Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Must Science Be Useful?

Curiosity and Procrastination in Reinforcement Learning

Artificial Intelligence Needs All Of Us | Rachel Thomas P.H.D. | TEDxSanFrancisco

Astronomy is losing women three times faster than men

Herpes virus link to bipolar disorder and depression

AI doctor could boost chance of survival for sepsis patients

When Superintelligent AI Arrives, Will Religions Try to Convert It?

The world's first humanless warehouse is run only by robots and is a model for the future

Why Jupyter is data scientists’ computational notebook of choice

Reinforcement Learning Will Be 2019's Biggest Trend In Data Science

Improbotics: Bringing machine intelligence into improvised theatre

Fireflies and algorithms - the coming explosion of companies

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Crowdsourced Natural Language or Speech Training - Use Cases and Explanation

Balancing Machines and Human Employees When Adopting AI in the Enterprise

Google is hosting a global contest to develop AI that’s beneficial for humanity

De-Extinction Is Now a Thing—Starting With Passenger Pigeons

Why the NSA Called Me After Midnight and Requested My Source Code

Drinking One Diet Drink Daily Can Triple Risk Of Dementia and Stroke

Mouse Models to Disentangle the Hallmarks of Human Aging

Robots May Soon Be Able to Smell Your Body Odor and Taste Your Food

Bitcoin can push global warming above 2 C in a couple decades

Origin: Probability of a Single Protein Forming by Chance

"Schrödinger's Bacterium" Could Be a Quantum Biology Milestone

The era of the drone swarm is coming, and we need to be ready for it

Verhaltensökonom: Frauen kooperieren bei Sympathie, Männer immer

Scientists Now Say The Universe Itself Is Conscious

Study: Almost half of new cancer patients lose their entire life savings

A.I. Is Helping Scientists Predict When and Where the Next Big Earthquake Will Be

Police are using artificial intelligence to spot written lies

Deep learning model as accurate as radiologists in identifying breast density

AI Guru Andrew Ng on the Job Market of Tomorrow

The First Novel Written by AI Is Here - and It’s as Weird as You’d Expect It to Be

Insilico to present its latest advances in human aging biomarker development

Monday, October 29, 2018

BookLab 018: Lost in Math; Through Two Doors at Once; The Order of Time

Satisfaction in science

Who Putin Is Not

Will it end? [In which I have breakfast with John Horgan]

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Zum 50. Todestag der großen Physikerin Lise Meitner

Europas letztes Computerwerk schließt

Prepping for a Flood of Heavenly Bodies

Frauen in der IT: Große Chance statt schiefes Image

Instead Of Dying, Your Soul Returns To The Universe, According To Researchers

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Ken Jebsen und das Establishment

'Star Citizen' Says Its Advanced Face Tracking Tech Isn't Feature Creep

Semantic information, autonomous agency and non-equilibrium statistical physics

Demonetisation failed in 1946 too but did not cause widespread distress like in 2016

The future is female but it sure is terrible in many ways

The Dirt on Clean Electric Cars

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Artificial intelligence: Parking a car with only 12 neurons

What the electron’s near-perfect roundness means for new physics

You've never heard of Karl Popper. But you need his ideas, especially in B.C.

NASA Has Just Released 2,540 Stunning New Photos of Mars

The Science and Legacy of Richard Philips Feynman

Beauty Does Not Equal Truth, in Physics or Elsewhere

Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin

J. J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Bildungsstudie: Zeig´ mir deine Eltern, und ich zeige dir, warum du scheitern wirst

Amazon cloud chief Jassy follows Apple in calling for retraction of Chinese spy chip story

Wearable ultrasound patch tracks blood pressure

The brain’s 7D sandcastles could be the key to consciousness

‘Broadband’ Networks of Viruses May Help Bacteria Evolve Faster

Researchers uncover new target of alcohol in the brain

Your next doctor’s appointment might be with an AI

Playing Gracefully With Ideas: Stephen Fry, Evolution, And Da Vinci At CSICon 2018

AI doctor could boost chance of survival for sepsis patients

Understanding the building blocks for an electronic brain

Smartest Kid In World Reveals That CERN Shifted Us Into Parallel Universe

Programmieren am Limit: Demoszener als Meister in der Beschränkung

Researchers switch material from one state to another with a single flash of light

Understanding the building blocks for an electronic brain

Stephen Hawking: Greed And Stupidity Are What Will End The Human Race

Researchers discover drug cocktail that increases lifespan

3-D bioprinting technique could create artificial blood vessels, organ tissue

Massive Attack releasing DNA-encoded Mezzanine in spray paint can

A Parasite Spread by Cat Poop Is Infecting (and Probably Killing) Whales in Canada

Thermography Detects Breast Cancer Years Before Mammography Can

Scientists find "evidence" of a multidimensional universe INSIDE our brain

Monday, October 22, 2018

The Japanese have invented a cruel device to make you work longer & harder

This "Robotic Skin" can turn pretty much anything into a robot

This 10-year-old coder is already so successful she's caught the attention of Google and Microsoft

Five lifestyle changes that could boost your mood and mental health

Bill Gates Says We Shouldn’t Panic About Artificial Intelligence

Precise estimation of the Earth’s magnetic field for natural disaster detection

The Biotech Innovation That Will Transform Society Has Arrived (Hint: It's Not CRISPR)

A new Amazon patent reveals Alexa could become emotionally intelligent

Artificial intelligence better than physicists at designing quantum science experiments

Study documents paternal transmission of epigenetic memory via sperm

Friday, October 19, 2018

Self-Control Center in the Brain Linked to Weight Loss

The pharmacy of the future? Personalized pills, 3D printed at home

Our Experience of Reality Is a Bunch of Hallucinations We Collectively Agree On

Your brain is like 100 billion mini-computers all working together

Enhanced Dendritic Compartmentalization in Human Cortical Neurons

High cholesterol may protect against infections and atherosclerosis

IBM finally proves that quantum systems are faster than classicals

Incorporation of macrophages into engineered skeletal muscle enables enhanced muscle regeneration

Researchers confirm Earth's inner core is solid

Combating image misuse in science: new Humboldt database provides “missing link”

Insect collapse study ‘one of the most disturbing articles I have ever read,’ expert warns

Massive deficit should, but likely won't, force Congress to act

Feeling young could signal a younger brain

Scientists Prove a Quantum Computing Advantage over Classical

Quantum advantage with shallow circuits

IBM just proved quantum computers can do things impossible for classical ones

Belly Fat Has a Role to Play in Fighting Infections

We Could Solve the Mysteries of Time and Space - If We Had a Particle Accelerator the Size of the Solar System

Deep Learning Based Emotion Recognition with PyTorch and TensorFlow

Word Embeddings and Document Vectors: Part 2. Order Reduction

Effect of Branched-Chain Amino Acid Supplementation on Recovery Following Acute Eccentric Exercise

Der Fachkräftemangel ist bald unser geringstes Problem

First stars spell trouble for dark matter

Trump admin moves $260M from cancer research, HIV/AIDS and other programs to cover custody of immigrant children costs

There’s now proof that quantum computers can outperform classical machines

Computational modelling at the cellular level

Palm returns as an ‘ultra-mobile’ smartphone

Engineered enzyme eliminates nicotine addiction in preclinical tests

Uber is developing an on-demand staffing business

An Incurable Disease Is On The Rise In California, And Scientists Say Climate Change Could Cause It To Spread To Much Of The Western US

Earliest known animal was a half-billion-year-old underwater blob

Dr. Dura-Bernal gives talks at Google Next'18 San Francisco and London on cloud computing for brain simulations

Could robot leaders do better than our current politicians?

First proof of quantum computer advantage

New Sensor Tracks Dopamine in the Brain for More Than a Year

Facebook sent a doctor on a secret mission to ask hospitals to share patient data

China plans to launch a second 'moon' into the sky in hopes that it'll save money on street lights

Integrated culturing, modeling and transcriptomics uncovers complex interactions and emergent behavior in a three-species synthetic gut community

A new experimental platform facilitates assessment of the transcriptional and chromatin landscapes of aging yeast

Trajectories of childhood immune development and respiratory health relevant to asthma and allergy

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Angelika Amon erhält für ihre Krebsforschung den Breakthrough-Prize

More Reports of Children Being Paralyzed by Mysterious Disease

A Bose-Einstein condensate has been produced in space for the first time

Carbon fiber can store energy in the body of a vehicle

AI will impact 100% of jobs, professions, and industries, says IBM's Ginni Rometty

Leaked Google Document Reveals Shift to Suppressing Free Speech

Study documents paternal transmission of epigenetic memory via sperm

Journal retracts 16-year-old paper based on debunked autism-vaccine study

Breakthrough-Preis an Angelika Amon

Physics: Not everything is where it seems to be

A Blue Pill Is Stopping HIV, World-First Study Shows

A Path Less Taken to the Peak of the Math World

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dr. Sudhir Paul – Catalytic Antibodies for Amyloid Diseases

The Airport of the Future Is Here. And It Doesn’t Need Humans

Adequate consumption of 'longevity' vitamins could prolong healthy aging, nutrition scientist says

Children in Singapore will no longer be ranked by exam results. Here's why

Nice People Have Emptier Wallets

Researchers discuss the probability of finding a gluon inside the pion

Last Year, The Flu Put Him In A Coma. This Year He's Getting The Shot

Nonoscillatory Phase Coding and Synchronization in the Bat Hippocampal Formation

The military made a robot that can eat organisms for fuel

Life Expectancy

Why Conservatives Can't Understand Liberals (and Vice Versa)

Humans beings on the brink of IMMORTALITY, top scientist claims

These Are the Best Countries to Live and Work in - And to Boost Your Salary

Cognata raises $18.5M as race to deploy autonomous vehicles quickens

Mammals cannot evolve fast enough to escape current extinction crisis

Technology investment trends in pharmaceutical business

We've Wiped Out So Many Mammals, Earth Will Need 5 Million Years to Evolve Replacements

One Drop Of Blood Can Reveal Almost Every Virus A Person Has Ever Had

Supreme Court agrees to hear a case that could determine whether Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies can censor their users

MIT announces new college of computing with $1 billion commitment

Erdbeeren aus Polen mit Hepatitis A infiziert

Pornhub drops $25,000 load on scientists to research porn

Incessant Christmas Music Really Can Be Bad For Our Mental Health, Experts Warn

Chow Yun-fat lives on just $100 a month, will leave entire $714 million fortune to charity

Toward unhackable communication: Single particles of light could bring the 'quantum internet'

These AI-generated fortunes are just as mysterious as the real thing

A pioneering scientist explains ‘deep learning’

Trump Administration Changes Obama Policy, Now Confirms Human Life Begins at Conception

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Geoengineering will happen, China controlling rain across Tibet

Code hidden in Stone Age art may be the root of human writing

Passing the sniff test

Cancer researcher defends immigrant scientists

Astronomy is losing women three times faster than men

Climate change is about to make your beer more expensive

All systems go for second-ever mission to enter Mercury’s orbit

What Do Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test Results Actually Mean?

‘Hyperalarming’ study shows massive insect loss

Learning recurrent dynamics in spiking networks

Optogenetics enables real-time spatiotemporal control over spiral wave dynamics in an excitable cardiac system

New insights into the cellular temporal response to proteostatic stress

The $80 Trillion World Economy in One Chart

Why losing your job to AI automation could be the best thing to happen

Corti heart attack detection AI can now deploy on the edge with Scandinavian design

Elon Musk Will Bring Free Internet To The Whole World

The Evolutionary Ecology of Technological Innovations

Jeff Bezos predicts we'll have 1 trillion humans in the solar system, and Blue Origin wants to help get us there

MIT has just announced a $1 billion plan to create a new college for AI

Redrawing the structure of an immune system protein

EPA plans to allow unlimited dumping of fracking wastewater in the Gulf of Mexico

String Theorists' Heads Bobble Over Potential Dark Energy Wobble

US budget deficit expands to $779 billion in fiscal 2018 as spending surges

Mammals cannot evolve fast enough to escape current extinction crisis

Hand Dryers Spread Bacteria So Dramatically That Scientists Think They're A Public Health Threat

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies of cancer at age 65

Future internet aims to sever links with servers

Monday, October 15, 2018

You and AI – the history, capabilities and frontiers of AI

That Atlas robot might be doing parkour now, but it still can’t chase you up the stairs

Trump’s First Annual Budget Deficit Rises to a Six-Year High

Identification of multidimensional regulators of aging

Beer supply threatened by future weather extremes

Ten simple rules for developing good reading habits during graduate school and beyond

Demis Hassabis: creativity and AI – The Rothschild Foundation Lecture

The Illusion of Perfection: The Disturbing Truth about AI Beauty

Saturday, October 13, 2018

How to see if you were affected by the Facebook hack

World's fastest camera freezes time at 10 trillion frames per second

Mathematicians confirm the possibility of data transfer via gravitational waves

UN Says Climate Genocide Is Coming. It’s Actually Worse Than That

Rejection massively reduces IQ

Friday, October 12, 2018

Ron and Jane Lindsay give $1 million to College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

Watch Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot leap up massive steps like it’s nothing

Genome Editing und die Schere im Kopf

Arts & Culture: Poetry Takes on Quantum Physics

Harvard, Stanford, MIT and Other Major Universities Have All Invested in Crypto Funds

Chinese Researchers Have Spawned Healthy Mice With 2 Biological Mothers And No Father

Google’s AI Bots Invent Ridiculous New Legs to Scamper Through Obstacle Courses

Insilico to present on advances in AI at the Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa 2018

Amazon built an AI tool to hire people but had to shut it down because it was discriminating against women

Evolutionary Algorithms: the Next Big Thing in Machine Learning?

Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithms

Genetic Algorithms + Neural Networks = Best of Both Worlds

Reinforcement learning versus evolutionary computation: A survey on hybrid algorithms

Evolutionary Algorithm - The Surprising and Incredibly Useful Alternative to Neural Networks

Evolving simple programs for playing Atari games

Zurück zur Evolution

Study finds orgasm face and pain face are not the same

Famous Experiment Dooms Alternative to Quantum Weirdness

Rewriting reproduction: With stem cells and CRISPR, scientists breed mice with same-sex parents

Thursday, October 11, 2018

First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Now Regained Use Of Arms And Hands

Germany has unveiled the world's first hydrogen-powered train

Yes, women in science still have a disadvantage.

Top journal publishes special issue on deep learning for drug discovery and biomarker development

White people prefer white people on dating apps - but that could be changed, study says

Rare Polio-Like Disease Hits Children In 16 States

Google’s human-like voice helper can now fend off spam calls

A long-overlooked brain region may be key to complex thought

Study shows people died from body fluid vaporization due to pyroclastic flows from Vesuvius

Jeff Bezos's Fortune Just Dropped $9.1 Billion

Amazon's Secret AI Hiring Tool Reportedly 'Penalized' Resumes With the Word 'Women's'

Origin launches protocol for building cheaper decentralized Ubers & Airbnbs

Tesla just outsold Mercedes-Benz in the US for the first time

Study firms up diet and depression link

Große Familien schützen vor Krebs

This dizzying labyrinth will host next year’s party for math’s ‘Nobel’ prize

Cervical cancer set to be eliminated from Australia in global first

Engineers develop process to 3-D print cells to produce human tissue such as ligaments and tendons

Advances in deep learning for drug discovery and biomarker development published in top journal

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New research says short people are angrier and more violent than tall people

This Tiny Device Could Provide Clean Water for 663 Million People

Infectious bacteria hibernate to evade antibiotics

Millennials are ditching primary care doctors

Water samples from 5 areas of Karachi show presence of polio virus

Kwarabuild hosted the biggest Tech Conference in North-Central; with a low budget

Alte Computer zum Anfassen

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tesla Is Looking for a Manager to Handle Elon Musk

Johns Hopkins to name research building in honor of Henrietta Lacks

How to write a thorough peer review

A "vaccine" created from mushrooms could help save the bees

Trump Administration About To Give Israel $3.8 Billion

Plugging Into Your Brain

Graduate Student Solves Quantum Verification Problem

The 7 Wild Energy Technologies That Just Got a Billion-Dollar Boost

You can now pick your baby's eye color before you're even pregnant

MIT researchers develop new chip design to take us closer to computers that work like human brains

A Particle Physicist Explains the Tech That Won the Nobel Prize

Explore a Human Cell with an Interactive Website

“A Prebiotic Earth” - Missing Link Found on Saturn’s Moon Titan

Nobel prize in economics won by Nordhaus and Romer for work on climate change and growth - as it happened

DNA of people with depression, trauma is biologically older than healthy individuals

Focus: Nobel Prize - Lasers as Tools

Why China will beat Silicon Valley at turning AI algorithms into sustainable businesses

Guided by CRISPR, Prenatal Gene Editing Shows Proof-of-Concept in Treating Congenital Disease before Birth

The Predictive Coding Account of Psychosis

Brain Meets Machine: The Art and Science of Brain-Computer Interfaces

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and other billionaires are betting on a bacteria that could change the way we grow food

Deconstructing the synapse

One-third of 'gluten-free' restaurant foods in U.S. are not, study finds

The 8-dimensional space that must be searched for alien life

Electrophysiological mechanisms of human memory consolidation

Monday, October 8, 2018

Scientists Just Created Quantum Artificial Life For The First Time Ever

Keras vs. TensorFlow - Which one is better and which one should I learn?

Trump's First Annual Budget Deficit Will Be the Widest Since 2012

Study Challenges CRISPR Method for Making Conditional Knockout Mice

Johns Hopkins To Name New Research Building After Henrietta Lacks

Allison’s Nobel Prize beckons new era of immunotherapy

No, Particle Accelerators Will Not Destroy the Planet, But Humans Might

Microsoft suspends Windows 10 update, citing data loss reports

Children who exercise have more brain power, finds study

AI Is Kicking Space Exploration Into Hyperdrive - Here’s How

You can now rent a French cottage completely made out of chocolate

Fasting Molecule Delays Vascular Aging

JNCASR team fully restores long-term memory in mice with Alzheimer’s

Possible Culprit of Fibromyalgia Found: Microglial Activation

Feelings Now Acceptable As Answers To Math Problems

Using Unsupervised Learning to plan a vacation to Paris: Geo-location clustering

Disney is now selling boozy push pops that contain more alcohol than a glass of wine

The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

Periodontal disease bacteria may kick-start Alzheimer's

Japan Set to Allow Gene Editing in Human Embryos

A cartography of consciousness – researchers map where subjective feelings are located in the body

Is living forever going to suck?

Sleep deprivation can kill you - here's what sleeping less than 7 hours per night does to your body and brain

Fluoride Officially Classified As A Neurotoxin In World’s Top Medical Journals

Friday, October 5, 2018

Yes, We’re Becoming Less Smart. But What Can We Do About It?

DARPA Is Researching Quantized Inertia, a Theory Many Think Is Pseudoscience

The Self is Not Defined by the Boundaries of Our Skin

THE World University Ranking 2019: Once again top ranking for computer science at TU Wien

Mark Zuckerberg is selling up to $13 billion of Facebook stock to fund an ambitious project to end disease

Genomics startup bets on blockchain for data sharing platform

Integrated systems analysis reveals conserved gene networks underlying response to spinal cord injury

New insights into the cellular temporal response to proteostatic stress

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Die Mitveranwortung linker Denker am Rechtsruck in Deutschland

Brown bear saliva kills a bacteria that current antibiotics are unable to treat

The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

How the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry have transformed research and saved lives

I was Jordan Peterson’s strongest supporter. Now I think he’s dangerous

The end of scientific, rational thinking: Donald Trump, Doug Ford and Jordan Peterson

The Coders Programming Themselves Out of a Job

9 reasons why almost every programmer is learning Rust

Abstract of the text rendering with OpenGL/OpenTK in MONO/.NET

New autonomous farm wants to produce food without human workers

Artificial sweeteners have toxic effects on gut microbes

Nicht berühmt genug für Wikipedia

Chemienobelpreis für Evolution im Labor

Here's Why You Absolutely Need To Get A Flu Shot This Year, According To Experts

A New Theory On Time Indicates Present And Future Exist Simultaneously

Let a 'Human Uber' Live Your Life So You Don't Have To

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Solid: Wie Tim Berners-Lee das Internet reparieren will. (Lohnt sich die Registrierung?)

One Small Step for the Web...

How Much SETI Has Been Done? Finding Needles in the n-Dimensional Cosmic Haystack

The Next Social Networks Could Be Brain-to-Brain

The Human Cell Atlas is Biologists' Latest Grand Project

St. Petersburg tech company believes it can be the next Facebook

Tampon tax to go, with states and territories agreeing to remove GST from sanitary products

NSF awards $1 million for decoding massive brain datasets

Studies show connection between diet, cognitive function

Brain-Machine Interfaces for Space Applications

Chinese payment giants are lightyears ahead

Thalamic Networks and the Mechanisms of Learning and Memory

Researchers discover how to slow aging

People Can Die From Giving up the Fight

Gita Gopinath will be IMF's first female chief economist

Would not suggest demonetisation to any country: New IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath

Ashkin, Mourou, and Strickland share 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics

First woman Physics Nobel winner in 55 years

Atom Smasher Detects Hints of New Unstable Particle

Simple Beginner’s guide to Reinforcement Learning & its implementation

Thalamic Networks and the Mechanisms of Learning and Memory

Nobel Prize in physics awarded for ‘tools made of light’; first woman in 55 years honored

Inflammation: the major regulator of muscle growth nobody talks about

AI-Human “Hive Mind” Diagnoses Pneumonia

Your Environment Could Be Changing Your IQ on a Genetic Level, Study Finds

Cellular automata as convolutional neural networks

Point-of-Interest Recommendation: Exploiting Self-Attentive Autoencoders with Neighbor-Aware Influence

Father of World Wide Web Launches Radical Startup to Take Back the Internet from Google & Facebook

Modeling Uncertainty with Hedged Insance Embedding

Facebook launches PyTorch 1.0 with integrations for Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure Machine Learning

Amazon increases minimum wage for all U.S. workers to $15 an hour

In Our Brutal Modern World, Science Shows Our Brains Need Craft More Than Ever

The original sources of MS-DOS 1.25 and 2.0, for reference purposes

Google DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis: Three truths about AI

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Before his early death, Riemann freed geometry from Euclidean prejudices

Brain-to-brain network allows three people to share their thoughts

Startups Plan the Health Data Gold Rush

CDC: 80,000 people died of flu last winter in U.S., highest death toll in 40 years

Psychotropic polypharmacy is common in Alzheimer's disease

Nobel prize for medicine won by cancer researchers – as it happened

John Hancock adds fitness tracking to all policies

Realistic Modeling of Transcranial Current Stimulation: The Electric Field in the Brain

Why Alibaba Is Betting Big on AI Chips and Quantum Computing

Nobelpreis für Medizin 2018 geht an Krebsforscher Allison und Honjo

New evidence suggests particles detected in Antarctica don't fit Standard Model

Watch this humanoid robot install drywall

Human 2.0 Is Coming Faster Than You Think. Will You Evolve With The Times?

Scientists Have Turned Blood Cells Into Human Egg Cells For The First Time Ever

Monday, October 1, 2018

China plans to be a world leader in Artificial Intelligence by 2030

Manifold roles of β-arrestins in GPCR signaling elucidated with siRNA and CRISPR/Cas9

Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web

Here’s why we care about attempts to prove the Riemann hypothesis

The first “social network” of brains lets three people transmit thoughts to each other’s heads

Researchers at Large Hadron Collider have discovered three new particles

The Facebook Security Meltdown Exposes Way More Sites Than Facebook

Hints of weird particles from space may defy physicists’ standard model

Strange Particles Coming Out of the Earth Hint at New Physics

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