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Genycs Magazine!

Welcome to the third issue of Genycs Magazine, the official magazine of the "Generation Y Computer Scientists" group at Facebook.

As the name of the group says, "Generation Y Computer Scientists" is supposed to connect people into computer science (programmers, managers, designers, researchers, etc.) who were born between the years 1980 and 2000. Genycs Magazine is released as a diskmag edition and as an online edition, and it is available from the official website:


I must say that I am a bit disappointed at the lack of feedback I have received on the magazine thus far and also that I am the only author of articles. Back in 1996, when I founded Hugi, we already had seven authors in the first issue, and the number of authors per issue grew beyond twenty soon. It seems that times have changed and people have become reluctant to write or get their things published. Due to the lack of feedback I am not even sure if this magazine actually has a lot of readers. In any case, it cannot be even remotely compared to Hugi in terms of success.

Still I am planning to release a fourth issue in August, and then we will see if there will perhaps even be a fifth, sixth, seventh,... issue. Of course I would be happy about feedback and articles. Don't worry about spelling and grammar, I will proofread the articles anyway.

Claus Volko