Antimarxistische Psychotherapie

Educational concept - basic principles

If one thinks about how the education system should be changed, or even how one intends to develop a completely new educational concept, there are, in my opinion, three principles that must be adhered to:

1. Every person is different.

2. It is problematic to divide people into "higher" and "inferior", not only because it contradicts liberal principles, but also because I find it impossible to define comprehensive criteria for objectively assessing a person's "value".

3. The view that any human being is "superfluous" or "useless" or that it would even be better if it did not exist is clearly to be rejected.

A discussion about an educational concept that disregards at least one of these three points is unnecessary.

Incidentally, I find it worrying if some people think that only "experts" (for example, in this case: people with a doctorate in educational science) have the right to publish wise thoughts. If someone has thought wisely, he should also be allowed to publish about it, no matter who he may be.

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. med. univ. Claus Volko

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