Monday, December 31, 2018

Sugar Can Keep Good Microbes From Colonizing Your Gut

Did Gandhi Want to “Annihilate Caste?”

These Are the Best Countries to Live and Work in - And to Boost Your Salary

Is Immortality In Our Future?

Singularity Hub’s Top Articles of the Year

The Must-Read Brain Books Of 2018, Part 1

Immune System Affects and Controls Social Behavior

Microsoft‘s throwing its servers in the sea to keep them cool

Quantum Communication Just Took a Great Leap Forward

The use of knowledge in computers: introducing nanoeconomics

Angela Merkel: Nation States Must "Give Up Sovereignty" To New World Order

This is how a bookish home helps a child to thrive

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Antimarxistische Psychotherapie

A Universal University

How Marxists took over psychotherapy

Sweden ‘silently’ prepares for Ebola outbreak and builds isolation unit for Ebola patients

Restriktive Hanfpolitik in Frage gestellt

Medgadget’s Best Medical Technologies of 2018

Hearts Get 'Younger,' Even At Middle Age, With Exercise

Dutch company completes world’s first prefab house built of Cannabis

New theory: The universe is a bubble, inflated by dark energy

Brain Stimulation in Health and Disease

Visionary Brain Genius Elon Musk Has Invented The World's Worst And Most Expensive Subway

Afrika hat genug von seinen Helfern

The United Nations wants a one-world government in less than twelve years

Retire at 55 and live to 80; work till you’re 65 and die at 67

The United Nations Exposes Chemtrails

Food 2.0: 3D printing REVOLUTION promises food created and cooked with LASERS

Cheese triggers same part of brain as hard drugs, study finds

Elected Leaders Are Making the World Less Democratic

How socioeconomic status shapes developing brains

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Researchers closer to gonorrhea vaccine

A Membraneless Organelle Associated with the Endoplasmic Reticulum Enables 3′UTR-Mediated Protein-Protein Interactions

The Biocentric Universe Theory: Life Creates Time, Space, and the Cosmos Itself

14 Books That Should Be On the Must Read List of Every Engineer

Breast cancer drug impairs brain function

Synaptic protein regulates anxiety behaviour

The two kinds of stories we tell about ourselves

Brains ability to focus attention in the midst of myriad of stimulus

Mathematicians discovered something super freaky about prime numbers

The Pentagon wants to buy thousands of Battlefield Robots

Seven bad science and health ideas that should die with 2018

One of the greatest mysteries of DNA replication has been solved

How do European countries differ in religious commitment?

Brain activity predicts fear of pain

Police Allege Mice Ate Half a Ton of “Missing” Weed

You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Knows Your Worth

Inspiring Woman Invents Refugee Tents That Collect Rainwater and Store Solar Energy

Chinese schools keep tabs on kids with 'intelligent uniforms'

Stanford researchers listen for silent seizures with "brain stethoscope" that turns brain waves into sound

Elon Musk Just Made a Staggering Promise About Tesla Superchargers in 2019

Black Hole imaged for First Time by Event Horizon Telescope

Ditch the Machine to Improve Accuracy in Blood Pressure Measurement and Diagnostics

Five Amazing Things We Learned About History From Ancient DNA In 2018

Cutting out bacon and booze could reduce your risk of cancer by up to 40%

Experimental gene therapy triples lifespan of mice with severe mitochondrial disease

Chinese scientists reportedly lost track of gene-edited patients

Old Brains Come Uncoupled in Sleep: Slow Wave-Spindle Synchrony, Brain Atrophy, and Forgetting

The Top 8 Things to Know About Anti-Aging Research Right Now

Study finds rich people are generous until they feel like they are in charge

Experimental Drug Stops Parkinson’s Disease Progression in Mice

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Inner Earth

Top tech inventions of 2018 that caught our attention

Diseases through the decades

This wristband detects an opiate overdose

New insight on how memory works

South Korea completes preliminary design of indigenous, 3,000 ton submarine

All of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the world are in India

10 Things You May Not Realize You Are Doing That Attract Toxic People Into Your Life

Clinical Trial Proves No Association between Vitamin D Levels and the Risk of Fracture

Following Battles, Ant Medics Treat Their Wounded Comrades

12 new tech terms you need to understand the future

Two regular people explain how they became millionaires in their 30s

How A Worldwide Parasitic Infection Might Shape Human Behavior

Portable brain-scanning helmet could be future for rapid brain injury assessments

This is what poverty looks like in the US right now

How VR is a third Dimension between online and offline?

New Horizons Scientists Puzzled by Lack of a 'Light Curve' from Ultima Thule

How the brain enables us to rapidly focus attention

The doctor prescribes video games and virtual reality rehab

Tasmania has created a road made from recycled waste

New Horizons Flyby Target is Unlike Anything Explored in Space

Google can predict your risk of a heart attack by scanning your retina

Excessive hours and intense work is bad for your career - here's why

These newfound frogs have been trapped in amber for 99 million years

Brain activity predicts fear of pain

How to be a leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

New exotic tick spreading through eastern U.S.

New Study Shows Stethoscopes Carried By Doctors Are Loaded With Bacteria

The brain-changing benefits of exercise

In 1983, Isaac Asimov predicted the world of 2019

The Brain’s Autopilot Mechanism Steers Consciousness

The rise of perfectionism is negatively affecting young people

New Fiber Could Be the Foundation for Futuristic Smart Garments

The Future of Learning

Trillion Dollar Inheritance: The World’s Biggest Family Fortunes

How does our brain process emotional voices?

'DIY cancer treatment' may end fatal outcomes from disease

Flying rideshare taxis are feasible and could be in Australia within five years, says CASA

New study finds link between smell and obesity

Vaping every day could double your risk of a heart attack, new research suggests

Security Expert: Sweden is "on the way to civil war"

Chinese scientists have turned copper into material almost identical to gold

Hackers Make a Fake Hand to Beat Vein Authentication

35 years ago, Isaac Asimov was asked by the Star to predict the world of 2019

Friday, December 28, 2018

Russia successfully tests weapon that travels 27 times speed of sound and renders missile defense systems 'useless' - Officials

Preparing Surgeons with Virtual Reality

Biohacker's Handbook

Speaking more than one language can boost economic growth

The world’s most nutritious foods

Angela Merkel: Nation states must be willing to "give up their sovereignty"

10 Signs It's Not Your Body, But It's Your Soul That Is Tired

The lower your social class, the ‘wiser’ you are, suggests new study

Neuroleap takes brain tech forward by leaps and bounds...

Bald Men Are More Confident, Attractive and Dominant Than Guys With Hair

Watch a ‘sonic tractor beam’ do some midair sewing

Four top investors give their best predictions for the business in 2019

24 before-and-after photos that show how fast the world changes

19 Foods and Drinks That Are Putting Your Blood Pressure Through the Roof

Sauna Health Benefits: Are saunas healthy or harmful?

What to expect in 2019: science in the new year

„Wir brauchen eine Politik der Spaltung“

'Survival of the fittest' neuronal strategy helps with Alzheimer's disease and cognitive and motor decline

Generation AI: What happens when your child's friend is an AI toy that talks back?

Nine Examples Of Attention-Seeking Behavior In Adults To Watch Out For

A Yale scientist is warning that cancer treatment is going off-course

Interpreting emotions: A matter of confidence

Broad genome analysis shows yeasts evolving by subtraction

Better mouse model built to enable precision-medicine research for Alzheimer's

Leg nerves activated by light offer new path to restoring mobility

Teaching Kids to Think Like Engineers

Your Brain Rewards You Twice Per Meal

63 Steps to Survive The Worst Moments of Your Life

Using laser tweezers, chemists nudged two atoms to bond

Joe Rogan - Mathematician on Trying to Measure Consciousness

Boring Machines for Deep Underground Lairs and Starting Underground Worlds

An experiment for people who don't understand depression

Portland Now Generates Electricity From Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes

Some Structural Disadvantages of Interdisciplinary Research, and What to Do About Them

The First Therapy that Targets Aging is in Human Trials Now

Liberals looking at national basic income as way to help Canadians cope with job instability

Until We Confront Capitalism, We Will Not Solve the Climate Crisis

Bacteria found in ancient Irish soil halts growth of superbugs—new hope for tackling antibiotic resistance

Thursday, December 27, 2018

10 qualities you need to develop to improve your emotional intelligence

Postnatal Depression in Dads Linked to Depression in Teen Daughters

Children in Singapore will no longer be ranked by exam results. Here's why

Neurofeedback training could build soldiers' resilience to stress

Why now doesn’t exist, and other strange facts about time

The 40-hour week isn't working anymore. It's time we switched to a 15-hour one

Goldman Sachs Says Curing Diseases Is Bad Business For Pharma

EEG Frequency Bands across Mental Health Disorders

How Exercise Reduces Belly Fat in Humans

Gifted engineer based in Port Harcourt creates orange peeling machine called 'Oran-go'

Losing Neurons May Sometimes Not Be That Bad

Seven common causes of forgetfulness

Top reasons why employee volunteering is a good investment

Design at the intersection of technology and biology

Bacteria found in ancient Irish soil halts growth of superbugs—new hope for tackling antibiotic resistance

The collision of these 3 geographies is creating a new world order

Putin: Russia Must Respond To Sanctions By Improving Its Economy

What Bodies Think About: Bioelectric Computation Outside the Nervous System - NeurIPS 2018

These 27 non-political questions can predict whether you’re a Republican or Democrat

It's time to change how we measure obesity

Our favorite science news stories of 2018

Is there a new debt crisis on the horizon?

Combating infectious diseases with next-generation sequencing

10 Qualities Of Strong Women That Most Men Can't Handle

A houseplant with rabbit DNA could prify the air in your home

Q&A: National aging expert talks about how to avoid developing dementia in old age

Experience New Horizons' Encounter with a New World using Mobile Apps

Seizure-Induced Potentiation of AMPA Receptor-Mediated Synaptic Transmission in the Entorhinal Cortex

The inventor of the internet is coming to Fife for 2019 lecture

Lets enjoy molecular genetics - The ABO blood group

The Best Tech Products of 2018

Did you know Bubble Wrap was invented right here in Hawthorne?

Dennis Prager: Google is 'full of crap; they will lie because they can get away with it'

The Milestones of Human Progress We Reached in 2018

Leg nerves activated by light offer new path to restoring mobility

Thousands of patients possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis at NJ surgery center asked to take blood tests

Scientists Find A Brain Circuit That Could Explain Seasonal Depression

Memristor device acts like competing neurons

The ethics of anti-ageing: Where do we draw the line?

Octopuses Gain Consciousness (According to Scientists' Declaration)

The 100 greatest innovations of 2018

If you think black holes are strange, white holes will blow your mind

Five Crazy And Cool Scientific Innovations of 2018

10 Flu Myths

Self-lighting Christmas trees could be the future thanks to Warwick research

Sinclair invention gene rides again

Meuterei der Mesonen

Eye-rectile Dysfunction: Irreversible damage to color vision linked to popular drug

Electrical, Hemodynamic, and Motor Activity in BCI Post-stroke Rehabilitation: Clinical Case Study

Wiener Start-up ImageBiopsy Lab bekommt Millionen-Spritze

Meet Indian-origin teenagers who are making waves globally

Percentage who completely/mostly agree with the statement "Our people are not perfect, but our culture is superior to others"

Twice as long - life expectancy around the world

The United States has an Epidemic of Processed Food - and it’s Killing Us

Kids’ Brainpower Tied to Exercise, Sleep and Limited Screen Time

Mapping waves for a healthy brain

Childhood adversity linked to reduced inhibitory control and alterations in key brain networks

14 Most Bizarre Scientific Discoveries of 2018

Alberta science students come up with probiotic they hope will help honeybees

Into the Mind of a Psychopath

Early invention mechanized sock knitting

Gartner’s top 10 IoT trends for 2019 and beyond

Biologists are one step closer to creating snake venom in the lab

Virtual Reality’s Potential Impact on Transportation

Wake-up timer saves power for I.o.T. sensors

19 Amazing Vintage Photos That Show How People Worked Before AutoCAD

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Gravity

NASA Plan for a Potential Government Shutdown

Let your new Roomba build a Doom level of your house with DOOMBA

Why Scientists Need Great Mentors

Three at MIT named 2018 fellows of the National Academy of Inventors

Our antisocial phone tricks

These are the best countries and cities for attracting and developing talent

Brother, Can You Spare Some Change?

When Cortex Stops Making Sense

Raumschiff Regierung, abgekoppelt von Parlament und Wissenschaft

The 10 professions with the most psychopaths

Das Gehirn lernt durch Belohnung

Imprints of Early Universe on Gravitational Waves from First-Order Phase Transition in QCD

The Secrets of the Universe

Ayn Rand Helped the FBI Identify It’s A Wonderful Life as Communist Propaganda

The surprising power of small data - more information isn't necessarily better in health care or business

Elon Musk Plans To Give The Entire Planet Free Wi Fi, Here Is How He Will Do It

The empty brain

Quantum Communication Just Took a Great Leap Forward

Going out on a high: The doctor advocating LSD for the dying

Who needs democracy when you have data?

Physician: American Children ‘Immersed in a Culture of Disrespect’

Quantum Chemistry in the Age of Quantum Computing

How the LHC may spell the end of particle physics

Why is macroeconomics so hard to teach?

Artificial neurons compute faster than the human brain

The Cost of Living in Mark Zuckerberg’s Internet Empire

Together, apart? More long-term couples living in separate homes

13 Ways To Process Emotions Before Making Important Decisions

Loneliness Found to Be High in Public Senior Housing Communities

Microsoft Gets Ready For Quantum Computing With Its New Programming Language

Largest Known Prime Number Has Almost 25 Million Digits

Researchers stop 'sneaky' cancer cells in their tracks

Amazon announces a record-breaking holiday, ‘tens of millions’ of new Prime subscribers

Body Organs of Over 15,000 Syrians Sold in Six Years: Coroner’s Office

How skin ages, loses fat and immunity

Meet the woman who rocked particle physics - Three Times


It's Official: Japan Is About to Resume Commercial Whale Hunting

This YouTuber Creates the Almost Indestructible Supermaterial, Starlite in his Kitchen

Scientists Assert That Hidden Dimensions Might Exist in Gravitational Waves

Measles Weakens the Immune System for Years

Head to the movies, museums to keep depression at bay

Sintonía Secreta - Sabine Hossenfelder: Lost in Math. How Beauty Leads Physics Astray

Heartbreaking story of woman who lost her memory who cries everytime she's told her husband divorced her

Nucleolus is a life expectancy predictor

Microplastics Found in Human Stools for First Time

Persistent ADHD associated with overly critical parents

Breast cancer drugs could help treat resistant lung cancers

A rare white reindeer calf was spotted in Norway, and even 'posed' for pictures

A Newly Proposed Space Mission Could Unlock the Mysteries of the Universe

Magic Mushrooms Treat Depression

Key Social Reward Circuit in the Brain Impaired in Kids With Autism

The smartphone is eventually going to die, and then things are going to get really crazy

What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Believing in God

There's a black hole that could erase your past and let you live out infinite futures, study suggests

The trouble with speaking English as a second language

New insights into the role of TREM2 in Alzheimer’s disease

Dreamwork: Accessing Hidden Messages from Your Soul

On the heels of hemp legalization, regulators have fired a 'warning shot' to the $1 billion CBD industry

Being In A Relationship With An Empath

Lifespan May Be Determined by the Size of a Tiny Part of the Cell

A new artificial synapse is faster and more efficient than ones in your brain

What Bodies Think About: Bioelectric Computation Outside the Nervous System

Israeli company claims it has created new technology that can destroy cancerous tumors

A body-on-a-chip strings together 10 model human organs

Stammzelltherapie: Neue Impfung gegen Krebs?

Scientists Used CRISPR to Put a GIF Inside a Living Organism’s DNA

The Unexpected Antibiotic

Nobelpreis für entfesseltes Immunsystem

Predictable and precise template-free CRISPR editing of pathogenic variants

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Expert: Collapsing fertility rates in the West should be 'celebrated'

New findings on brain functional connectivity provide insights into psychological resilience

Opioid Makers Are the Big Winners in Lawsuit Settlements

Gravity is mathematically relatable to dynamics of subatomic particles

Synthetic synapse uses light to contract artificial muscle

This Video on The Scale of Black Holes Will Crush Your Poor, Human Brain Forever

Thailand just legalized medical marijuana as a 'New Year's gift' to the people

Fisetin May be a Low-Hanging Fruit for Aging

NASA discovered an electric blue sand dune on Mars - and the photos are mind-blowing

Saturn is officially losing its rings - and they're disappearing much faster than scientists had anticipated

An independent pair-link model of simple fluids

How Google took on China - and lost

Flatness without CMB - the Entanglement of Spatial Curvature and Dark Energy Equation of State

More evidence for Jeanne Calment’s identity theft hypothesis

A parasite found in cat poop has been linked to a higher likelihood of entrepreneurial behavior in people who get infected

2018 in news: The science events that shaped the year

This YouTuber Creates the Almost Indestructible Supermaterial, Starlite in his Kitchen

Getting Metal 3D Printing Right the First Time with ANSYS Additive Print

World's First Bacteria Killing Robot

American Universities’ China Problem

Unsettling antibiosis: how might interdisciplinary researchers generate a feeling for the microbiome and to what effect?

Barbara Ehrenreich: Why I'm giving up on preventative care

How Cubans Live as Long as Americans at a Tenth of the Cost

British Doctors May Soon Prescribe Art, Music, Dance, Singing Lessons

Venezuela – Ein reiches Land, vom Sozialismus ruiniert

The Year 2018 In Review, by Claus D. Volko

Milestone Experiment Proves Quantum Communication Really Is Faster

Portland Now Generates Electricity From Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes

Quantum Physics May Be Even Spookier Than You Think

The Giving Brain: A Look at the Neurology of Altruism

Congress Passes $1.2 Billion Quantum Computing Bill

New AI System Mimics How Humans Visualize and Identify Objects

Fear extinction memory retrieval using dopamine

Watch: Morphing material goes from flat to face

2019 Preview: People will receive transfusions of artificial blood

Strong Interactions Produce a Dance Between Light and Sound

Neural Stem Cells Grown From Blood Could Revolutionize Medicine

We're Not Actually Conscious That Many Times per Minute

Synthetic synapse uses light to contract artificial muscle

Only two hours of internet research needed to become an expert, new study finds

By Far the Strangest Scientific Discovery of 2018: Your Memories Are a Viral Infection

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Starbucks opened a sustainable store in Taiwan that’s built from recycled shipping containers and it looks super modern

19 of the coolest things your Google Home can do

Good pour plate practices

President Trump has signed a $1.2 billon law to boost US quantum tech

Multivariate Linear Regression - Part 3 [Machine Learning Tutorial]

China Continues to Eliminate Tariffs as Part of Historic Drive For Enhanced Economic Openness

Researchers are mystified by a rare deep-sea fish

This Breathtaking Science Photo Shows a Single Trapped Atom

3D Printed Head Unlocks Multiple Phone Models

Elon Musk's SpaceX is raising $500 million for satellite internet

Is the English language too powerful?

Drug Expiration Dates - Do They Mean Anything?

Ein Physiker erschüttert die Klimatheorie

Mind-Bending Study Suggests Time Did Actually Exist Before The Big Bang

How to prepare lysis buffer for different types of DNA extraction methods?

How to Create a World Where No One Dies Waiting for a Transplant

Sustainable 'plastics' are on the horizon

Early detection of consciousness in patients with acute severe traumatic brain injury

Nine Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Empath

Mice lack stem cells in the heart needed for self-repair

USA ranked 27th in the world in education and healthcare - down from 6th in 1990

Caltech scientists used DNA to play the world’s tiniest game of tic-tac-toe

The Case for a Low-Carb Diet Is Stronger Than Ever

These sound waves can levitate and move particles in new ways

The history of Jews, Chinese food, and Christmas, explained by a rabbi

Researchers use 'blacklist' computing concept as novel way to streamline genetic analysis

India cancels plans for huge coal power stations as solar energy prices hit record low

The year vegan junk food went mainstream

The world's $80 trillion economy - in one chart

This Video on The Scale of Black Holes Will Crush Your Poor, Human Brain Forever

A Nobel Prize-winning psychologist says most people don’t really want to be happy

Remembering the startups we lost in 2018

Harnessing the power of 'spin orbit' coupling in silicon: Scaling up quantum computation

A Danish startup invented underwear you can wear for weeks without washing

Elon Musk shows off stainless steel ‘Starship’

@rebornbionics wants you to rethink the science behind bionic limbs

Jeden Tag ein paar Minuten in völliger Stille zu verbringen, stimuliert die Produktion neuer Gehirnzellen

There will be no old people – anti-aging SophieCo

Facebook and Silicon Valley Are Colluding to Profit From Your Personal Data

‘Alternative Limb Project’ Showcases the Creative Possibilities of Prosthetics

If This Life Is A Video Game, What Are The Winning Rules?

Monday, December 24, 2018

Das Dumme mit den Genen

Neuroscientist Discovers Hidden Region in the Human Brain

2018 Robot Roundup

Neanderthals Were the Original Artists

How rare astronomical events coincided to lead the wise men to Jesus 2,000 years ago

In 10 Years, the Large Hadron Collider Was a Smash - with More Discoveries to Come

Human blood cells can be directly reprogrammed into neural stem cells

World’s First Edible Six-Pack Rings Feed Marine Animals Instead of Strangling Them

High blood sugar during pregnancy is associated with congenital heart defects

Depression's physical source discovered; potential for new treatments

Expect giants to crash in switch to electric cars

Interbreeding Surprise! More Denisovans in Our Family Tree

Largest Brain Study of 62,454 Scans Identifies Drivers of Brain Aging

2018 Breakthrough of the Year

Study Confirms: Global Quantum Internet Really Is Possible

Brain Wave Sensing Robots Can Now Serve as Extensions of the Human Body

Billionaires and royals are rushing to teach their kids Mandarin

Explaining the power of curiosity - to your brain, hunger for knowledge is much the same as hunger for food

Five Toxic Personalities Successful People Avoid

Artificial intelligence system learns to diagnose, classify intracranial hemorrhage

Liron Gino designs Vibeat devices for deaf people to experience music

Ultima Thule Shines a Puzzling Light As New Horizons Spacecraft Approaches

Here's why your attitude is more important than your intelligence

First-Ever Grad Program in Space Mining Takes Off

Gold nanoparticles could destroy prostate cancer

Isaac Asimov Asks, “How Do People Get New Ideas?”

People Are Refusing to Use Self-Checkout Because It’ll “Kill Jobs”

Düsterer Ausblick für die großen Internetkonzerne 2019

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Future of Work, Free Time & Play

With First-Ever Landing on Moon’s Farside, China Enters “Luna Incognita”

Exploring Quantum Neural Networks

Glands in Endocrine System and Mechanism of Hormone Action

Electric 3D-printed motorbike provides a glimpse into the future of green travel

Your Brain Is Constantly Searching for Problems to Fix

X-ray Blast Produces a ‘Molecular Black Hole’

New, rapid and robust method for single cell chromatin accessibility profiling

10 behaviors for healthy weight loss

Depression's physical source discovered; potential for new treatments

Meet the 22-year-old Chinese who has topped Nature's list of ten people who mattered in 2018

Corn domestication took some unexpected twists and turns

Parrot Genomes Provide Insights Into Evolution Of Longevity And Cognition

It’s Not a Myth: Quantum Messages Really Can Travel Faster

Hemp Is Officially Legalized As President Trump Signs The New Farm Bill

Regrowing damaged nerves hinges on shutting down key genes

15 Weird Yet Brilliant Japanese Inventions

A New Class of 'Light' Super-Earth May Be Heavy in Rubies and Sapphires

People with schizophrenia experience emotion differently from others, 'body maps' show

Scientists discovered three new sea creatures in the ultra deep Pacific Ocean

The invention, slow adoption and near perfection of the zip

Why are people religious? A cognitive perspective

Sophia Robot Creator: We'll Achieve Singularity in Five to 10 years

At just 21, Iddris Sandu is the tech genius behind Uber, Instagram and Snapchat

Top 10 stories of 2018: Climate change, gene-edited babies, hidden craters and more

Identification of Embryonic Neural Plate Border Stem Cells and Their Generation by Direct Reprogramming from Adult Human Blood Cells

Tiroler züchten aus Blut Stammzellen

Alle Esssünden zu Weihnachten „erlaubt“

Nanotweezers allow for extraction of single molecules from living cells

Ancient Stories Could Be More Fact Than Fiction

Ecumenical QEEG & Advanced ISF Workshop

Balancing the Opposing Forces of Innovation

Millions left behind as diabetes drives surge in insulin demand

Liver failure in viral hepatitis attributable to compromised blood supply

Headset Allows You To Control Lights With Your Brain

The Mystery of Extraordinarily Accurate Medieval Maps

Creating a physical map of the brain

This Is What the Fourth Industrial Revolution Looks Like

Amoeba finds approximate solutions to NP-hard problem in linear time

Body Atlas Reveals Where We Feel Happiness and Shame

NASA lab confirms DNA sugar can be made in space, adding evidence that ‘life’ could be all over the universe

The role of over-parametrization in generalization of neural networks

The Feynman-Kitaev computer's clock: bias, gaps, idling and pulse tuning

Valedictorians rarely become rich and famous - here's why the average millionaire's college GPA is 2.9

Tony Robbins: In 5-10 years, we may need to give people free cash

Low-dose radiation from A-bombs elongated lifespan and reduced cancer mortality relative to un-irradiated individuals

The roll out of 5G wireless service is 'a massive health experiment'

Saturday, December 22, 2018

A GAMEBOY supercomputer

The complex code for tasting salt

Gel made from birch bark reduces skin scarring from cuts and burns

Hartinger-Klein will weniger Salz und Zucker in Lebensmitteln

Astronaut Jim Lovell remembers Apollo 8 mission 50 years later

25 Genes Responsible for Extending Human Lifespan Have Been Identified

We Finally Know What Killed Sea Life in The Deadliest Mass Extinction in History

Two New Wildflower Species Discovered In Logan Canyon

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox is codenamed Anaconda

The Extraordinary Life and Work of Ramanujan

The Vatican’s Astronomer on God and the Stars

If universities sacrifice philosophy on the altar of profit, what’s next?

Der Keuchhusten kehrt zurück

What to eat for brain health as you age

New prime record: 51st Mersenne prime

Krebs-Chirurg Jakesz: „Es ist auch der Glaube, der heilt“

How the Spatial Web Will Transform Every Element of Our Careers

NIH-developed test detects protein associated with Alzheimer’s and CTE

Revealing the computational properties of consciousness

Yes, there is a war between science and religion

Researchers design new brain implant

Plans for world’s next major particle collider dealt big blow

Nutrients in Blood Linked to Better Cognition and Brain Connectivity in Older Adults

Psilocybin for the Masses: Oregon Considering Legalizing Mushrooms

MIT invents method to shrink objects to nanoscale using basic lab equipment

Bees can count with just four nerve cells in their brains

Effects of High-Definition Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (HD-tDCS) of the Intraparietal Sulcus and Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex

Your stroke risk depends on where you live!

The Measurement Problem in Quantum Mechanics & Bohmian Mechanics

Down the Quantum Rabbit Hole

10 More Must-See Free Courses for Machine Learning and Data Science

Scientists may be on their way to growing human brains

13 Foods You Should Never Put in a Slow Cooker

Best resources for Deep learners, Machine learning, artificial intelligence, programming, interviews, jobs...

Mighty Morphing Materials

Dance between Light and Sound

Immune System Affects and Controls Social Behavior

Motor Neuroprostheses

The case for taking AI seriously as a threat to humanity

Eccentric Quantum Crystals

Rolls-Royce demonstrates fully autonomous passenger ferry in Finland

Educating the Wise Cyborgs of the Future

Samsung's Upcoming Galaxy S10 May Have The Capability To Wirelessly Charge Other Devices

The Next Leap: How A.I. will change the 3D industry - Andrew Price

New Hieroglyphics Translations Offer a Glimpse of Ancient Egyptian Life

Is There an Optimal Diet for Humans?

Experimental Alzheimer's drug improves memory in mice

Hacker Uses Internet Meme to Send Hidden Commands to Malware

The Neurogenesis Debate

Brainwaves suppress obvious ideas to help us think more creatively

Scientists Find A Brain Circuit That Could Explain Seasonal Depression

Map: The World’s Top Countries for Tourism

Women prefer to date men who look like their brothers, research shows

The Seven Wild Energy Technologies That Just Got a Billion-Dollar Boost

Quantum Cosmology and the Role of Consciousness

Unborn Baby Sharks Will Swim Between Uteruses to Eat Their Brethren

Friday, December 21, 2018

Can Cats and Dogs See "Spirits"? Science Confirms They Can See Frequencies We Can't

Eating Pizza Triggers Opioids in Your Brain

A new dwarf planet called Farout is the most distant we’ve ever seen

Proposed test of quantum superposition measures 'quantum revivals'

New Research Suggests That Food Really Does Affect How We Think

Nine last-minute gift ideas for the physics fan in your life

31 Things You Should Do Right Now to Avoid High Blood Pressure

How China Is Dominating Artificial Intelligence

The man turning China into a quantum superpower

Scientists plan to spray the sky with light-reflecting particles to dim the sun

Capturing the brain’s learning and recall motor in silicon

Scots scientists spark hopes for breakthrough in fight against Parkinson's disease

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS): Hope for stubborn depression

Identifying Molecular Markers of Aging

Stem cell-derived neurons stop seizures, improve cognitive function

Is Alzheimer's Infectious? Intriguing Findings From New Mouse Study

Hardware-software co-design approach could make neural networks less power hungry

Nine of the most envy-inducing tiny homes of the year

Inside the Raspberry Pi

Neural stem cells grown from blood could revolutionize medicine

Matter can travel to the future through black holes, predicts new theory

Congress passes $1.2 billion quantum computing bill

Top 10 Neuroscience News Stories of 2018

A Chinese company said it created a photo with such a high resolution...

The fat-burning heart-rate zone is a myth: How exercise and weight loss really work

Immigrants have fewer mental disorders than U.S.-born Americans. Why?

Possible Culprit of Fibromyalgia Found: Microglial Activation

The Hospital of the Future Might Be Your Home

The Year in Biology

Milestone Experiment Proves Quantum Communication Really Is Faster

Chinesische Schulen überwachen Schüler per Chip

GRK5 – A Functional Bridge Between Cardiovascular and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Study Reveals What May Prevent Remyelination

Dark matter hunters pivot after years of failed searches

Why Did Humans Lose Their Fur?

Biohacker injects himself with DNA sequence made from Bible and Koran verses

Breakthrough ultrasound treatment to reverse dementia moves to human trials

Merkel: "Alles was digitalisierbar ist, wird auch digitalisiert"

Like other animals, humans have a breeding season—and it’s right now

A review of classification algorithms for EEG-based brain–computer interfaces: a 10 year update

There Is No Such Thing as Conscious Thought

Zehn Gründe, weshalb Regierungen versagen

Searching for life among the stars

Down Syndrome Is Nearly Eliminated In Iceland And The Internet Has Feelings

200 Jahre Karl Marx und 100 Millionen Tote

A physician’s warning on the keto diet

Asia's Top Companies Recognized at the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Best Practices Awards

Red-haired people have these genetic superpowers, say scientists

3D-printed heads let hackers – and cops – unlock your phone

Adding values through digitisation

Cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce brown adipose tissue

Of autonomous duck taxis and a precise Mars landing

2018 Breakthrough of the Year - Development cell by cell

Durchbruch 2018: Der Blick in die Zelle

Geheimdaten aus zwölf Ländern gestohlen

Thursday, December 20, 2018

'Revolutionary' cancer drug using genetically modified cells approved

Chinesische Hacker stahlen jahrelang Daten aus zwölf Ländern

America’s Moment of Truth in Africa: It’s Losing Out to China

People with extreme political views ‘cannot tell when they are wrong’, study finds

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

ÖAW distanziert sich von „Human Enhancement“

UK doctors sceptical that AI could replace them: Study

What is the role of metabolic hormones in taste buds of the tongue

Mathematicians Seal Back Door to Breaking RSA Encryption

When science meets mindfulness

Schools Are Missing What Matters About Learning

Digitalisierung macht das Land reicher - und ungleicher

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Neandertal Introgression Sheds Light on Modern Human Endocranial Globularity

Amazon’s vision for the future of health care is becoming clear

Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?

How to Write Perfect Python Command-line Interfaces - Learn by Example

The Land That Failed to Fail

Dänischer Arzt warnt: Veganes Essen kann zu geistiger Behinderung führen

Scientists Say They Can Recreate Living Dinosaurs Within the Next 5 Years

Monday, December 17, 2018

Reached Via a Mind-Reading Device, Deeply Paralyzed Patients Say They Want to Live

In the Nature–Nurture War, Nature Wins

Scientists Inject Human Cells Into Pig Embryo To Create Human-Pig Hybrid

Friday, December 14, 2018

After the CRISPR babies, what next?

Mehrheit gegen Genmanipulation am Menschen

Ein Leben ohne Krankheiten – sollte Genmanipulation von Menschen endlich legal werden?

Combatting antimicrobial resistance

Strong female presence among new professors

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Computer als Steuerfahnder – künstliche Intelligenz hilft Ermittlungsbehörden

Lab-Grown Mini Kidneys 'Go Rogue,' Sprout Brain and Muscle Cells

Is Life A Recursive Video Game?

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Why Can't We Find the Theory of Everything?

Google launches new search engine to help scientists find the datasets they need

New research suggests you can die by simply giving up your will to live

Friday, December 7, 2018

Durchbruch auf dem Weg zur universellen Lernmaschine

AlphaZero: Shedding new light on the grand games of chess, shogi and Go

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

"Perzeptron": einfaches neuronales Netz mittels Quantencomputer

Wie geht's mit C# und Visual Basic .NET weiter?

Microsoft Connect() 2018: Erste Vorabversion von Visual Studio 2019

Sojaexporte aus den USA nach China eingebrochen

Der chinesische Gene-Editing-Tabubrecher ist untergetaucht oder isoliert worden

China: Erste Kinder angeblich geboren, die mit Gene Editing behandelt wurden

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate

A Neuroscientist Explains How He Found Out Meth Is Almost Identical to Adderall

90% of all the scientists that ever lived are alive today

Sunday, December 2, 2018

How Beauty Leads Physics Astray

The Chinese scientist who claims he made CRISPR babies is under investigation

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