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I was born in 1983, which makes me belong to Generation Y, also known as Digital Natives - the first generation that grew up with computers and the Internet. In fact I got Internet access when I was 14, but I have used computers far longer than that, starting before my sixth birthday. Before I was 14, I already programmed with BASIC on C64, QBasic on PC, x86 Assembler, and C. For this reason a friend of mine has said I actually don't belong to Generation Y, but to Generation X - I'm a late-born member of Generation X.

I'd say that the dominant trait of my personality is creativity. This already became obvious before I got into computers, when I filled books with cartoon-like pictures. However, as I have no talent for visual arts, I soon abandoned this hobby of mine. I also composed music and was better at this than at drawing, but still far from professional level. The only two things I'm really good at are writing and programming. Starting with elementary school age these were the two activities I hence pursued the most.

At school I loved writing essays. While I was also good at mathematics, solving mathematical tasks isn't a creative activity and so it was more of a chore for me. Regarding the acquisition of knowledge, I saw no value in doing so just for the sake of it in my youth. My motivation to study was primarily to get a better understanding of the world. In fact I'm really bad at memorizing texts word by word. Nevertheless I studied at university, where I had to acquire a lot of knowledge from textbooks, and successfully completed degrees in medicine, medical informatics and computational intelligence. An acquaintance of mine, an elderly man of American origin who read a lot of literature and technical reports in his life, once said that I was "somewhat erudite". This may be true, but I don't take pride in being "erudite". It is a facet of my personality of minor importance.

A hobby of mine starting with age 18 was also intelligence testing. I have a Venus Score of 492, which puts me into the "exceptionally gifted" range; only 1 in 100,000 people is supposed to score as high as I do or even higher. So obviously I'm not the dumbest fellow around. Yet I believe that intelligence without creativity is not valuable, and I take more pride in being creative than in being intelligent.

In my childhood and teenage years my favourite video game was "Shining Force 2" for the Sega Mega Drive. Since 2007 I have been playing mostly "Civilization IV - Beyond the Sword".


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