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Claus the Web Junkie

Active, Regularly Updated Websites:

21st Century Headlines
A news aggregate about biomedical sciences, computer science, chemistry, physics and other "things that matter".

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare News
A news aggregate about AI.

Prudentia High IQ Society
A social club for people with an IQ of 140 or higher, with a great journal.

Irregularly Updated or Static Websites:

Hugi Magazine - Demoscene Diskmag
One of the world's best known magazines about the demoscene and computer art.

Web Portal on Computational Biology
A review of a few dozen papers on computational biology and artificial life.

European Personality Assessment
A personality test based on my own "Volko Personality Patterns".

Generation Y Computer Scientists
A magazine targeted at young programmers.

MathSIG - Eine Interessensgruppe über Mathematik
A couple of issues of a small magazine that dealt with mathematics and theoretical computer science, in German.

In memoriam Dr. Uwe Rohr
A website dedicated to my late friend and mentor, together with whom I wrote several scientific papers.

Antimarxistische Psychotherapie
A website that tries to help people who have been exposed to Marxist teachers.

My Weblogs:

Claus D. Volko - Politik/Politics
A bilingual (German/English) weblog about politics and my political activities.

Claus D. Volko
My personal weblog, dealing with topics such as intellectual giftedness, the society in Austria, my life experiences, etc.

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