Greatest Geniuses of All Times

January 25th, 2018 - Update: February 1st, 2018

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This list has been compiled by Claus D. Volko. It is a subjective list, listing the thinkers and intellectuals that have influenced Claus' own way of thinking the most.

# Name Country of Birth Profession Known for
1 Carl Gustav Jung Switzerland Psychiatrist Jungian Personality Theory
2 Karl Raimund Popper Austria Philosopher Critical Rationalism, Open Society
3 Immanuel Kant Germany Philosopher Categorial Imperative
4 John von Neumann Hungary Mathematician Von Neumann Architecture
5 Alan Turing United Kingdom Mathematician Turing Machines
6 Kurt Gödel Austria Mathematician Incompleteness Theorems
7 Charles Darwin United Kingdom Biologist Theory of Evolution
8 Isaac Newton United Kingdom Physicist Theory of Gravity, Calculus
9 Niels Bohr Denmark Physicist Bohr Model
10 Albert Einstein Germany Physicist General Theory of Relativity
11 Nicolaus Copernicus Poland Astronomer Heliocentrism
12 Johannes Kepler Austria Astronomer Laws of Planetary Motion
13 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Germany Philosopher Mathesis universalis
14 Rudolf Virchow Germany Pathologist Cellular Pathology
15 Sigmund Freud Austria Neurologist Psychoanalysis
16 Ludwig Boltzmann Austria Physicist Statistical Mechanics
17 Erwin Schrödinger Austria Physicist Wave Equation
18 Werner Heisenberg Germany Physicist Uncertainty Principle
19 Gregor Mendel Austria Biologist Mendelian Inheritance
20 Carl Menger Austria Economist Austrian School
21 Ludwig von Mises Austria Economist Praxeology
22 Leonardo da Vinci Italy Polymath Mechanical Engineering
23 Galileo Galilei Italy Polymath Modern Physics
24 Aristotle Greece Philosopher Empiricism, Logic
25 Plato Greece Philosopher Epistemology, Political Philosophy
26 Socrates Greece Philosopher Foundation of Philosophy
27 Marie Curie Sklodowska Poland Physicist Discovery of Radium
28 Tycho Brahe Denmark Astronomer Astronomical Discoveries
29 Robert Koch Germany Microbiologist Koch's Postulates
30 Paul Ehrlich Germany Physician Contributions to Immunology
31 Edward Jenner United Kingdom Physician Vaccination
32 Ralph Merkle * United States Computer Scientist Public-key Cryptography
33 Abraham Lempel * Poland Computer Scientist Lossless Data Compression
34 Geoffrey Hinton * United Kingdom Computer Scientist Deep Learning
35 Tony Hoare * United Kingdom Computer Scientist Quicksort Algorithm
36 Edsger Dijkstra Netherlands Computer Scientist Various Algorithms
37 Archimedes of Syracuse Greece Inventor Various Inventions
38 Thomas Alva Edison United States Inventor Various Inventions
39 Nikola Tesla Austria Inventor Alternating Current
40 Oswald T. Avery Jr. Canada Physician Molecular Genetics
41 Wilhelm C. Röntgen Germany Physicist X-rays
42 Ray Kurzweil * United States Inventor Speech Recognition
43 Hamilton Smith * United States Microbiologist Shotgun Sequencing
44 John Craig Venter * United States Biochemist Shotgun Sequencing
45 Emmanuelle Charpentier * France Microbiologist CRISPR/Cas9
46 Jennifer Doudna * United States Biochemist CRISPR/Cas9
47 Noam Chomsky * United States Linguist Chomsky Hierarchy
48 Euclid Greece Mathematician Euclidean Geometry
49 Leonhard Euler Switzerland Mathematician Various Contributions
50 Thales of Miletius Greece Mathematician Various Contributions
51 Pythagoras of Samos Greece Mathematician Pythagorean Theorem
52 Carl Friedrich Gauss Germany Mathematician Various Contributions
53 Daniel Bernoulli Switzerland Mathematician Bernoulli's Principle
54 Jacob Bernoulli Switzerland Mathematician Various Contributions
55 George Boole United Kingdom Mathematician Boolean Algebra
56 Gottlob Frege Germany Mathematician Begriffsschrift
57 Konrad Zuse Germany Inventor Z3
58 Ignaz Semmelweis Hungary Physician Saviour of Mothers
59 Richard Dawkins * British Kenya Biologist Selfish Gene
60 Tim Berners-Lee * United Kingdom Computer Scientist Hypertext Transfer Protocol
61 Mark Zuckerberg * United States Computer Scientist Facebook
62 Shigeru Miyamoto * Japan Game Designer Nintendo Games
63 Sid Meier * Canada Game Designer Civilization
64 Francis Galton United Kingdom Polymath Heredity of Intelligence
65 Niccolo Machiavelli Italy Strategist Political Theory

* Living people at the time this list was assembled (2018)

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