized maps
This Man Is the Godfather the AI Community Wants to Forget
Managing Machine Learning Workflows with Scikit-learn Pipelines
Did Google Fake Its Duplex AI Demo?
Google pushes artificial intelligence for upgraded news app
Forget the space race, the AI race is just beginning
Carnegie Mellon is set to offer the first undergrad AI degree in the US
AI program gets really good at navigation by developing a brain-like GPS system
India has an AI plan - but it's a long way from catching up with China and the US
Neural Lace and Deep Learning
Walmart has patented autonomous robot bees
Top 5: Tips for using AI in your business
Interview with AI Expert Prof. Frank Rudzicz
The mostly complete chart of Neural Networks, explained
AI Can't Reason Why
This Meditation App Uses Machine Learning to Help You De-Stress
Why are we teaching AI and machines to become like humans
Drones That Kill on Their Own: Will Artificial Intelligence Reach the Battlefield?
Gesellschaftliche Auswirkungen von künstlicher Intelligenz
Robot U: The First American A.I. Undergrad Program is Here
European AI Startups: Apply now for a chance to win $100,000
Powering the Robotic Future
Deep Learning with Ensembles of Neocortical Microcircuits
Sex robots are coming. We might even fall in love with them
Pretty sure Google's new talking AI just beat the Turing test
Google's extremely human-sounding phone-call-making AI
How artificial intelligence is shaping religion in the 21st century
The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI
AI recreates activity patterns that brain cells use in navigation
In a first, you'll be able to major in artificial intelligence at CMU
AI program gets really good at navigation by developing a brain-like GPS system
The Future of Fishing Is Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Here's how the US needs to prepare for the age of artificial intelligence
The president of France is promoting AI, European style
China wants to shape the global future of artificial intelligence
A new AI task force will protect workers and keep America first
Linking single-molecule experiments with molecular dynamics simulations
New Google AI Division Differs From Microsoft AI Approach
Particle physicists turn to AI to cope with CERN's collision deluge
Pilot Study Validates Artificial Intelligence to Help Predict School Violence

May 2018: Quantum Computing
How Close Are We - Really - to Building a Quantum Computer?
Scientists Successfully Control Atom Position and Entanglement
IBM: Quantencomputer werden bald jede Verschlüsselung knacken
IBM warns of instant breaking of encryption by quantum computers

May 2018: Other Non-Standard Approaches to Computing
ASUS announces a motherboard just for crypto-mining
Light could make semiconductor computers a million times faster

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