Austrian Software Engineer, Medical Scientist & Creative Theorist

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My Projects:

21st Century Headlines
A news aggregate about biomedical sciences, computer science, chemistry, physics and other "things that matter".

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare News
A news aggregate about AI.

Web Portal on Computational Biology
A review of a few dozen papers on computational biology and artificial life.

Valuable Online Resources for the Cognitive Elite
A website mostly about non-mainstream psychology.

Prudentia High IQ Society
A social club for people with an IQ of 140 or higher, with a great journal.

European Personality Assessment
A personality test based on my own "Volko Personality Patterns".

Hugi Magazine - Demoscene Diskmag
One of the world's best known magazines about the demoscene and computer art.

Generation Y Computer Scientists
A magazine targeted at young programmers.

MathSIG - Eine Interessensgruppe über Mathematik
A couple of issues of a small magazine that dealt with mathematics and theoretical computer science, in German.

In memoriam Dr. Uwe Rohr
A website dedicated to my late friend and mentor, together with whom I wrote several scientific papers.

Antimarxistische Psychotherapie
A website that tries to help people who have been exposed to Marxist teachers.

My Weblogs:

Claus D. Volko - Politik/Politics
A bilingual (German/English) weblog about politics and my political activities.

Claus D. Volko
My personal weblog, dealing with topics such as intellectual giftedness, the society in Austria, my life experiences, etc.


My name is Claus D. Volko, I was born in 1983 and I am an Austrian software engineer specializing in algorithm design, code optimization and creative problem solving. I hold university degrees in medicine, medical informatics and computational intelligence and am a published author in endocrinology, immunology, oncology and psychiatry. I mainly develop software for computational physics and my primary programming language of choice is C#.

I grew up with computers. I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, when I was 5 years old, about a week before I entered primary school. I discovered the demoscene when I was 11 years old. I was generally regarded by my fellow Austrians as a "clever" boy, but my fellow Austrians were a bit clueless what "cleverness" means. Most of my teachers thought: "This Claus boy is so clever because he is very interested in everything and because he spends day and night studying and reading books. A true intellectual. I am sure he will become a great professor one day and win the Nobel Prize, like Einstein." In reality I was spending most of my day with computers.

When I graduated from high school, my father insisted that I study medicine and become a doctor. After three years at medical school, I made use of the peculiarity of the Austrian educational system that you can enrol in as many study programmes in parallel as you want, and started studying computer science in parallel. Eventually, I graduated as a Doctor of Medicine with a Master's degree in computational intelligence.

My main interests lie with creative computing, that is how to use computers for creative purposes such as creative writing, game development, and art. I edited a diskmag for many years, created a couple of computer games of my own and also made several tiny intros.

Besides, I am highly interested in metaphysics, epistemology, the philosophy of science, cognition and personality, political philosophy and futurology.

Another field of interest of mine is (bio)chemistry.

My fields of expertise which I mostly deal with in a professional or semi-professional fashion nowadays are:


I have recently written up this summary of my (IMHO) greatest accomplishments so far for a high IQ society I have joined and decided that it would be a good idea to post this here as well.

Claus Volko

172 sd15 on the ENNDT I.Q. Test

160 sd15 on the Fiqure I.Q. Test

Founder and President of Prudentia High IQ Society

Member of Global Genius Generation Group
Member of VeNuS High IQ Society
Member of Infinity International Society
Member of ISI-Society
(also a member of a couple of other IQ societies but these are the most important ones)

Academic degrees:
- Doctor of Medicine (Medical University of Vienna, 2013)
- Master of Science in Computational Intelligence (Vienna University of Technology, 2013)
- Bachelor of Science in Medical Informatics (Vienna University of Technology, 2008)

First Author of the Scientific Publication "Model approach for stress induced steroidal hormone cascade changes in severe mental diseases"

Inventor of "Symbiont Conversion Theory"

Inventor of "Volko Personality Patterns"

Designer of the "European Personality Assessment"

Designer of the "Volko Test of Deductive Reasoning"

Author of the essay "The Synthesis of Metaphysics and Jungian Personality Theory"

Author of the essay "Can the State of the Universe be Stored in a Computer?"
included in:


1983 - Born in Vienna, Austria, Europe.
1989 - Short before enrolling at elementary school, got my first computer (a Commodore 64).
1992 - Started teaching myself to program computers.
1993 - Enrolled at high school ("Goethe-Gymnasium").
1994 - First publication in a commercially distributed computer magazine (SEGA Magazin).
1995 - Started writing for the PC-Heimwerker magazine on a regular basis. Wrote The Real Adok's Way to QBASIC, a beginner's course on the QBasic programming language, which is still popular in the German-speaking countries even twenty years after its first publication (see Wikiversity).
1996 - Became co-editor of a diskmag (Hugendubelexpress).
1997 - Participated in "7. Wiener Mathematik- und Denksportwettbewerb" (a mathematics contest) and placed second (out of 149 participants).
1998 - Participated in Pain Coding Contest (an x86 Assembler size-optimizing contest) and placed first (out of 23 participants from various European countries). Subsequently started organizing my own Hugi Size Coding Competition Series. Became sole main editor of Hugi Magazine and made the diskmag quickly climb the very top of the diskmag charts of the international PC demoscene.
2000 - Attended my first demoparty (Fiasko, Czech Republic).
2001 - Graduated from high school with highest honors. Subsequently enrolled at the University of Vienna Medical School. Also, published the book "Physik verstehen - Zusammenhänge erkennen statt auswendig lernen".
2002 - Joined Club Biotech.
2004 - Enrolled at the Vienna University of Technology to study medical informatics.
2008 - Graduated from the Vienna University of Technology with a Bachelor's degree in medical informatics.
2011 - Enrolled at the Vienna University of Technology to study computational intelligence and became President of Club Biotech.
2012 - Published my book Enzyklopädie der Diskmags.
2013 - Graduated from the Vienna University of Technology with a Master's degree in computational intelligence (passed with distinction) and from the Medical University of Vienna with a Doctor of Medicine degree. Also, participated in the Equally Normed Numerical Derivation Test and reached the third place (out of 86 participants from all over the world).
2014 - Started working as a software engineer in computational physics. Also, published my first papers in scientific journals, together with Dr. Uwe Rohr.
2015 - Founded the website 21st Century Headlines.
2016 - Released the final version of my tactical role-playing game Mega Force.
2017 - Founded the Web Portal on Computational Biology.
2018 - Founded Prudentia High IQ Society. Published the essays "Symbiont Conversion Theory" and "The Synthesis of Metaphysics and Jungian Personality Theory" containing highly original thoughts and ideas. Invented "Volko Personality Patterns" and started a website with a personality test based on these patterns.
2019 - Released my first demo ("Ruky hore") at the Demobit 2019 festival in Bratislava, Slovakia.


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The central server where nearly every demoscene release is hosted.
A comprehensive database of demoscene artists and productions.
A website about the creation of 1k, 4k and 8k demoscene intros.
A website about the creation of tiny programs.
The personal weblog of Bill Gates, who happens to be not only an outstanding entrepreneur but also an excellent writer with interesting topics.
The ryg blog - a very good and educational weblog about mathematics and computer science.
One of the best tech news sites.
Another good tech news site.
Huge collection of Simulation and Gaming Software Development Tools and Languages.

Together with Dr. Uwe Rohr and Prof. Dr. Adolf Schindler.


For any questions feel free to contact Claus D. Volko at cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com.

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