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On the person of Karl Marx - A character study

Like most socialist theorists, Karl Marx did not come from a simple working class family, but from a wealthy, privileged, bourgeois household. He was a very good student and enrolled at the university after graduating from high school. Even as a student, he attracted attention with expressions of sympathy for revolutionary endeavors. This made him a real eye-catcher with important personalities whose favour for a university career would have been of enormous importance. Thus, he was unable to habilitate and become a professor, and was forced to make a living as a journalist. A marriage to a rich woman from a very good, noble family freed him from financial worries for a time, but at some point his wife's resources ran out. It is said that the children of the Marx family grew up under hereditary conditions and suffered from hunger.

However, Marx probably also received financial support from his best friend, the industrialist Friedrich Engels, with whom he corresponded mainly by letter. Karl Marx was a pure theoretician who developed his ideas primarily in correspondence with Engels. He, on the other hand, saw himself as being neither in a position to lead a political organization or party nor to carry out political activities (such as instigating an uprising). His writings, however, were already enough to finally make fun of the German authorities. That is why Marx was forced to spend many years of his life in Western European exile.

All in all, Marx was an ambitious theorist who wanted to change the world but failed in life because he didn't learn in time when it was better to shut up.

Claus Volko, MD MSc

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