21st Century Headlines - Things That Matter


My name is Claus Volko. I am a software engineer who studied computer science and medicine at university, and has many years of experience editing a magazine that was supposed to provide its readers with a thorough overview of the computer art (demo) scene.

After graduating from university, I felt that the Internet was lacking a website that really covered everything that was going on in modern-day science, especially things that have the potential to change the world and life as we know it - "things that matter". So, in 2015, I decided to found such a website myself. This is it.

Basically this website is a news aggregate that does not have much original content but rather links to news items and articles published at other websites. Moreover, I write a review every year that covers the most important (to my mind) items from the past year.

Since I studied computer science and medicine, 21st Century Headlines focuses on news related to these branches of science, but it occasionally also links to news items about physics, chemistry and other branches.

The ten main subjects this website deals with are the following:

- Machine Learning, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence,
- Quantum Computing and Other Non-Standard Approaches to Computing,
- Molecular Biology, Genetics, Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine,
- Neuroscience and Brain Research,
- Psychiatry and Mental Health,
- Immunity and Infectious Diseases,
- Endocrinology and Hormones,
- Oncology and Cancer,
- Longevity and Aging,
- Nutrition and Metabolism.

To gather the news items, I visit dozens of science-related websites every day.

I hope that you will enjoy 21st Century Headlines.


Imprint: This website is owned by Claus Volko, Vienna, Austria. No liability is taken for the contents of any of the linked websites. http://www.cdvolko.net/