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On the person of Josif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, called Stalin - A character study

Stalin was an excellent student, but his sociopathic character was already apparent at that time - he tyrannized and terrorized his fellow students. As a student, Stalin was very well read and was mainly interested in revolutionary writings. This ultimately led to him neglecting his actual studies and finally having to give up. For the Bolsheviks under Lenin, he distinguished himself as the organizer of various actions.

After Stalin had become secretary general of the CPSU, he systematically eliminated anyone who could be dangerous to him, including all of his "friends" and companions. It was enough if Stalin had doubts about the unconditional loyalty of a function - that could already mean the death sentence for that function. It means that not a single Soviet family remained without victims. Yet many of today's Russians worship their Stalin because he was such a strong leader and could hold on to power until his natural death. They also attribute the victory in the Great Patriotic War to him.

Stalin is the actual founder of the Marxist-Leninist doctrine - this was his own name for the political philosophy he actively implemented.

Claus Volko, MD MSc

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