The Year 2023 In Review, by Claus D. Volko

November 9th, 2023

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Machine Learning, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

AI commemorated a big revolution in 2022 when ChatGPT was released. In 2023 the model was gradually improved and several more applications of AI explored, including applications in science. However, AI "godfather" Geoffrey Hinton quit his job at Google and issued a warning about the dangers of AI.

AI Discovers Drugs That May Disrupt Biotech and Pharma
Full interview: "Godfather of artificial intelligence" talks impact and potential of AI
The AI Interlude: Industry Leaders Call for a Moratorium on AI Development
The Key to a Precision Medicine Future: AI Plus Human Ingenuity
The intelligence explosion: Nick Bostrom on the future of AI
AI rediscovers Einstein's Time Dilation and Kepler's 3rd Law
‘Godfather of AI’ Geoffrey Hinton quits Google and warns over dangers of machine learning
Humanoide Roboter spielen Fußball mit fließenden Bewegungen
This AI-powered exoskeleton does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to
Generative AI Helps Design New Proteins
Spider-like robotic AI arms can be attached to and controlled by humans
For chemists, the AI revolution has yet to happen
AI passed an advertising Turing test for the first time
Scientists build a system that can generate AI models for biology research
Generative AI Helps Design New Proteins
AI predicts chemicals’ smells from their structures
Warum es weltweite Regulierungen für Künstliche Intelligenz braucht
The 10 Most Important AI Trends For 2024 Everyone Must Be Ready For Now
Kampf gegen Lungenkrankheiten: Nadel-Roboter fährt autonom durch Lunge
New AI algorithm can detect signs of life with 90% accuracy. Scientists want to send it to Mars
One hour of training is all you need to control a third robotic arm
AI-based algorithm uses "compressed evolution" to create functional robots
Can generative AI solve computer science’s greatest unsolved problem?
How AI and ML Will Affect Physics
Scientists begin building AI for scientific discovery using tech behind ChatGPT
KI erkennt gefährliche Schlafstörung
Human arm dynamics can help robots assemble satellites
In a 1st, AI neural network captures 'critical aspect of human intelligence'
Google AI Chief Says There’s a 50% Chance We’ll Hit AGI in Just 5 Years
What the evolution of our own brains can tell us about the future of AI

Quantum Computing and Other Non-Standard Approaches to Computing

There have been reports about Microsoft, Google and IBM working on new quantum computers. Some of them will even be commercial.

Jülich Quantum Computer Solves Protein Puzzle
New Swedish quantum computer to be made available to industry
China's Origin Quantum Delivers a Commercial 24-Qubit Quantum Computer
Physicists stored data in quantum holograms made of twisted light
Physicists Use Quantum Mechanics to Pull Energy out of Nothing
A new chip for decoding data transmissions demonstrates record-breaking energy efficiency
Microsoft spent millions to put together a supercomputer for OpenAI
Wie man Daten am Quantencomputer zuverlässig löscht
Quantum Computers Could Solve These Problems
Forscher der TU Wien messen paradoxes Quantenphänomen
A Sapphire Schrödinger’s Cat Shows That Quantum Effects Can Scale Up
Atom: Topological qubits will be one of the key ingredients in the Microsoft plan to bring a powerful, scalable quantum computing solution to the world
Strange quantum effect observed in unusually large object
MIT scientists innovate to create more powerful and denser computer chips
Quantum sensors will start a revolution — if we deploy them right
Microsoft expects to build a quantum supercomputer within 10 years
Microsoft claims to have achieved first milestone in creating a reliable and practical quantum computer
IBM wants to build a 100,000-qubit quantum computer
Quantum computer built by Google can instantly execute a task that would normally take 47 years
Fluxonium Qubit Retains Information For 1.43 Milliseconds — 10x Longer Than Before
Researchers advance topological superconductors for quantum computing
Move over AI, quantum computing will be the most powerful and worrying technology
How can quantum computers be better than classical computers?
Testing symmetry on quantum computers
Microchip Breakthrough Could Reshape Future of AI
Fastest ever semiconductor could massively speed up computer chips
1,000+ qubit quantum computer announced

Molecular Biology, Genetics, Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

A lot of research has been conducted in these fields, including alternatives to CRISPR.

She Studies Growing Arteries to Aid Heart Attack Recovery
Scientists regenerate kidneys to reverse diabetes damage in mice
Custom, 3D-printed heart replicas look and pump just like the real thing
A New Strategy for Repairing DNA Damage in Neurons
We can use stem cells to make embryos. How far should we go?
Scientists working to build biocomputers out of lab-grown "minibrains"
In a first, scientists create embryos in a lab from stem cells of monkey
Scientists Merge Biology and Technology by 3D Printing Electronics Inside Living Worms
Genetic Engineering 2.0: An On-Off Switch for Gene Editing
The Smallest-Ever Injectable Chip Hints at a New Cybernetic Medicine
Scientists Regenerate Hair Cells that Enable Hearing
First babies born after being conceived by robot
New cellular 'organelle' discovered inside fruit fly intestines
Newly discovered electrical activity within cells could change the way researchers think about biological chemistry
Forget designer babies. Here’s how CRISPR is really changing lives
Biggest ever study of primate genomes has surprises for humanity
DNA damage repaired by antioxidant enzymes
Could Octopuses Arm the Field of Therapeutic RNA Editing?
Japanische Forscher lassen Zähne nachwachsen
AI combined with CRISPR precisely controls gene expression
Researchers uncover a new CRISPR-like system in animals that can edit the human genome
This company plans to transplant gene-edited pig hearts into babies next year
Gensequenzierung macht Bluttransfusionen sicherer
KI bestimmt Risiko für genetische Erkrankungen
Artificial womb human trials may soon inch closer to reality
DeepMind is using AI to pinpoint the causes of genetic disease
Gelähmte Mäuse mit Gentherapie geheilt
Scientists Successfully Genetically Modify Individual Cells in Living Animals
An Owner's Guide to the Human Genome
Medizinnobelpreis für mRNA-Forscher
The end of genes: Routine test reveals unique divergence in genetic code
Researchers create a neural network for genomics that explains how it achieves accurate predictions
Moonshot effort aims to bioprint a human heart and implant it in a pig
Adding spider DNA to silkworms creates silk stronger than Kevlar
With first-in-human trial results, Intellia shows the world that gene editing has arrived
Thousands of programmable DNA-cutters found in algae, snails, and other organisms
In major test for eGenesis, gene-edited pig kidneys kept monkeys alive for more than two years
Team develops technique for building DNA-based programmable gate arrays
New DNA-Cutting Enzymes are Widespread in Nature & Work on Human Cells
Molecular engineers successfully create a working DNA 'nanomachine'
Scientists finally solve mystery of why Europeans have less Neanderthal DNA than East Asians
Researchers solve longstanding mystery about what protects proteins from degradation

Neuroscience and Brain Research

Progress has been made in brain imaging as well as Alzheimer research.

AI Identifies Rare Forms of Dementia
AI Finds Potential Biomarkers in Neurodegenerative Diseases
MIT Study May Explain How Adult Brains Create New Memories
A New Field of Neuroscience Aims to Map Connections in the Brain
Electricity flow in the human brain can be predicted using the simple maths of networks, new study reveals
Key memory receptors are located on interneurons, finds study
Brain images just got 64 million times sharper
Harvard Scientists Uncover New Strategy for Repairing DNA Damage in Neurons
Gehirn einer Maus, so scharf wie nie zuvor
Music to Your Ears and Brain: Long-Term Musical Training Can Keep Your Brain Young
Wearable Devices and EEG Under the Scalp Predict Seizures with Near-Perfect Accuracy
Brain activity decoder can reveal stories in people's minds
Scientists discover an “anxiety gene” in the brain — and a natural way to turn it off
'Raw' data show AI signals mirror how the brain listens and learns
Human brain cells transplanted into baby rats’ brains grow and form connections
Gut bacteria may hold the key to preventing Parkinson's disease, say Finnish scientists
Delighting in Others’ Downfall: The Neuroscience of Schadenfreude
Scientists Grow Bigger Monkey Brains Using Human Genes, Replicating Evolution
AI Able to Generate Video from Brain Activity
Gut-Brain Connection Illuminated
Unprecedented 3D Synapse Imaging to Combat Neurodegenerative Diseases
LIONESS enables 4D nanoscale reconstruction of living brain tissue
Brain Barrier Inflammation: A Stealthy Contributor to Multiple Sclerosis
Lab-Grown Human Brain Organoids Go Animal-Free
Early Odor Detection Loss Linked to Alzheimer’s Gene Variant
cGAS–STING drives ageing-related inflammation and neurodegeneration
Europe spent €600 million to recreate the human brain in a computer. How did it go?
BlueRock’s cell therapy shows early promise in Parkinson’s study
Podcast: Newly approved drug may slow progression of Alzheimer’s
Combination of neurotransmitters regulates attention span, shows study
Scientists Discover That the Genes for Learning and Memory Are 650 Million Years Old
The fundamental process behind memory has been captured live
Scientists reveal cellular changes unique to early Alzheimer’s disease
Scientists regenerate neurons that restore walking in mice after paralysis from spinal cord injury
Researchers “bioprint” living brain cell networks in the lab
Jellyfish Have No Brain But Are Able To Learn From Experience
Brain signals for good memory performance revealed
Alzheimer’s research breakthrough
Your brain finds it easy to size up four objects but not five — here’s why
Mensch hat mehr als 3000 verschiedene Hirnzelltypen
Scientists discover possible connection between human brain and cosmos on a quantum scale
Mechanism decoded: How synapses are formed
New Study Investigates the Menstrual Cycle's Effect on the Brain
Gibt es einen sechsten Grundgeschmack?
Some deaf children in China can hear after gene treatment
How a single synapse transmits both visual and subconscious information to the brain of fruit flies
The brain may learn about the world the same way some computational models do

Psychiatry and Mental Health

There have also been some interesting publications on schizophrenia, autism and depression.

Keto diet may treat epilepsy
Are mental disorders brain disorders?
Schizophrenia Identified in 60 Seconds via Visual Fixation
Newfound 'brain signature' linked to multiple psychiatric disorders
New Antidepressant Reduces Stress and Depression With Low Side Effects
Glutamate Imbalance Impairs Hippocampus, Leading to Psychosis
Linking Oxytocin and Vasopressin: A Novel Pathway for Autism Therapy
The state of the art of nanopsychiatry for schizophrenia diagnostics and treatment
Higher trait neuroticism is associated with greater fatty acid amide hydrolase binding in borderline and antisocial personality disorders
Schizophrenia Linked to Non-Inherited Genetic Mutations
Schizophrenia Drugs May Have Been Off Target For Decades, Study Finds
Fundamental disincorporation and early non-inflammatory microglia alterations: Possible bridging phenomena between neurobiology and psychopathology in schizophrenia
Early maladaptive schemas and depression: Epigenetics as a possible link
Protein p53’s Role in Autism-like Behavior and Memory
World Mental Health Day: Look Out For These Signs To Detect Depression Early

Immunity and Infectious Diseases

A couple of interesting publications on immunity.

Scientists track evolution of microbes on the skin’s surface
The quest to show that biological sex matters in the immune system
When It Comes to Immunity, You Are What You Eat
‘Stressed out’ T cells could hinder immunotherapy efficacy
Gene Mutation in the Immune System: Anti-Diabetes Drugs Make Immune Cells More Effective Again
AI model can help determine where a patient’s cancer arose
Synthetic biology tool comprehensively reveals gene regulatory networks in E. coli
Chasing interactions between bacteria provide insights into collective behavior
Giant sloths and woolly mammoths: Mining past creatures’ DNA for future antibiotics

Endocrinology and Hormones

There has not been much research on hormones in 2023.

Researchers reveal structure of unusual hormone receptor
AI in Diabetes
Wie Hormone den Schlaf beeinflussen

Oncology and Cancer

Various papers on oncology have been published.

AI Finds Drug Candidate for Liver Cancer in 30 Days
Discovery of Potent, Selective, and Orally Bioavailable Small-Molecule Inhibitors of CDK8 for the Treatment of Cancer
Bacteria can be engineered to fight cancer in mice. Human trials are coming.
DNA repair and anti-cancer mechanisms in the longest-living mammal: the bowhead whale
Some Gut Bacteria Linked to Precancerous Colon Polyps
Engineered bacteria detect tumor DNA
Maschinelles Lernen in der Brustkrebsvorsorge
ABCC1 and glutathione metabolism limit the efficacy of BCL-2 inhibitors in acute myeloid leukemia
A comparison of mutation and amplification-driven resistance mechanisms and their impacts on tumor recurrence
New gel destroys brain cancer in 100% of treated mice
Big Data in der Krebsevolution

Longevity and Aging

Longevity pioneer Aubrey de Grey celebrated his 60th birthday. In this year several interesting findings have been obtained, such as how to prolong mice's lifespan.

Anti-ageing scientists extend lifespan of oldest living lab rat
Scientists used menin to reverse aging in mice: Can they do it in humans?
Humans will achieve immortality in 7 years, says futurist
Humans Can Stop—But Not Fully Reverse—Aging, Study Suggests
Could AI allow humans to live forever?
Aubrey De Grey Turns 60 - A 25-Year Journey In Biogerontology And The Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation
Forscher finden Hack, der Zellen langsamer altern lässt
This Longevity Study Across 5 Species Found a New Pathway to Reverse Aging
Researchers Slow Aging in Cells
Artificial intelligence identifies anti-aging drug candidates targeting 'zombie' cells
Scientists Dramatically Extend Cell Lifespan in Anti-Aging Breakthrough
Activating Just One Gene to Rejuvenate Model Mice
Slowing Down the Clock: Key Discovery in Aging and Chronic Inflammation
Age-Linked Shifts in Brain Activity & Oxygenation Revealed
Induction of mitochondrial recycling reverts age-associated decline of the hematopoietic and immune systems
Molecular and phenotypic blueprint of the hematopoietic compartment reveals proliferation stress as a driver of age-associated human stem cell dysfunctions
Unlocking the Secrets of Aging: Squishy Sea Creature Rewrites Science
How Life Extension will Alter Our World View & Perspective
Scientists discover clues to aging and healing from a squishy sea creature
Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg And Sam Altman Among The Billionaires Investing In Anti-Aging Technology. Who Else Wants To Live Forever?
Biomedical generative pre-trained based transformer language model for age-related disease target discovery

Nutrition and Metabolism

There has also been some research in this category.

The first 3D-printed biodegradable seed robot, able to change shape in response to humidity
A company says it added mammoth DNA to plant-based burgers and that they tasted much more ‘intense’ and ‘meatier’ than the cow version
Using nanopore single-molecule sensing to identify glycans
Eating meat may not have been as crucial to human evolution as we thought
Soya beans made more meat-like by adding genes for pig proteins
Cardiovascular disease: key molecular pathway affecting atherosclerosis progression discovered


Finally, this section mostly covers advances in physics.

Einfach regenerierbar: Neue Batterie setzt auf Sauerstoff statt Lithium
A New Kind of Time Crystal Has Been Created That Does Interesting Things to Light
Scientists discover a new circuit element, meminductor
Scientists discover enzyme that can turn air into energy, unlocking potential new energy source
A New Kind of Symmetry Shakes Up Physics
Batterie aus Lebensmitteln kann wieder aufgeladen werden
How one particle could soon rewrite our laws of the Universe
Künstliche Photosynthese schlägt Solarzellen
Detecting Dark Photons with Radio Telescopes
Chemists find that metal atoms play key role in fine organic synthesis
Scientists Say They've Finally Solved Stephen Hawking's Black Hole Paradox
‘Almost magical’: chemists can now move single atoms in and out of a molecule’s core
Physicists conduct a groundbreaking test on Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox
Physicists discover a new switch for superconductivity
Researcher discovers new type of atomic nucleus
Researchers develop a new source of quantum light
Forscher wollen Supraleiter bei Raumtemperatur entdeckt haben
A New Kind of Symmetry Shakes Up Physics
Observation of zero resistance above 100° K
New quasi-particle bridges microwave and optical domains
Scientists Discover The "Angel Particle" Which Is Both Matter And Antimatter At The Same Time
Physicists engineer an atom laser that can stay on forever
This is the most accurate image of an atom
A special molecule that violates the laws of physics could lead to limitless energy
Mimicking 'plant power' through artificial photosynthesis
Seltene Art von Gold in Allerweltsmaterial entdeckt
From a five-layer graphene sandwich, a rare electronic state emerges

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