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Claus D. Volko: Die Geschichte des Aronass (Book, 2021)
A short novel in German language about a boy who is supposed to be sacrificed to the gods.

Claus D. Volko: Symbiont Conversion Theory (2018)
The paper that introduces a generalization of the "Modify and Repair" paradigm. Also read the publications I co-authored with Uwe Rohr:

Claus D. Volko: The Synthesis of Metaphysics and Jungian Personality Theory (2018)
The paper that explains what sleep is and why there is a life after death.

Claus D. Volko: Kausalzyklen - Kann die Welt so erklärt werden? (2017)
The paper that deals with the question "infinity vs. eternity".

The Universe as Automaton
This series consists of the two following papers:

Claus D. Volko: Enzyklopädie der Diskmags (Book, 2012)
The book that presents facts about the diskmags of the demoscene.

Claus D. Volko: Physik verstehen - Zusammenhänge erkennen statt auswendig lernen (Book, 2001)
The book that explains what medical physics is all about.

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About Claus D. Volko

I was born in Vienna in October 1983 and am a computer programmer by profession. In 1989 I got my first computer, a Commodore 64. After that I spent most of my free time reading computer magazines and making up my own computer games. In 1992 I started to teach myself programming in BASIC with the help of magazines and books. In 1996 I became a regular writer for PC-Heimwerker, wrote the course "The Real Adok's Way to QBASIC" and became editor of my own magazine Hugi. In 1998 I won the "Pain Size Coding Contest" (an x86 assembler programming contest) and then started organizing my own contests of this kind (Hugi Size Coding Competition).

After studying medicine, medical informatics and computational intelligence, I started working for the Kornicki company as a software developer. Among other things, I was responsible for the further development of the thermal bridge calculation program AnTherm. Under my leadership, the input of oblique and circular elements was simplified, and I developed my own Mesh Voxelizer for the import of 3D drawings created with Revit. Later, I hired on at TeDaLoS and developed some worker services.

I consider myself a highly educated person, interested in science and art, actively trying to enrich people's cultural life. In my spare time I created several demos, intros, computer games, short stories, a novel and some scientific papers.

I enjoy solving logical riddles and intelligence tests for fun. My top three intelligence test performances are 172 on ENNDT, 162 on Silent Eagle and 160 on Fiqure. On a psychologist-administered test I scored 145. I believe my real IQ is 152. I am the Founder and President of Prudentia High IQ Society and a member of many more high IQ societies, the most selective one being Global Genius Generation Group.


For any questions feel free to contact Claus D. Volko at cdvolko (at) gmail (dot) com.


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