The Year 2019 In Review, by Claus D. Volko

April 3rd, 2019

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January 2019

In January, IBM unveiled Q System One, the first commercial quantum computer. A young researcher used a 3D printer to make prosthetic limbs. It was discovered how human blood cells can be reprogrammed into neural stem cells. Much was published about the causes of Alzheimer's disease. There was also an article about robots smaller than a human air able to starve and shrink cancerous tumors. Moreover, there were several articles about the benefits and harms of vitamins. Finally, there was a report about eye drops that dissolve cataracts.

Quantum Computing and Other Non-Standard Approaches to Computing

Student (17) who developed digital tools for quantum computing wins Young Scientist crown

Quantum computing explained in 10 minutes

IBM Just Unveiled The First Commercial Quantum Computer

A happy blue year for quantum computers: IBM unveils Q System One

IBM Introduces First Integrated Quantum Computing System for Commercial Use

Quantum scientists demonstrate world-first 3-D atomic-scale quantum chip architecture

Intel's quest to build the world's first true quantum computer

Physicists record "lifetime" of graphene qubits

Molecular Biology, Genetics, Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

Gen, das gegen Pilze resistent macht, in Mais- und Gerstenpflanzen eingebaut

CRISPR might soon create spicy tomatoes by switching on their chili genes

Artificial intelligence applied to the genome identifies an unknown human ancestor

Using 3D printer to develop treatment for spinal cord injury

What is your IQ Score? DNA intelligence tests

Stem Cell Dental Implants Grow New Teeth In Two Months

Bill Gates warns that nobody is paying attention to gene editing, a new technology that could make inequality even worse

The Scientist Who Gene-Edited Babies Is Missing

Gene-editing tool CRISPR repurposed to develop better antibiotics

This 24-year-old uses a 3D printer to make prosthetic limbs for people in the world's poorest countries

Revealing gene regulation in the brain

Erbgutstudien sind wenig repräsentativ

Scientists successfully transplant lab-grown lungs into pigs

An important step for regenerative medicine: Human blood cells can be directly reprogrammed into neural stem cells

2018 Breakthrough of the Year: Development cell by cell

Neuroscience and Brain Research

We may finally know what causes Alzheimer's - and how to stop it

The Cause of Alzheimer's Could Be Coming From Inside Your Mouth, Study Claims

GRK5 - A Functional Bridge Between Cardiovascular and Neurodegenerative Disorders

We may finally know what causes Alzheimer's - and how to stop it

Alzheimer's Drugs Targeting Tau May Actually Exacerbate Disease

Stem Cell–Derived Neurons from People with Autism Grow Differently

Two Compounds in Coffee May Team Up to Fight Parkinson's

Exploiting a gene that protects against Alzheimer's

Ultrasound Alzheimer's treatment set for clinical trials

Excessive body fat around the middle linked to smaller brain size

Immune Cells from the Gut Are Recruited to Fight Multiple Sclerosis

Study implicates hyperactive immune system in aging brain disorders

How to build a brain interface - and why we should connect our minds

Wireless 'pacemaker for the brain' could offer new treatment for neurological disorders

Psychiatry and Mental Health

Antidepressant Microbes In Soil: How Dirt Makes You Happy

Religious Trauma Syndrome: How some organized religion leads to mental health problems

Endocannabinoid Deficiency Suspected As Cause For Fibromyalgia

Chronic fatigue syndrome: New evidence of immune role

Immunity and Infectious Diseases

Building an Unlimited Army of T cells to Fight Cancer

CDC releases new list of vaccine side effects: old age, grey hair, top list

Endocrinology and Hormones

Placentas adapt when mothers have poor diets or low oxygen during pregnancy

Stress-related hormone cortisol lowers significantly after just 45 minutes of art creation

Oncology and Cancer

Forschern gelingt Doppelschlag gegen Leukämiezellen

Israeli Scientists Claim They're On The Path To A Cure For Cancer

Tiroler Krebsspezialisten sehen Immuntherapie auf dem Vormarsch

PIM1 kinase promotes gallbladder cancer cell proliferation via inhibition of proline-rich Akt substrate of 40 kDa (PRAS40)

Researchers Successfully Turn Breast Cancer Cells Into Fat to Stop Them From Spreading

The Man Who Uncovered a New (Old) Way to Fight Cancer

‘For 30 years I've been obsessed by why children get leukaemia. Now we have an answer'

This Doctor Diagnosed His Own Cancer with an iPhone Ultrasound

Robots Smaller Than a Human Hair Can Starve and Shrink Cancerous Tumors

Researchers redesign a cancer-busting protein - without the side effects

ADAR1 Enzyme Could Be Target for Cancer Stem Cell Elimination

The end of skin cancer?

Longevity and Aging

Fasting to Protect Against Aging-Associated Diseases

New drugs for pharmacological extension of replicative life span in normal and progeroid cells

Eating Chocolate and Drinking Red Wine Could Prevent Aging According Research

New study shows smoking accelerates aging

Study: Drinking Wine is More Important than Exercise to Living Past 90

‘Longevity' Could Reach Billions In 2019 - And Is No Longer Just The Preserve of Billionaires

Does Medicine Actually Make People Live Longer?

Targeting an RNA-binding protein to fight aging

Aging and drug discovery

Nutrition and Metabolism

A new tooth-mounted sensor will soon help you lose weight

Fluoride was first, now lithium soon to be added to drinking water supply

A Fungus That "Eats" Plastic Has Been Discovered In Pakistan

Eating cheese and butter every day linked to living longer

Seven ways that drinking coffee is connected to better health and a longer life

Vitamin B12 deficiency can be sneaky, harmful

Vitamin D supplements do not reduce the risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease

How Linus Pauling duped America into believing vitamin C cures colds

Scientists Have 'Hacked Photosynthesis' In Search Of More Productive Crops


Physiker erzeugen neue Form von Materie

China built a tower that acts like 'the world's biggest air purifier,' and it actually works

Jacob is 17 years old, autistic, and on his way to getting a PhD in theoretical physics

Superfast laser pulses convert carbon nanofibers to diamond at room temperature

MIT used a laser to transmit audio directly into a person's ear

MIT Has Invented Slightly Eerie Lasers That Transmit Whispers Only You Can Hear

Biologists discover deep-sea fish living where there is virtually no oxygen

Goodbye Surgery? Scientists Just Made Eye Drops that Dissolve Cataracts

February 2019

In February, scientists made synthetic DNA with four additional letters. Also, for the first time, human stem cells were turned into Insulin producing cells.

Quantum Computing and Other Non-Standard Approaches to Computing

Quantencomputer-Branche kämpft mit Komponentenmangel

Molecular Biology, Genetics, Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

For The First Time, Scientists Have Made Synthetic DNA With 4 Additional Letters

Scientists Have Witnessed a Single-Celled Algae Evolve Into a Multicellular Organism

China's CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced

Forscher entdecken Intelligenz-Gene

DNA Tests for IQ Are Coming, but it Might Not Be Smart to Take One

Erstes Kunstherz in Oberösterreich eingesetzt

A Bridge to the future for stem cell students

Artificial Intelligence Study of Human Genome Finds Unknown Human Ancestor

Lack of sleep could damage DNA and affect repair ability, possibly raising cancer risk, University of Hong Kong study finds

Scientists Grow Full-Sized, Beating Human Hearts From Stem Cells

For The First Time, Scientists Turn Human Stem Cells Into Insulin-Producing Cells

Major DNA Testing Company Sharing Genetic Data With the FBI

Watch a single cell become a complete organism in six pulsing minutes of timelapse

Neuroscience and Brain Research

Hirnstimulation löst Glücksgefühle und Gelächter aus: Neue Methode für kritische OPs

Neuro-Enhancement: Durch Pillen das Hirn hochfahren

Engineers translate brain signals directly into speech

Psychiatry and Mental Health

Researchers think magic mushrooms could have the potential to treat depression

Entsteht Schizophrenie aus überaktiven Immunzellen im Hirn?

Zusammenhang zwischen Darmbakterien und Depressionen?

Immunity and Infectious Diseases

To Sleep Is to Heal: How the Immune System Regulates Sleep When Sickness Strikes

The Immune System and Cancer

Mexican scientist cures the Human Papilloma Virus

Here's the visual proof of why vaccines do more good than harm

Endocrinology and Hormones

Female human body blocks weak sperm, scientists find

Oncology and Cancer

We Can Now Customize Cancer Cures, Tumor by Tumor

Longevity and Aging

Beware of Using Young People's Blood to Halt Aging, FDA Says

If You're Still Alive in 30 Years, you Might Live to be 1,000 Years Old

Für immer jung: Die Suche nach der ewigen Jugend im Silicon Valley

Anti-aging drug that kills old cells passes first human trial

Nutrition and Metabolism

Bad News, Coffee Drinkers: You Might Be a Psychopath if You Like Your Coffee Black

50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat

13 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Eat a Vegan Diet

The More Coffee You Drink, the Longer You Live, Says Huge Research Report


Klimakollaps, Cyberwar, künstliche Intelligenz: Nieder mit der Zukunftsangst!

Scientists invented a fabric that knows whether to cool you down or warm you up

Life may have emerged not once, but many times on Earth

Bionic Contacts: Goodbye Glasses

Uploadfilter - Artikel 13 doch wieder unterwegs

Elon Musk Explains Why Traditional Schooling Is Useless

Earth's Magnetic North Pole Has Officially Moved

If you love research, academia may not be for you

Thousands of people in Sweden are embedding microchips under their skin to replace ID cards

March 2019

In March, a quantum computer was allegedly used to reverse time, and CRISPR to put a GIF inside a living organism's DNA. A genetic mutation that makes a woman feel no pain was also found. Moreover, an artificial cell was created that makes its own energy by photosynthesising. A couple of articles reported about brain-computer interfaces. There were also a couple of articles about antidepressants and the treatment of ADHD. Also, a new mode of antibiotic resistance was revealed.

Quantum Computing and Other Non-Standard Approaches to Computing

Interactomics + Super (or Quantum) Computers + Machine Learning: the Future of Medicine?

Scientists have used a quantum computer to turn back time

Breakthrough programmable computer made from DNA running chemical software

Quantum computers pose a security threat that we're still totally unprepared for

This supercomputer will perform 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 operations per second

Computer Scientists Create Reprogrammable Molecular Computing System

Microsoft just booted up the first "DNA drive" for storing data

Google Builds Circuit to Solve One of Quantum Computing's Biggest Problems

No, scientists didn't just "reverse time" with a quantum computer

Scientists Used CRISPR to Put a GIF Inside a Living Organism's DNA

Reversing the flow of time on a quantum computer

Physicists reverse time using quantum computer

Physicists reverse time using quantum computer

Quantencomputer: Intel verkürzt Entwicklungszyklus der Qubit-Wafer

Molecular Biology, Genetics, Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

Scientists find genetic mutation that makes woman feel no pain

Doctors accidentally discovered a 66-year-old Scottish woman who feels absolutely no pain

Scientists Create an Artificial Cell That Makes Its Own Energy by Photosynthesising

Researchers Discover DNA Switch for Full Body Regeneration

Partial Cellular Reprogramming to Reverse Cellular Aging

CRISPR/Cas9 therapy can suppress aging, enhance health and extend life span in mice

Cerebral organoids at the air-liquid interface generate diverse nerve tracts with functional output

Preparing to unleash Crispr on an unprepared world

Researchers develop more precise 'DNA scissors' technology

Secrets of living cell death in our bodies

How Cells Pack Tangled DNA Into Neat Chromosomes

A rocky road for the maturation of embryo-editing methods

This Harvard scientist wants your DNA to wipe out inherited diseases - should you hand it over?

Modelling cardiac fibrosis using three-dimensional cardiac microtissues derived from human embryonic stem cells

Neanderthal Genes Influence Contemporary Humans' Skull Shape, Brain Size

This teenager built his own prosthetic arm from Lego

Fountain of youth? Scientists switch-off gene to DOUBLE lifespan

The genetics of regeneration

Ribosomal DNA Can Predict an Animal's Age

CRISPR experts are calling for a global moratorium on heritable gene editing

Doubling the building blocks for DNA

China's CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced

Sleep vital to repair DNA damage, Israeli study finds

Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes

Künstliche Gebärmutter lässt erfolgreich Lamm-Embryos heranwachsen (Video)

Four New DNA Letters Double Life's Alphabet

Neuroscience and Brain Research

Fat, Not Meat, May Have Led to Bigger Hominin Brains

Why it takes a supercomputer to map a mouse brain

Valve Psychologist: Brain-computer Interfaces Are Coming & Could Be Built into VR Headsets

Why memories of music cannot be lost to Alzheimer's and dementia

'Google brain' implants could mean end of school as anyone will be able to learn anything instantly

Alzheimer's drug failure leaves Biogen in a precarious place

A New Role for Platelets: Boosting Neurogenesis After Exercise

Restoring consciousness with vagus nerve stimulation

Why is 18 the age of adulthood if the brain can take 30 years to mature?

Brain region discovered that only processes spoken, not written words

Blue Brain solves a century-old neuroscience problem

Scientists Grow 'Mini-Brain On the Move' That Can Contract Muscle

A New Ion-Drive Transistor Is Here to Interface With Your Brain

Scientists kept rats sober by deleting memories of cocaine

Wireless 'pacemaker for the brain' could be new standard treatment for neurological disorders

Largest-Ever Alzheimer's Gene Study Brings New Answers

A New Ion-Drive Transistor Is Here to Interface With Your Brain

The effects of aging on the BTBR mouse model of autism spectrum disorder

How reading rewires your brain for greater intelligence and empathy

Brain stimulation improves depression symptoms, restores brain waves in clinical study

U.S. to Fund Advanced Brain-Computer Interfaces

Implantable 'Brain Chips' Could Soon Give People Superintelligence

Zuckerberg wants Facebook to build a mind-reading machine

Psychiatry and Mental Health

Cannabis during pregnancy bumps psychosis risk in offspring

Harvard researchers say certain ADHD medications may increase risk of psychosis

How music therapy can help heal the brain

Trauma in childhood leads to empathy in adulthood

When neurons are out of shape, antidepressants may not work

An office cat or dog won't just lower your stress levels - it may also boost your productivity

Scientists Say, Husbands Are a Bigger Source of Stress For Wives Than Their Children

Depression in 20s linked to memory loss in 50s, psychologists find

The culprit of increased depression among teens? Smartphones, new research suggests

Oxford study finds no link between video games and real-world teen violence

WHO: 2020 sind Depressionen die zweithäufigste Todesursache

Cannabis könnte Psychosen auslösen

ADHD, Often Presented As A Problem, Is Now Linked To Profound Creativity

Experimental blood test accurately spots fibromyalgia

Narcissists have thicker, denser, more distinct eyebrows, according to a new study

The mental health crisis among America's youth is real - and staggering

"Deep brain stimulation" May help our brains to get rid of depression!

Neuroscientists Have Revealed What Your Brain Needs to Really Erase a Memory

The Creativity of ADHD

Graduate students need more mental health support, study highlights

Die unterschätzten Beschwerden beim Absetzen von Antidepressiva

Immunity and Infectious Diseases

Ingwer-Wasser: Das gesündeste Getränk um Bauchfett zu verbrennen und das Immunsystem zu stärken

Parents are hosting chicken pox parties

Mumps Cases Spreading Throughout Philadelphia Region Following Temple University Outbreak

A New Mode of Antibiotic Resistance is Revealed

Researchers found the blueprint for plant immune systems

Phage Therapy: Turning the Tables on Bacteria

Vaccines don't cause autism, another massive study confirms

Why Do Some People Suddenly Develop Food Allergies Later in Life?

Genetically engineered immune cells wipe out lupus in mice

Second patient free of HIV after stem-cell therapy

Endocrinology and Hormones

Hormon-Umweltgifte wirken über Generationen

A male birth control pill that suppresses testosterone is moving closer to becoming reality

Neuro-Immune Mechanisms Regulating Social Behavior: Dopamine as Mediator?

Oncology and Cancer

Why Has Rectal Cancer Quadrupled in Millennials?

Scientists may have found a way to treat cancer without chemotherapy by replicating our body's own self-destruct system

Bill Gates: Custom cancer vaccines will revolutionize medicine

Longevity and Aging

Longevity and anti-aging research: 'Prime time for an impact on the globe'

Anti-aging drug that kills old cells passes first human trial

Nobel-winning sleep research: To avoid disease and live longer, don't take phone to bed

Liz Parrish Wants to Live Forever

The Relationship Between Longevity and Immunity

Aubrey de Grey Thinks Robust Human Longevity Might Be Here by 2037

'Eternal youth': German actress injects herself with 3.5 million-year-old bacteria from Siberia

Nutrition and Metabolism

Visual Comparison of Organism-Specific Metabolic Pathways

Why do we have fluoride in our water?

A mysterious syndrome that makes marijuana users violently ill is starting to worry doctors

The wasabi you think you're eating isn't wasabi

Biologists Discover Unknown Powers in Mighty Mitochondria

"Prescribing" fruits and veggies would save $100 billion in medical costs

NIC 72: Caffeine Metabolism & Bioavailability

Caffeine and Adenosine Receptors

Drinking wine before bed could help you lose weight

New Study Ties Egg and Cholesterol Consumption to Heart Disease Risk

Drinking Sugary Beverages Linked with Early Death

Higher egg and cholesterol consumption hikes heart disease and death risk: study

A lower IQ has been linked to greater and riskier drinking among young adult men

The Role of Curcumin in the Modulation of Ageing

Exercise Can't Save Us: Our Sugar Intake Is The Real Culprit, Say Experts

Plastic-Eating Enzyme May Be Our Planet's New Hope

Bill Gates Backed Startup Is Using CRISPR to Grow Lab Meat

A Harvard professor busted the myth that coconut oil is good for you, calling it 'pure poison'


Oettinger calls on EU countries to quickly implement new copyright rules

For the first time ever there are more people over 65 than under 5

Researchers invent 'anti-Wi-Fi' paint that blocks wireless signals

82-Year-Old Pope Francis Is 'First Pope To Write a Line of Code'

Oxford's Free Course Critical Reasoning For Beginners Teaches You to Think Like a Philosopher

What the left gets wrong about Jordan Peterson

The psychology of deception: How Elizabeth Holmes fooled everyone about Theranos for so long

No sleep, no sex, no life: tech workers in China's Silicon Valley face burnout before they reach 30

New HBO Documentary Seeks to Explain How Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Created a $9 Billion Scam

A quantum experiment suggests there's no such thing as objective reality

Sound waves are a form of antigravity because they have negative mass

Urheberrechtsprotest: Wikipedia offline

VR-Brille simuliert Grauen Star

Erste Fernoperation an menschlichem Hirn über 5G-Verbindung

A physics breakthrough could lead to a new generation of advanced electronics

Study Says Children Who Are Obsssed with Dinosaurs Have Higher Intelligence

Die digitale Diktatur: Wie China unerwünschtes Verhalten straft

Light physical activity linked to lower risk of heart disease in older women

It's time to switch to a four-day working week, say these two Davos experts

Absurde Beruhigungspille: CDU will Uploadfilter durchdrücken und dann verhindern

Was macht Artikel 13 mit unserem Netz? || PULS Reportage

Humans couldn't pronounce 'f' and 'v' sounds before farming developed

Artikel 13: mehr als 1.200 Anrufe bei Abgeordneten eingegangen

"Vater" des neuen EU-Urheberrechts hält Verbot von Youtube für denkbar

30 Jahre WWW: Tim Berners-Lee warnt vor Uploadfiltern

Web-Erfinder Berners-Lee warnt vor Missbrauch des Netzes

China database lists 'breedready' status of 1.8 million women

An Ingenious Injection Can Create Infrared Vision

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