Welcome to
Genycs Magazine!

Welcome to the second issue of Genycs Magazine, the official magazine of the "Generation Y Computer Scientists" group at Facebook.

While I was originally aiming for three releases per year, the first issue having been released in February 2018, I have decided that the second issue is already well advanced enough to be published now, in April 2018. This means that probably the third issue will follow in June 2018. Whether the magazine will be continued after issue three, depends on the feedback. Is the magazine interesting? Do you enjoy reading it? Please tell me.

As the name of the group says, "Generation Y Computer Scientists" is supposed to connect people into computer science (programmers, managers, designers, researchers, etc.) who were born between the years 1980 and 2000. Genycs Magazine is released as a diskmag edition and as an online edition, and it is available from the official website:


Claus Volko