Antimarxist Psychotherapy

The Frankfurt School

After the Second World War some philosophers worked in West Germany who originally came from Germany, but then lived for a while in the United States and finally returned to Germany. These scholars had a great influence on the students of the 1960s ("68 generation"). One of them was Theodor Adorno, another Max Horkheimer.

Adorno was originally a Marxist, but then made peace with the capitalist economic order and limited himself to broadening and deepening other aspects of Marxist thinking. The result was a new ideology, the so-called Frankfurt School, to which Jürgen Habermas also belongs.

The ideas of "political correctness", anti-racism, antisexism and the gender concept can all be traced back to Adorno and his companions.

What is striking is that many universities in the German-speaking world are now obliged to offer courses in "Gender Studies" if they have decided to study the humanities.

Claus Volko, MD MSc

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