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Claus D. Volko: Die Geschichte des Aronass (Book, 2021)
A short novel in German language about a boy who is supposed to be sacrificed to the gods.

Claus D. Volko: Symbiont Conversion Theory (2018)
The paper that introduces a generalization of the "Modify and Repair" paradigm. Also read the publications I co-authored with Uwe Rohr:

Claus D. Volko: The Synthesis of Metaphysics and Jungian Personality Theory (2018)
The paper that explains what sleep is and why there is a life after death.

The Universe as Automaton
This series consists of the two following papers:

Claus D. Volko: Physik verstehen - Zusammenhänge erkennen statt auswendig lernen (Book, 2001)
The book that explains what medical physics is all about.

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About Claus D. Volko

Claus D. Volko, born in 1983, is an independent scholar, novelist, computer artist, and game developer. He is one of the few Austrian members of the computer demoscene, a worldwide computer art movement in which he is also known as Adok, the main editor of the Hugi Magazine. He completed university degrees in medicine, medical informatics and computational intelligence. Moreover, he is the founder of Prudentia High IQ Society and the maintainer of 21st Century Headlines and the Web Portal on Computational Biology.


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